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In this article, I have just written a lot of articles and tried to list all the players that the Eagles have selected or sold to select. Then, I read them based on what I wanted to see Thursday night. I enjoyed this game and I hope you too will find it useful! Obviously this doesn’t include all the players but it does include everyone who I think the Eagles have a chance at, considering all the ridicule.

Part 1 – How did we sell / find him in the world?

S Kyle Hamilton, Notre Dame: Perhaps the best player in the whole class, Hamilton is 6’4 but runs like a little defense and has an amazing mindset. He will bring something to play and he can fly around the field and a safe haven is becoming more and more important in the modern NFL. I absolutely want to see Hamilton somehow end up on the Eagles.

CB Derek Stingley, LSU: Stingley has been the subject of much talk about the ‘lazy’ tape for the past 2 years and the traumatic stress … but the tape is a success. It has all the physical features and runners that a high level outside the cornerback is required. He is very good at men’s sports, especially in the media, and has great football skills. He is not good at cover or zone at the moment, where he may have some problems with his skills, but he has the running skills to be able to do so.

EDGE Jermaine Johnson, Florida State: Johnson acts as a good starter who could be a very good starter. Johnson has good size and height and understands how to reach the quarterback and use selected hands. I’m a little concerned about the middle ground. I think he is a 3-floor beginner who can also play.

Step 2 – This will make me very happy

DT Jordan Davis, Georgia: Davis is probably the most exciting player in the entire sports team. To be honest, I do not know how to enlighten her considering her need and it is difficult to predict her future. They seem to be the elite defenders with the ability to run to be a good runner again. I really want the Eagles to have a chance at Davis and I always like to shoot a running game because his height is huge.

LB Devin Lloyd, Utah: Lloyd looks great as the best line in the class but is he worth choosing between the 1st round? I think the Eagles have not neglected this role for a long time and that the Eagles need special skills in this role and I think Lloyd is the linebacker who is the right fit between the 1st. He looks at the section, it is a very fast sport and will bring the body to safety. What he missed is worrying but I think you have to believe you can teach him.

WR Treylon Burks, Arkansas: Burks is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. His video is incredible and his potential is amazingly high. They have an amazing combination of size and speed and can line up anywhere in the field. He can win in a few minutes to the middle of the road which he can use his size to fight against defenders but he wins on deep roads where corners have no chance if he treads. Some older guys have slow feet but Burks don’t. He hurries down his path with a few explosive steps and is able to pass through the corner with ease. They also have large hands and are a major threat in the red area. Is that the end story? Pa. Do they need to have a better understanding of what processes are going well? Yes. But they can learn those things, and you cannot teach them the bad things they do.

WR Jameson Williams, Alabama: Williams is one of the greatest recipients I have learned over the past few years. They will immediately rule on stops such as overs, posts and corners and will set crazy numbers with selected quarterback. It is not a pony ploy and it is best to go back to the ball and find a soft spot against the spread of the territory. He has to develop his playing skills to be able to compete with most of the previous players, and he has very few drops, but he has to be a real player in the league.

CB Trent McDuffie, Washington: McDuffie is a high-profile director who is well-suited to regional systems who would not ask him to play journalists on a regular basis. He showed that he could play man, but he was in a good position to run the ball. He is a very fast runner, fluid forward and shows great understanding of sports football. He has a bigger body with the outside receivers due to his lack of and the lack of football is affected, especially since the teams are able to look after him with great receivers on the jumps.

CB Andrew Booth, Clemson: Booth Jr. is an interesting character who portrays himself as someone who can do anything. They have very good ideas for the expansion of the zone and have a good understanding of road ideas, reception areas and good eye control. He has also shown his ability to play media, glass matches and body, and has only received one penalty in the last 3 years for his football skills. However, its long-distance movement is noticeable as well as its long velocity and its transition speed is a bit difficult. He is also careless with the way he sometimes does but I like to have fun and compete in his games.

