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21.13 Thanks for following us and see you reside!

21.10 Impressive challenges with 4 targets for Cinnamon and a couple of for Iocchi Scratch for Settebello who leads the group. Tomorrow the sport will likely be in opposition to the United States!

Game over, Italy-France 9-8.

0.11 Cross of Presciutti.

The measurement of 0.50 was discarded by France.

1.44 Damonte’s lob is blocked.

2.10 Nicosia Parade.

3.00 Walled Cinnamon Shot.

4.07 Nicosia Triple Parade.

4.13 Cross of France.

4.56 Cinnamon is way away and sends.

5.50 Gooooooooooooooooool, Ferrerooooooooo, the attractive refrain is over, Italy-France 9-8.

6.18 France aim by Vernoux, sudden shot, Italy-France 8-8.

6.30 Di Somma shoots the ball extensive.

7.31 Cinnamon tree after a number of shoots.

7.55 The last episode begins!

0.00 The third quarter ends, Italy-France 8-7.

0.15 Presciutti’s end is clearly saved by the goalkeeper.

1.16 Alesiani’s try on the goalkeeper’s face.

2.01 Presciutti’s shot is saved.

3.00 Gooooooooooooool, Di Sommaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, capturing 5 meters, Italy-France 8-7.

4.10 Gooooooooooooooooooooool, Cinnamonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Italy-France 7-7.

5.12 France’s aim once more is Bjorch, at distance, Italy-France 6-7.

6.10 Khasz aim of France, portray, Italy-France 6-6.

6.43 Gooooooooooooooooool, Cassiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Italy-France 6-5.

7.55 The third half begins!

The second half ends, Italy-France 5-5.

0.07 Gooooooooooooool, Iocchi Grattaaaaaaaaa, once more he, Italy-France 5-5.

1.22 France aim, Crousillat scores from distance, Italy-France 4-5.

1.43 Gooooooooooooool, Iocchi Grattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Italy-France 4-4.

2.09 The principal exhibition of Nicosia.

3.17 France community, Marzouki, Italy-France 3-4.

3.40 Cinnamon’s shot is denied.

4.14 Saudadier scores for France with a lob, Italy-France 3-3.

4.52 Ferrero value.

5.10 Settebello who needs to stretch, stress.

6.20 Nicosia have known as off a possible shot from France.

7.38 Gooooooooooooool on Italy’s penalty, Italy-France 3-2.

7.55 The second half begins!

The first half ends, Italy-France 2-2.

0.00 Cinnamon pole on the finish of the primary quarter.

0.40 Italian shot is blocked by the goalkeeper.

1.07 Draw of France and Bouet, fast motion, Italy-France 2-2.

2.20 Time handed, the Italian invasion was destroyed.

3.39 Gooooooooooooool, cinnamon would have been launched, Italy-France 2-1.

4.37 Reteeeeeeeeeeeee, Italy wins with Cinnamon from distance, Italy-France 1-1.

4.59 France community, from the middle, Italy-France 0-1.

5.25 The benefit of numbers was misplaced to Italy.

6.20 Italy failed.

7.00 It’s not a aim! it remained 0-0 between Italy and France.

7.02 We go to play once more to see the chances of the French community.

7.55 The first half begins!

19.55 The nationwide anthem is on.

19.50 Five minutes the runners will enter the pool.

19.45 The World League is the one trophy that Settebello is lacking from his large present.

19.40 After the victory in opposition to Canada, Settebello faces France who beat the USA by a measure.

19.35 Good night and welcome to Italy-France males’s water polo stay.

Good night and welcome LIVE match Italy-France males of the World League of water polo, Settebello is chasing the second victory.

Settebello, after a simple 17-5 win in opposition to Canada, faces France. The Transalpine nationwide group shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly within the first sport in opposition to the USA they received 19-17. It will take focus and give attention to the whole lot to return out profitable.

The blues Jacopo Alesiani, Edoardo Di Somma, Vincenzo Dolce and Vincenzo Renzuto Iodice (AN Brescia), Francesco Cassia, Francesco Condemi, Filippo Ferrero (CC Ortigia), Andrea Fondelli, Lorenzo Bruni and Matteo Iocchi Gratta (RN Savona), Luca Damonte (Ferencvaros) , Giacomo Cannella and Marco Del Lungo (Pro Recco), Nicholas Presciutti (Army / Pro Recco), Luca Marziale and Gianmarco Nicosia (Telimar Palermo).

An occasion: Italy-France males World League Water Polo.
DayUpdated: 23/07/2022
Hours: 20.00
TV Channels and Streaming: Raiplay.

OA Sport gives LIVE protection of the boys’s Italy-France World League of water polo match: information in actual time and frequent updates. From 20:00. Good enjoyable!

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