Sorting a class of bears based on those given in the first year

Ryan Poles’ rebuilding of the Bears team has been a clear refusal to list Ryan Pace.

Poles got his first chance to bring his boys to the 2022 NFL Draft, with the Bears moving several times and finishing with 11 picks.

Thanks to Justin Fields’ business, the Bears had no choice in the matter. The New York giants used Chicago’s selection to sign Evan Neal’s offensive line at No. 7 total.

But the Bears had two second-choice choices – picking back Kyler Gordon and defender Jaquan Brisker – with a Day 3 count.

Many of Poles’ Day 3 choices are developmental expectations that should not be expected to be presented in 2022.
However, the Bears will need some of their options to play this fall. Here is a look at all 11 expectations, which were set in line with what is expected in 2022.

Kyler Gordon

Gordon was the first to choose the Poles-Eberflus season, and should start facing Jaylon Johnson earlier this season, if not Week 1.

Defense coordinator Alan Williams said the Bears are planning to play Gordon only out of the corner right now. The Washington-based transfer is fluctuating to play in the slot, but the Bears want him to start looking more closely at his NFL career.

The Cornerbacks often struggle to adapt to NFL games quickly. If Gordon doesn’t start Day 1, that makes sense. But if he doesn’t challenge Johnson after the first quarter of the season, then the Bears have a problem.

Jaquan Brisker

Like Gordon, Brisker should start on Day 1 against Eddie Jackson.

The Penn State trade is an old-school defense that loves to play in the box but has the ability to play in depth.

“The hit is right there,” Eberflus said of Brisker at the Bears rookie minicamp. “The old words that most of my mentors used are quick, instinctive, and incredible, and that’s what they have. Those things are just as true today as they were years ago. He has those qualities, and we are happy. Of where he is. What a strong young man, too, and you can feel the light coming out of him. “

Williams said Brisker has a “motor and mean.”

All of these should be added on Day 1 starting security.

velus jones

You may have heard that Bears need great reception. It is hoped that the Tennessee mobile receiver will be able to support the undisclosed portion.

Initially, Jones had to live because of the mistakes made in a push back. Running and running-after-catch is something the Bears need to find a way to use this season.

But Jones has to adjust his approach and approach to be more relevant to the reception.

Jones said he “showed up” earlier with quarterback Justin Fields. Chemistry development is important for Jones and Fields.

Any offenses that the Bears may find will be a bonus, so it is good to expect Jones to take action in 2022. It is unclear what the role will be.

Zachary Thomas

Thomas played all the games in college but pushed in to protect the bears.

The San Diego State Company said it believes security reforms are underway. However, since the bears have open spaces as they move to the right, it would not be insane to see Thomas compete with them and possibly win the camp.

But they should remain the deepest part that sees the field season this season if they do not.

Trestan Ebner

A defender who believes in his best personality and working skills, Ebner will compete for the job as a quick replacement.

He is sitting behind David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert on the deep chart, then his responsibility for wrongdoing could be reduced in 2022.

However, Eberflus and offensive lineman Luke Getsy spoke of the importance of having backs that can split and become a threat in transit games.

If Ebner proves to be a legitimate weapon in the area, the Bears could find him a job by offending him.

Trenton Gill

The North Carolina State punter will compete with Ryan Winslow on a job in a training camp.

Gill said he was looking to Raiders punter AJ Cole for advice. The Raiders signed Cole as an undisclosed free agent in 2019. Cole defeated punter Johnny Townsend for his first job. He made the Pro Bowl last season and was named All-Pro first team.
Can Gill follow in the footsteps of his former college colleague?

Doug Kramer

The Illinois Center is delighted to play for the Bears.

Kramer entered the season behind Lucas Patrick on a deep chart. But he has to provide the depth of the offensive line and can see the time of the game if Patrick comes down or is moved to not make it necessary.

Dominique Robinson

At the Bears rookie minicamp, Robinson said Chase Young encouraged him to move from the crowd to the defensive line.

A two-time veteran player who turned around and changed defenses with an interesting prospect can be learned from former veteran Robert Quinn.

“It’s neat when you think about it,” Eberflus told Robinson. “When you look at these defensive linemen that can bend corners, they always point at the quarterback – your waist, your knees, your toes. You have to be flexible in order to do that.

“The authorities have always had it. [Robinson] he has. How long that would go, I don’t know. But they have other things you need to have. “

Robinson could be a manager in 2022, but his future could be bright.

Braxton Jones

The development struggle, Jones is supposed to be a frustrating line behind those who are expected to start Teven Jenkins and Larry Borom.

Elijah Hicks

The seventh round pick from Cal is a moving defense that knows how to play the corner. He will compete against them in public and can be a special team assistant.

Ja’Tyre Carter

Another developmental activist, Carter was a beginner of four years in college but went on tour with the Bears. He allowed only three threats in defense over the last season. They have the power and the frame to change, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

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