Social Media Reaction to Five-Star Quarterback Dylan Raiola’s Commitment

Ohio State would not have made a bigger interest rate to launch its enrollment class in 2024.

The five-star Dylan Raiola, who is considered one of the most popular public places in 2024, announced his dedication to Ohio State on Monday, his birthday.

Raiola is Ohio State’s first commitment in 2024, and there was no shortage of TV talk shows from affiliates, staff at OSU and former and current OSU players.

The 6-foot-3, 225-pounds signer moved from Texas to Arizona for a short time and will play at Chandler High School (Chandler, Arizona), this fall. This makes him the second Chandler player to recently join the Buckeyes, Kyion Grayes joining the OSU 2022 class.

Raiola said that in a ceremony dedicated to his church he wanted to take part in the state of Ohio in 2024, but it may also have an impact on the ideology of the 2023 nominees. Ring the bells for everyone?

One of Raiola’s recruits is hoping to help sign up for OSU named after the 2024 five-star California Peyton Woodyard. Woodyard did notice on Monday.

Although CJ Stroud and Raiola will no longer be on the same Ohio State team, the two have spoken at length as Raiola took his first spring tour to Ohio State on April 1-3. Stroud thanked Raiola for joining OSU.

Stroud was not the only Buckeye quarterback who welcomed Raiola to the OSU relationship, as Devin Brown and Kyle McCord also joined.

Once Buckeye, a former Buckeye, and former OSU defender Haskell Garrett was also on the lookout for Monday evening.

Ohio State quarterbacks coach Corey Dennis isn’t just writing regularly. But once her writing efforts help her find someone else to follow, sending an interesting tweet seems appropriate.

You never thought Captain Buckeye would take such an important part, would you?

Kirk Herbstreit has been friends with Raiola’s father for many years, and the former Buckeye quarterback was thrilled to see Raiola choose his alma story.

Other writers who noted Raiola’s commitment to OSU include a solid target for 2023 Walker Lyons, 2024 five-star recipient Jeremiah Smith and 2024 five-star running back Stacy Gage.

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