Shohei Ohtani shows up at Fenway Park as Angels blow up the Red Sox

BOSTON – Shohei Ohtani had already hit the ball 109 miles per hour and tossed 81 of his 99 yards to hit, so as he climbed to the plate in the eighth inning probably the biggest game played here, he followed a running ball from Green. The strongest beast dropped his number on the wall.

“He is the best player in the league,” Red Sox founder Rich Hill told reporters after Thursday’s game and Angelo won 8-0 to take the series. “I think it’s one thing everyone can agree on. It is wonderful to see such a person coming. I think everyone should be very grateful for what we are seeing, because it is something we have not seen for 100 years and we will probably never see it again for another 100 years. “


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