Sixers are now on the verge of being eliminated after the loss of a lifeless Game 5 in the Heat

What happened?

After winning 3rd and 4th games and seemingly gaining all the power in the series, the Sixers laid the egg in the 5th tough game, losing the Heat, 120-85, in Miami Tuesday night. Back in Philly on Thursday, they once lost to be eliminated, following the series, 3-2.

I recommend “burning the tape,” but here are a few highlights of the brutal night.

first quarter

  • I really liked the speed of the Sixers at first. James Harden pushed and found Joel Embiid running down to sleep. Harden picked it up again and found a beautiful one-on-one. Then, the Sixers forgot all about how to throw in the entry ticket.
  • If the Sixers can only reduce Jimmy Butler a little bit, he has a great chance. Jimmy has been non-stop for the past few games. The Sixers seem to be offering three Butler, which is the right approach, but they need to stick to it and not be too aggressive in closing.
  • The first team to make the shot wins the series, apparently. Sixers just 2 out of 7 from three to start. Meanwhile, Max Strus, who has strongly opposed Philly, has already scored three goals.
  • The Sixers tried to get to the venue – something Doc Rivers admired Georges Niang for the game – with mixed results. The issue was Butler (11 points) with Miami hitting the shot (5 out of 11 from the ground), while the Sixers shot well and played carelessly. They did four turns and left four frustrating rebounds, giving Heat a try six more. Miami leads 31-19 after one.

second part

  • The rest of the Sixers to start the quarter. There is no Embiid or Harden, for any other reason.
  • Shake Milton hit three, but Niang is now 0 for 2 and Tyrese Maxey is 0 for 3. Maxey should be a little ahead before the third. He has no goal yet.
  • Milton and Paul Reed give the Sixers a little life. Milton with several brutal drives and Reed with two offensive rebounds. The Sixers get under 10 and 7:39 left after the powerful Masey drive ends with a free double throw with its first two points of the night.
  • Doc using Embiid and Reed down one! I’ve been wanting to watch this since the Toronto series. It should support a great deal of time in the mirror and provide a fun look with the zone. Honestly, Reed has got some extra minutes tonight.
  • Dangerous time. Embiid shot in the face as he went to shoot again. It looked like Dewayne Dedmon had the whole ball, but the ball hit Embiid’s face. He was on the ground and appeared to be in severe pain when the team’s medical staff hit the ground. Embiid stood up and reached the bench under his control. Doc took the talent, but looking for a replay, Dedmon did not connect with Embiid. History for Embiid for staying in the game. This is a tough, tough guy.
  • The Sixers were the best team all season – and won two games in Toronto in the first round – but even with Embiid, they looked unbeaten in Miami. Sixers are very tough on offense and Heat seems to be getting whatever they want against the individual and the environment. Sixers trailers are mostly up to 18 late quarter.
  • Nothing went well for the Sixers in the first half. Their offenses were severe (37.5 percent) and their safety was poor (Temperature of 47.7 percent, 38.9 out of three). Nine changes led to 15 points on the other side. Miami looks like a very busy team in front of their team. Embiid is facing two major teams and is only 2 out of 6. It is understandable that he has had trouble finding his frustrating form since his return. The only place to look was Harden, who had 10 points and four assistants. Butler carried the item by 14 points, but Heat was appropriate in the second. Victor Oladipo ran well on the bench with 11 points. Sixers chance to sit down 56-44.

the third part

  • A good sign when Embiid hits the jumper to start the quarter. Then, it was very similar to the Sixers. Showing a small fight over what was the hardest part (Game 5 when the series is tied 2-2). In the middle of the quarter and Miami has increased its average lead to 66-51. Bad time for Maxey to have his worst game in the postseason. It’s 1 in 7 and it looks skeptical.
  • The Sixers are playing as a casual game within January. There is no life on either side. There is no movement on the offender. Chasing and pushing on safety. Undoubtedly the Heat is playing at a much higher level than they did in Games 3 and 4, but the Sixers are showing a little bit of fighting. Miami climbed 20 late at this point.
  • Live symbols from Embiid with back-to-back baskets. Not a big sign when a guy with a broken face and having a ligament on his finger is the only one doing everything.
  • What about the Sixers and Game 5s? This is not as embarrassing as what happened with the Hawks last season, but it is very embarrassing. Sixers follow 81-66 without taking anything in common with going back to work.

the fourth phase

  • Temperature earns the first 12 points of the fourth. Perseverance.
  • There is nothing to talk about in this fourth quarter. The exit and the necessary effort on Game 5 cannot be forgiven. You know that the heat coming up will need to give the first punch. By their history, they have changed and they are a very good team tonight – but not giving up punches is a huge disappointment. The Sixers are either supposed to be a good hell Thursday or start booking their season hits.

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