Social projects encourage children, young people and adults on the outskirts of Teresina to learn to read and write. Piaui de Richejas

Two social projects that encourage reading have changed the lives of hundreds of vulnerable people living on the outskirts of Teresina.

Occupying a house in the northern part of the capital Library created by volunteers Introduces disadvantaged children to the world of reading. On the other side of the capital, in the eastern part of the city Teachers have been teaching children, youth and adults to read and write for 7 years.

Water and electricity, mostly made of mud, reached the Dandara dos Caucasus community home a few months ago. In this same community, where about a thousand families live, a missionary friend from Parnambuko introduced the residents to the power of literature and built a community library.

“It’s a project that is growing into a big tree. It started as a small seed. People started answering some requests for book donations. We started bringing books here for the community, for people to read, to study. That’s when the idea became a library.” Create and we have been able to build and organize the library in an adequate way. Because despite the hostile space, it is not ideal, but we need to work on what we have and what we have “, commented Frei Luciano Brazil.

Social projects encourage children, youth and adults on the outskirts of Teresina to read and teach literacy – Photo: TV Club

The missionary received help from the Library Association of Piau এবং and from library science students at the State University of Piaui (Wespie). Together, the volunteers met one of the community’s most important demands: access to education.

Frei Luciano is part of the Santa Dulles do Pobres Mission House, a non-profit organization that develops a series of social actions. The library has over 2,000 copies and is intended to encourage reading among children and adolescents.

“From the moment Friar Luciano from the Piauয়ের Librarians Association contacted us, we have not thought twice about providing and assisting with this further technical support for the library’s collection structure,” explains librarian Marcelo Andrad.

In addition to books available to the community, the place also offers reading, tutoring and literacy classes for children and adults.

Professor Iris Lorindo, who works on the site, highlighted that it is a dream to bring education to people and how happy she is when she sees a syllable, the first word spoken by a child or an adult.

“I’m a literacy teacher, I like what I do. Then the gentleman brought this dream to us on paper, and thank God we’re making it ideal. It’s still too early, too recent. These little ones represent everything. That first syllable.” Read, the first word, for us it is a dream come true “, he explained.

For children’s families, the place is now a safe haven. Monitoring of teaching, even outside of a classroom, is essential for the development of education of these people.

Project Playing with the Books

Social projects encourage children, youth and adults on the outskirts of Teresina to read and teach literacy – Photo: TV Club

In the East Zone of Teresina, in the Jardim neighborhood of Cidad, there is another project to encourage reading, which has been helping children in vulnerable situations for 7 years.

Ivana Lille, a creator of the Brincando com os Livros project, says most of the people served by the organization have been present since the beginning.

“Most of these kids have been with us since the beginning of the project, so we’ve been with them since the beginning of the process, physically and in school. We have a teenager here who has passed the anime. [Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio]The newsroom had a great grade and she was responsible for reading here, “explained volunteer Ivana Lille.

The project began when some volunteers set up a market to collect basic food baskets and medicines for needy families in the area. So the desire to do a job targeting the children of this family.

That’s how Samara Mello collected some books in a small cookie box and offered to read to children in the community at a day care center in the area. Gradually, the babies get bigger, and the space gets smaller.

“So we would take a few books, a snack and take the kids to the day care center. But as time went on, it got smaller, we got more grants and more kids, and then we got a place today, a house rent,” said the volunteer. Says.

Nowadays, these projects offer not only books, but also opportunities to enter the world of education, where students can conquer new horizons and change their own reality and where they live. All through reading power and solidarity.

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