Sonic and Transformer draw kids into the racing universe

Adults as well as children are running in Sonic Race 2

Knowing when and how a child should start playing is a recurring question in many countries. Outside of swimming or football lessons, running can be a practical and healthy option, especially with the increase in events targeting children and family interactions. One resource is children’s use of characters associated with the universe and a proposal that combines physical activity and fun.

A good example is Sonic 2 Race 7 On May 1, the Labor Day holiday, at the Parque Ecológico, Campinas, more than a thousand people woke up very early to enjoy a sunny Sunday and to participate in the second stage of the race, with the famous pig – the blue thorn as the main character. Among parents and children, among uncles and nephews, the agency estimates that the ratio was 60% adults and 40% children 4 to 12 years old.

Podium for everyone
At an event marked by entertainment, everyone can take the podium. Before the winners of the Fast Run 5km race (Derivaldo Pinheiro and Elaine Messias Gomes were male and female champions respectively), parents and children lined up to record personal and family accomplishments in photos and videos. There was no shortage of blue or red sonic costumes and dolls among the boys and girls wearing the official shirts of the event.

Mirim Sonic

Gustavo and Olivia and parents Josdemer and Simaya

Gustavo Benny, 5 years old, participated in the Walk and Kids Walk after wearing Sonic’s clothes properly. She and her 2-year-old sister Olivia still display character dolls. “She loves Sonic and follows everything from movies to cartoons and video games.” Her father Josdemar informed Beni. Mom, Simaya, likes the first family sports experience and promises to repeat the dose. “I really, really, really like Sonic. When will it be available again?”Gustavo asked, while taking pictures with his family.

Waiting price

Henrik with his parents Juliana and Fabio Kenzi de Morais

At the age of 8, Henrik Kenzi Padrilha de Morais had to wait almost two years to participate in the competition, wearing a sonic mask, carnival costume. “We were registered in 2020, but the epidemic forced us to wait to bring Henrik. He already plays sports like football and swimming, but this is our first time as a family.”Mother Juliana explained, next to her husband Fabio Kenzi de Morais.

Family run

Alan and Caroline Palombo, with their children Matthews and Leonardo

Alan and Caroline Palombo took their children Mathews, 6, and Leonardo, 4, to run their first family. “We thought the competition offer was really great. After the movie, we found out about this sporting event. They really liked Sonic and we took advantage of this opportunity to practice physical activity as a family.”Mom said those new to the racing world. “Now we’re going to include the kids in the race. The main thing is to encourage them to play. And it’s great to have Sonic to encourage them. So they play in a more enjoyable way, having fun.”Her father added, who has ten years of experience in street competitions.


Angel Caroline Lopez Bardat takes her son Victor to an ecological park

Angel Caroline Lopez Bardat took her 6-year-old son Victor. “The event is very organized, with structures and water points for the participants, which was basic. And Sonic’s power was in the air. The children are engaged in adventure. Since this is my and my son’s first participation, I say we count the time to get the next one. Great for connecting family sports and fun. We are full of energy from Sonic and Knuckles. Spending time with kids and having fun is invaluable. ”

Return of activities

Campinas Sports and Retirement Secretary, Fernando Vanin, honored Sonic Race 2 and left no stone unturned. “After two years with the disrupted event, it is very important for the kids to come back together with their parents. It is especially nice to see a huge and beautiful park like Ecologico.Vanin said the sports agenda for the city confirms, with the Virada Esportiva at the end of August, the activation of skateboarding, racing circuits and bikes in addition to amateur football.

“We are delighted to be participating in the Sonic 2 race. After taking over 2,000 people at the opening of the circuit, we had more than a thousand in Campus, S সাo Paulo. Have fun. The ecological park is beautiful, with a safe and healthy environment. In addition to the races associated with the sonic character, which the kids love, we also had recreational activities, such as trampolines and round kicks. “Fabio Aveler, CEO of Leg Sports, commented that the organizers of the event, backed by the Seven Boys.

Kids are equipped with Sonic 2 races

5K fast run results
1st – Derivaldo Pinheiro 19 minutes 31 seconds
2nd – Vinicius Olivera 20 minutes 02 seconds
3rd – Leonardo K. Kobayashi Toku 20 minutes 24 seconds
4th – Elias Francisco Ferreira 21 minutes 05 seconds
5th – Giuliano Cesar do Prado Neves 21 minutes 11 seconds


1st – Elaine Messias Gomez 25 minutes 44 seconds
2nd – Lucinia Batista Figueroa 28 minutes 44 seconds
3rd – Bruna de Abreu Fernandez Ferreira 26 minutes 58 seconds
4th – Priscilla de Paula Malta Paduan 26 minutes 10 seconds
5th – Janaina Villele 30 minutes 24 seconds

04/24 Sao Paulo (SP) Villa-Lobos Park
05/01 – Campinas (SP) Ecological Park
05/08 Curitiba (PR) – will be defined
05/22 Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Copacabana


Robots will also invade the street racing universe. On May 22, Autobots fans will gather for an unprecedented Transformer Run at Park Villa-Lobos in Sওo Paulo. Entries can be made through the website There are two courses: 2K, a walk for the kids to enjoy with their parents, and a 6K run.

The Transformers will be able to choose between Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron (for the Plus and Premium Kit options, the shirt can be chosen) characters participating in the road race that brought the universe to Brazil. Premium includes family combos for 2K hikes and discounts for groups. Payment can be made in three installments.

Kids on the Sonic 2 race podium


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