Solidarity activities bring games, food and mattresses to children and adults affected by the storm in PE. Parnambuko

Children affected by the rains in Greater Recife in late May, this Sunday (5), took part in a solidarity campaign promoted by volunteers at a school in the capital, Pernambuco, with entertainment and fun. Food and mattresses were also distributed among the homeless and displaced during the day.

The rain tragedy killed 128 people. A balance sheet released by the government on Sunday showed that more than 71,000 people were homeless and displaced eight days after the storm. In all, 54 cities were affected and 36 declared a state of emergency.

The activity for children took place at Dina de Oliveira Municipal School in Iputinga, west of Recife. About 150 boys and girls from the prefecture’s shelter were called.

They made fun of bounce houses and inflatable toys. They also participated in clown performances and drew on paper and body paintings. Volunteers distribute food among the children.

“My house was full and I lost everything. There was no time to get anything. I lost a toy, clothes … “, said Evelyn Maria, 6, in an interview with Globo News. In addition to the pogo stick and drawing, he said he enjoyed drawing his face.

Another girl who took part in the entertainment was Drilly, who said she enjoyed the game. “I’m looking forward to the hamburger,” he said.

Rosalia Batista de Santana, one of the mothers at the shelter, recalled that this was the second time that the Detran community had been flooded.

The first was in 2010. Later, in 2015, residents were confronted with a fire. “This is the second time we’ve tried to start again. We don’t know if we will succeed,” he lamented.

Rosalia said she did not know exactly where she would return. “We have already lost everything. Are you going to lose again? ” He asked.

The boys lived in the communities of Chiclet, Kaza, Pipoka and Pirulito, all in Iputinga. They are housed in the Municipal Education Unit, which operates in the same neighborhood and has become one of the 20 temporary shelters opened by the city.

Hamburger do Bem Recife, which hosted the entertainment day, also launched a campaign to collect 150 toys to donate to these children.

Since the onset of rains in Parnambuco, floods and landslides in the state have killed two children and a 19- to 9-year-old child.

University students provide warm meals to storm-affected families in Greater Recife – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

In another move aimed at mitigating the effects of the tragedy, students of Uninasau’s Gastronomy Course prepare hot meals with volunteers for distribution to homeless families.

The university’s kitchen-school has prepared about 1,500 meals a day that will be distributed over lunch and dinner.

The communities of Campina do Barreto, Verjea, Brazzo de Beberibe, Apipukos, Guabiraba, Pasarinho, Nova Descobarta and Chagas Ferreira were assisted; In addition to public shelter. The operation is supported by the Recife branch of the Mulhares do Brasil Group.

Between Saturday (4) and Sunday (5), the city government of Recife said that 2,867 people had sought some kind of assistance in the city’s shelters due to the storm in late May.

This number includes homeless families and those who travel to these places in search of food.

The victims of the storm received baskets of basic food from the town of Recife this Sunday (5). – Photo: Recife City Hall / Disclosure

In the Sapo Nu community of Curador in the western region, the town of Recife has donated 400 families who were affected by the rains.

Each family received two basic baskets, mattresses, personal hygiene and cleaning kits in addition to bedding, clothing and shoes.

On Monday (6), City Hall should begin registering the first families who will receive the R $ 2,500 emergency assistance announced last Friday (3).

In all, 140 Community Health Agents (ACSs) will work to register rain victims, starting in nearby areas such as Verjea, Kokiral and Ibura.

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