Shakur Stevenson concludes a press conference ending after the controversy took place

From the day he turned around, a similar reaction from Shakur Stevenson was inevitable. He’s the kind of person who can control boxing for a decade or more. He understands the game at a small level to do. It is extremely fast, surprisingly stable and extremely quiet in nature.

Oscar Valdez never had a chance against Stevenson in their Saturday bout for the WBC and WBO super featherweight titles in front of a 10,102 10,102 crowd at the MGM Grand Garden. Stevenson won 1st with multiple 8-109 and 117-11 cards which was easier for him than it seems.

He lost Valdez in the sixth and was able to break the power that Valdez was proud of. Valdez went into the match 30-0 and knocked out 23, but he rarely beat Stevenson with anything.

“He’s a great warrior,” Valdez said of Stevenson. “Her speed is right there. The power is there. He was just a better warrior tonight. Overall, the most successful. ”

Stevenson kept Valdez’s face from the start. “She did not run,” as many in the Valdez camp said sarcastically. Instead, he shot well, improved movement, beat Valdez almost everything he threw and combined the skills that few in the game can write.

Stevenson connected with 53 percent for his power shot and caught Valdez at 29 percent.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – APRIL 30: Shakur Stevenson (L) and Oscar Valdez (R) exchange punches at their WBC and WBO junior lightweight matches at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 30, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Mikey Williams / Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

His manager, James Prince, oversaw Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward, two boxers who finished undefeated and will be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in June. There are many Mayweather and Ward in Stevenson.

They have not reached their level, but they are only 24 years old and Mayweather or Ward were not the last in those years. But Prince has seen many boxers in his 20-year career in boxing and knows that Stevenson is close to joining the list.

“The sky is the limit,” Prince said of Stevenson. “Everyone who comes before him will have a problem.”

Stevenson’s main talk on Saturday was the post-war press conference. He started without the belt, and had to ask a member of his team to hand him over. Then he called out to the crowd on the sidelines to listen to the questions.

Then, in a strange scene, there was a noise to the left of the stage. Stevenson’s mother tried to enter a press conference and security did not allow her to enter the room.

Stevenson was answering a question when he turned left and stared at the door and stared for a few seconds, then ran off the stage and out the door of the ballroom where a press conference was being held. A fight broke out in the casino hall outside the ballroom, and Stevenson was in the middle of it trying to get his relatives out of it.

Prince told Yahoo Sports via text that Stevenson and his mother are fine. A spokesman for the MGM Grand said he was trying to find out more and keep the comments until then.

During his prime, the night he became a communications hero, he only answered a few questions before leaving abruptly.

He wasted his moment in the sun because of it, even though he was smart enough in the ring in front of a global audience on ESPN that his remarks at a press conference would not be missed.

Shakur Stevenson, center, celebrates defeating Oscar Valdez at the WBC-WBO junior lightweight title boxing on Saturday, April 30, 2022, in Las Vegas.  (Photo by AP / John Locher)

Shakur Stevenson, center, celebrates defeating Oscar Valdez at the WBC-WBO junior lightweight title boxing on Saturday, April 30, 2022, in Las Vegas. (Photo by AP / John Locher)

Stevenson was thrilled to arrive at the press conference because he knew he could do well in his life in his spare time. He closed down the pro-Valdez faction which was very happy before and during the war.

“That was an amazing crowd and they saw how well a good fighter did,” said Top Rank President Todd duBoef, who said he did not know what happened to Stevenson.

On the undercard, Olympic silver medalist Keyshawn Davis was stunned by stopping Esteban Sanchez in sixth. He seemed intimidated by what Stevenson had done.

“Shakur has come a long way, dad,” said Davis, who could be the next boxing champion. “Shakur won almost every competition and Oscar never caught him.”

It will take a full-fledged fighter, who has the speed and ability to cut the ring, to give Stevenson more controversy. He is one of the best fighters in the world and he always gets better.

“So, that’s interesting,” promoter Bob Arum said of Stevenson. “Amazing, really.”

The same can be said of the events that forced Stevenson to flee a press conference.

But even this would not have disrupted the night which was so good for the connected hero now from Newark, New Jersey.

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