WR Drake London, USC: History of London as your former X recipient at the next level. The history of basketball is well-known because it has the power to control the upper body and is as good at counter-terrorism as anyone has been out in the last few years. They will instantly be a major threat in the red zone and will deliver error and errors outdoors against many cornerbacks. I am worried about his ability to break away from the defenders and I think he is not in a hurry and he is not in a sudden or explosive walking side by side which means he is having difficulty separating. The big question is how often he can control the conditions in which he competes to the next level where the angles are better.

Step 3 – This is great!

QB Malik Willis, Liberty: Top runner with arm cannon. Sign me up. She is raw and will need time to learn some of the features of the site but her role is huge. If he is well trained and grows well, he can become a very high QB because of his high level of athletic ability and right-handed skills. I think there is an obvious risk and you are doing very well in the next few years, knowing how to be calm in the pocket as well, well-organized, and eager to take care of it, but I think it is worth it. of the first choice if you believe the conditions. They will make big games out of order and have very few games each week. If he reaches his peak, he will be the best QB in the class and one of the best in the league.

WR Chris Olave, Ohio State: Olave’s reputation as the 2 best receiver who can be moved around the design to win both externally as a Z-receiver or in the slot. He will suffice for a number of recent NFL fouls with his best running style, being able to follow the ball by throwing deep and making explosive games. He’s not a burner but he can climb over the corners and win on the floor. His main concern is the lack of a body that can show up against the media and the failure to break weapons and create a YAC. While this is difficult. I think he has enough potential to be the best # 2 recipient on some level.

EDGE George Karlaftis: Karlaftis is seen as a very strong athlete whose sport comes from the best manual labor and great strength. The length of the elite and the running game you want to see from the top of the EDGE rusher does not appear there and is a bit of a concern. They have to be good defensive runners and flexible because they have the ability to get in at times. I really like him but I think he should be used in a certain way.

WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State: I see Wilson as a wonderful host. Only after he has developed his ability to spread the word and speed up his processes (a few unnecessary steps), could he have a WR2 role in the case. He’s very fast and explosive the ball is in his hand and there will always be a culprit in this kind of situation, but I think he’ll need to improve his game to be the best fit these years. writing.

CB Kaiir Elam, Pitt: Elam’s reputation as a high-end outdoor model with the height, size and speed that everyone wanted to play Cover3 a few years ago. The Elam will fit the various designs but its frame and length correspond to the angle of the printer. He’s very physical on the line of scrimmage and pushes the receivers aside and has a pick-up speed then straight down the field. However, they have two major concerns. First, he is very interested in the revelation and was featured 7 times in 10 games last year. They will be the flag machine if they do not clean up this. They are a bit poor in running games and have to wrap up and come out well.

QB Kenny Pickett, Pitt: I don’t care about hands! Kenny Pickett could play. They look at the section, they are armed, they can throw and wait and make out of order. He throws in the middle of the pitch hoping for the most part and shows the importance of the ball. I understand that he showed a change last year and this intimidates some people because of his age. He has to clean up his pocket and he gets cruel sometimes when he has to watch, but I believe in all the skill.

Step 4 – I’m a little disappointed …

DT Devonte Wyatt, Georgia: Wyatt seems to be sharing ideas and it’s easy to see why when you look at him. He explodes and flies the ball but you do not see him win in many other ways. He seems to be very good at one thing but he is not a good player at the moment and the lack of production is affected. I think it is unlikely he will be a good first but he should be a good first.

From David Ojabo: Ojabo is an athlete who has a big part but a lot and has a lot to learn. He has everything you could want in a premier pass rusher like blasting, length, speed but he doesn’t seem to know how to run a passerby. He tragically injured his Achilles on his pro day and could steal later, but in the middle of the 1st he looks a little heavier.

LB Nakobe Dean, Georgia: I really like Dean and he seems to be a great runner and runner. It’s explosive and even its small and physical shape but I’m not sure how it feels to write a slightly thinner line in the 1st since my main concern is that it can cover very large TE’s and can drop blocks?

DE Boye Mafe, Minnesota: Mafe is another elite athlete with great features but his film does not match his game at the moment. He has a very good pace and can fly when he fights, but if he can be with him then he has no counter and he also suffers as a defensive runner during his career.

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