Shakur Stevenson becomes junior lightweight junior superstar after ruling Oscar Valdez and masterclass

Stevenson wore the junior lightweight wrestling champion

The judges wrote as head1 with the decision of masterclass1 to add hardware10 (11-109-18-11) both in favor of Stevenson, who takes Valdez’s WBC WBC behind his big WBO punch.

Valdez-Stevenson; Line 12

Valdez runs fast, trying to throw everything and kitchen sink. They need almost anything. Stevenson also annoys him by circling around the ring. Very difficult. Ninety seconds left. Internal work illustrated by short, fast-moving from Stevenson. Shortly thereafter, he grabbed Valdez by the shoulder and stabbed him twice with a shotgun. Thirty seconds left. Valdez digs in the body for the final attempt and Stevenson bites back with the right hook. Stevenson dances around the ring and switches in a few seconds. Valdez chases and comes empty-handed. How well I do from Shakur Stevenson, who will be out in Vegas with two roles. (10-9 Stevenson, 118-109 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; Line 11

Stevenson does not suffer from a clinch and is nailed to the left ventricle. Stevenson bites Valdez with an unanswered triple combo in the head, body and head. In his defense, he misses Valdez – almost looking like a matador with a cow. Ref Kenny Bayless warns Stevenson of resting his jab. Stevenson is so great that it should not be a problem to obey. Stevenson pressures Valdez’s request to fight inside. Maybe they want to improve what they are saying. Unless Valdez fired a shot, this should have been easy to score for the judges. (10-9 Stevenson, 108-100 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; at 10

Valdez is working hard to get along but Stevenson hides and defends well. How frustrating that must have been for Valdez, who went in and did not find anything meaningful. Valdez goes to the wild on the right and misses with Stevenson to escape a good shot. Stevenson arrives at the far left of the temple and completes three body exercises. Valdez lands on the body while searching for the upper body. The last attempt, he still missing. Valdez’s better rotation, however, is on so many goals that he has to throw a destructive shot to get a chance right now. (10-9 Valdez, 98-91 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; mzu 9

Valdez grabs Stevenson in a small space and digs three right hands into the body of a WBO official. They need more of that kind and speed because Valdez is behind the cards. Left front right, before Stevenson fired another shot at Valdez’s body. Valdez has great respect for Stevenson’s strengths as he walks inside carefully. Stevenson potshotting Valdez is a voluntary landing, especially with the left hand, which connects the upper and lower body. Stevenson pours. (10-9 Stevenson, 89-81 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; at 8

Stevenson relaxed in the middle of the round, listening to the game being told by his corner. He has been conducting a masterclass so far. Valdez’s warrior is hindered by Stevenson’s skills. It’s just that simple. Or Stevenson is making a look that way. A combination of three punches from Stevenson, who shows his speed with a level or two above Valdez. Valdez tries and misses the left hook and Stevenson returns the fire with his left hook. Left hook for body from Valdez lands. He is trying to time the destruction of the hook on the left and more on it to keep the battle very close. (10-9 Stevenson, 79-72 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; white 7

Stevenson controls as he continues to punish Valdez behind the jab as he escapes the injury path. He catches the lungs, perhaps desperate for Valdez and the best option. A few seconds later, Valdez presses and this time they connect. But Stevenson quickly jumps out and finds a lot of jabs. The top method follows. Valdez pumps and connects to his right hand as he closes the ring. Good work from Valdez but not enough to keep it going. (10-9 Stevenson, 69-63 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; 6 minutes

Stevenson returns to Valdez with a jab. And he grabs and knocks over Valdez, who looks confused. The knock came on the right hook from Stevenson.

Valdez is back on his feet and the fight is on. Stevenson takes the brunt, cutting strong punches along the back of the jab. She’s slipping away from Valdez now. Very good stuff from Stevenson. Valdez plays with the right eye and his face is red from Stevenson’s sharpness. (10-8 Stevenson, 59-54 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; white 5

Stevenson has thrown 120 jabs in the first four rows and entered this fifth frame using the same selection tool. Valdez pushes his way into his cell phone and throws everything at the target with malicious intent – coming empty-handed over many attempts. Stevenson reads well and reads with strong memory. Its multi-colored jab is making a smart combination now. Valdez again closes the distance and comes empty-handed. He too is beaten as he enters. The big left hand reaches Stevenson who tries and grabs Valdez as he enters. Stevenson’s high ring IQ on full display here. (10-9 Stevenson; 49-46 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; round 4

Valdez is working hard to get in and is getting paid for his grind.

Stevenson is back outside his comfort zone and is shooting Valdez with a dangerous shot. Make sure Stevenson collects points like this. Valdez stepped forward and filled Stevenson’s place but missed most of his releases. Stevenson digs into the body and climbs on top of Valdez. Stevenson investigates with the ref about Valdez’s movements but the officer tells him to keep fighting. (10-9 Stevenson, 39-37 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; round 3

Stevenson is the eldest in the ring and Valdez pulls out a jab on the right, tempting his young enemy to bring him into battle. A few seconds later, Valdez grows up and misses Stevenson making him pay with a counterpunch. Once again, Valdez goes to the body and lands but Stevenson makes him pay with the left hook across the jaw. Valdez cuts off the ring now and hits Stevenson’s body. Split through Stevenson guards from Valdez. Ref warns Stevenson of a minor collision. Valdez begins his excellent journey. Busy, losing a job from a WBC hero and a warrior around. (10-9 Valdez, 29-28 Stevenson)

Valdez-Stevenson; round 2

Another three punches plus pepper Valdez. Stevenson is really doing what he wants. Meanwhile, Valdez insists and comes up empty-handed. As mentioned, Valdez is pushing against the body and is recovering slightly, cutting the ring and shooting. Valdez needs to do more to shut down Stevenson as well as the top WBO boxer. (10-9 Stevenson, 20-18 Stevenson)

Oscar Valdez Vs. Shakur Stevenson; round 1

Crisp left falling on Valdez. Shortly afterwards, Stevenson pulls out a jab on the right as a thermometer before splitting Valdez’s bodyguards with his left hand. To Stevenson’s left is already finding a house. Valdez prints and Stevenson walks away with difficulty. Walking with ease. The left hand of the body followed by the upper right hand. A combination of three punches connects Stevenson. Stevenson’s first round, which focuses on boxing skills and early ring management. (10-9 Stevenson)

Stevenson under the direction of DaBaby

A cash throw proves who can come out again and Stevenson wins. The WBO head carrier looks relaxed, but very straightforward. The Vegas team is owned by Valdez.

Valdez runs the ring

The WBC winner looks like a hurricane before a fight.

The next big event

Oscar Valdez, with his determination and grit, has put his WBC junior lightweight title on the line against Shakur Stevenson’s boxing skills with the WBO head of Newark, New Jersey for his re-election. Who’s going to take it? We are about to find out. However, we do know that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is looking for him. His girlfriend, Valdez, of course.

Davis launches pilot tests following the sixth TKO

The right-hand cut is followed by another right-hand drive with a hook attached to the head. Davis combines it with left straight through Sanchez’s bodyguards and left-handed dung. The two left ropes swing Sanchez and the right-hand end punches through the guards for the player to see fully.

Davis continues to print! The future is bright for Davis and Ali Walsh.

Davis is the whole business

Davis in solid rule through three

Davis following his nickname, is going to knock down Sanchez by the way. Wrapping the left hook around Sanchez’s bodyguards looks like he wants to.

In the meantime …

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