Skull Section: NCAA To Destroy NIL Collectives, Quinn Ewers Speak Ohio State, and Gene Smith Says FBS Football Should Be Different From NCAA

Day 4 is with you all.

Word of the Day: Mercurial.

RIP NIL COLLECTIVES? The recent situation of the NIL has become an irreversible disaster so the NCAA has decided to take action on this – or try.

After months of NIL factions issuing the proverb six and seven bags to protect promises without even trying to hide, the NCAA has been enough.

University administrators, who are part of the NIL review task team, are finalizing some guidelines that are expected to make it clear that sponsors and leading teams are barred from participating in the recruitment process, several sources tell Sports Illustrated. The programs have provided more guidance to member schools in what many NIL supervisors call a secret “game payroll” created by funders to create opportunities, recruit players from other college teams and retain their athletes.

The new guidelines reflect the existing NCAA rules prohibiting incentives to participate in the recruitment process, reminding schools that are members of the security forces that, while in existence for many years, were twisted and broken in the first 10 months of the NIL, officials say. Under the NCAA law which has been in place for a long time, promoters are representatives of the sports department and should not associate or attract prospective players.

The proposals, still in the form of registration, suggest that support groups and brokers be barred from associating with high school graduates and college transfers, which could open the door to legal challenges between associations and advocacy groups.

“We let things get in the way,” says one experienced counselor. “We have to find [the boosters] to meet and exchange employees. ”

My first answers here are * very Taken villain voice * Good luck.

Thank you so much NCAA for trying to do the right thing here – welcome change, of course! – but it just feels like there is no way they can do this, especially any lawyer involved in these groups who openly brags about how strong their agreements are in accordance with NCAA rules.

The sound of all the teams has been the next thing “I want to see the NCAA try to stop us,” which does not give hope that the “drop” will do anything. everything.

But with a little forethought, it would be possible for them to force all these businesses to return to the bottom of the table.

“I LOVED TO LIVE IN Ohio State.” Speaking of the NIL’s major performance, Quinn Ewers and her mullet went to Interwebs yesterday to discuss her decision to move to Texas, which meant she had to discuss her decision to move – and leave – to Ohio State.

And now that I’m writing this Players’ Tribune article, I know you have some questions. The bottom line is: Why UT now? Why did I go to Ohio State first?

… Can I be honest with you all?

There are a lot of problems that come with this kind of stuff. There was already a lot of stress when I made this decision for the first time, and now that I have gone through this process, there can be more and more difficulties again.

Finding a balance between internal and external expectations has always been a challenge for me. Externally, from travel to people who love you, inviting a lot of ideas and opinions into choosing if this is not appropriate. And on the inside, I always try to figure out how to use it to be as confident in myself as possible and want to be as humble as I can to look better.

It is difficult to make life-changing decisions when you are only 17 or 18 years old. But this time I was just trying to stop all the noise, looking for what I wanted for myself. It took me a lot of prayer, but I have confidence in the decision I made.

If you are looking for a messier answer, you will not find it here. I enjoyed my time in Ohio State, and I look forward to the lesson that motivated me to reach my destination. I am so grateful for what I have experienced.

That was really a masterpiece in writing and making coherent sentences while not saying anything. I make my own cap.

I think at the end of the day, the most important parts are “I enjoyed my time in Ohio State” and “Thank you for the experience.” In the past, I was not sure what to expect from them.

OSAFUNA NCAA. Journalists and fans have been talking about this online for years, but now Ohio State sporting director Gene Smith has finally said this openly and historically from a strong position – FBS football does not want the NCAA.

Instead, it would be better without it.

While public events are undergoing a major change and uncertainty, Ohio State athletics chief Gene Smith on Tuesday arranged for 10 FBS meetings to be held under the College Soccer Playoff umbrella with their rules and regulations as the NCAA continues to participate in the tournament. basketball is an Olympic sport.

Smith, who said he was “just giving up ideas” in a brief interview with ESPN at the Big Ten spring meetings, said that schools that offer 85 courses “require different rules.” He said he could make lower standards for membership.

“We [can] create our own rules, create our own system of governance, have our own pressures, we have our own interests, whatever they may be, “said Smith.” his main. You take care of them after they are healed. And we have the money to do this. You have nothing to do with the NCAA. You save on educational requirements. The fact is, the schools that offer 85 courses on the game of football have made a different commitment and this needs to be addressed. ”

I would say that this move would be good for everyone involved, but regardless of finances, I have the impression that it could cost the NCAA money that my central brain cannot understand.

But at the end of the day, I’m not sure the NCAA has a lot of power to negotiate here, in any way. So in the end, FBS just does what is right. I would not be surprised if we see a big change in this matter soon.

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