Sixers vs. Heat: James Harden holds the Sixers grind Game 4 win even in the series

The wording of the playoff series that did not start until the team won on the road – one that James Harden used after losing at Sixers’ Game 2 in Miami – sounds questionable at the moment.

The Sixers won their second consecutive race in Philadelphia on Sunday night, beating their second series against the Heat in two games with a huge, 116-108 gross victory at the Wells Fargo Center.

Harden brought them to an end with a ton of shots. He scored 31 points, nine assists and seven rebounds.

Joel Embiid had 24 points and 11 rebounds. All five of the Sixers and Georges Niang scored twice.

Jimmy Butler was great with 40 points for failing to lose.

Dewayne Dedmon missed Sunday’s game due to illness. Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra said the storage facilities were “daily” and were found to be devoid of COVID-19.

Game 5 will be Tuesday night in Miami. Here are the highlights of the Sixers’ Game 4 victory:

Embiid returned to business in disarray

The Sixers were initially determined to make Embiid work harder against the junior defenders.

This means finding the right angles to benefit from the Miami and its transformation, as well as adjusting the Heat so that the auxiliary defenders are temporarily removed. Harden pulled it off in two very low passes, and Tobias Harris also fed Embiid a simple bucket for the first quarter.

Injecting the needle is not a coincidence, however. Harden turned three times for the first time, plus one when he failed to lift the ball into Embiid’s kidney. And he struck only the kidneys in a similar test in the second phase. That’s an attempt to force Embiid to feed, but the Sixers sometimes have better choices. Miami tried to make it difficult for them to investigate at times based on the Harden court.

Embiid was about to try three points, but he threw the bank again. He made the third attack on Gabe Vincent with 8.4 seconds remaining in the first quarter when Heat guards fired Embiid to stay on top of Miami. Embiid’s free throw gave him 15 points (5-for-6) in the opening round – three less than he scored Friday in his 3rd game to take action – and put the Sixers 30-28.

Wearing a mask to protect his right orbital fracture and playing with a torn ligament in his right finger, Embiid is likely to be less likely to recover soon. The start of Game 4 was an encouraging sign that he could still control the game on both sides.

Working around Harden’s many challenges

Even before Harden was called up for his second defeat by 3:05 to go first, Shake Milton remained the Sixers Doc Rivers’ head coach. Furkan Korkmaz did not play on Sunday. The idea of ​​Korkmaz ’minutes isn’t going to be exciting as the Sixers’ out-of-the-box shooting is fun and Milton proves to be a two-way player.

The Sixers made several big three hits with Harden sitting. Matisse Thybulle hit three times from the first 2 games. Tyrese Maxey dropped one in the Miami area, too. Bam Adebayo and Heat error were often surprisingly large with Embiid on the bench. The Sixers were three points adrift when they re-entered, and this did not appear to be a bad result in Paul Reed’s first game.

Danny Green heard “Danny!” they sing on the wrong line following a 6-0 human run. He started 3 for 3 from a long distance after a 7-for-9 run in Game 3.

Those jumps were quick converts. Harden stepped in slowly, heading into Butler’s back to extend the Sixers’ lead to 56-46. The Sixers then battled with the mini-Butler to enter the eighth half despite zero second-place finish from their senior.

Stand still in the second half of the slugfest

The green connection with former teammate Kyle Lowry forced the 34-year-old to come out early in the third quarter with four errors. He enters Niang.

Maxey also claimed the magic in the second half following a 21-point-performance performance in Game 3 as the 21-year-old pulled a free throw in the first car and dropped three.

Tobias Harris then connected with Green with four errors five minutes into the third. Thybulle replaced him and hit the dunk when Embiid found him free initially. Niang fired a crucial shot, in response to three Butler crosses the Sixers ’limit to 74-70 with one of his own.

As many of the above miscellaneous notes show, the game’s scope grew in the third quarter and no one on the team was pleased with the player except the player who threw for free. Adebayo, PJ Tucker and Max Strus were all charged with four counts of three counts. Philadelphia native Markieff Morris played in his early minutes as Miami favored a player older than Omer Yurtseven.

In fact, it took Morris about a minute to destroy Embiid. And Embiid later vehemently denied Morris’s ambitious jump for fame.

The Sixers dodged any uncertainty about Emid’s timeline to start the fourth, tying to the suspension and benefiting from the second straight Night of Fire (7 out of 35 out of three positions). Harden did exactly what the team needed on the other side, assisting three Harris, two foul shots, and three dips that put the Sixers’ chances to 97-85.

He had never been able to shoot much. The 10-year-old All-Star turned three on Adebayo and drove him to sleep before boarding another remote jumper that put the Sixers ahead by eight and three minutes.

Harden shouted cheerfully after the other three. This shot also gave him 30-points plus as a Sixer and made sure the series didn’t start, with one meaning.

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