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19:08 Our LIVE LIVE LIVE from Italy-South Africa ends right here. win for the Azzurri, who made their debut on the 202nd World Waterpolo Championships tomorrow. Thanks for coming with us. Good night continuation for all pals and readers of OA Sport.

19:07 Thursday Settebello will face Canada. Shaft who wakes up in anticipation of an enormous sport with Spain would permit the winner in Group C to take it straight to the ultimate quarter.

19:05 Everything as anticipated. Italy defeated South Africa 22-4. The Azzurri World Cup starts with purpose. Everyone will rating targets besides Giacomo Cannella, who can have the chance and the chance to attain his first purpose of the world championship. The distinction between the groups of the 2 nations is large, with the next video games that may make a distinction by way of crew success.


0.00 Nicosia disrupts South African capturing, ending right here.

0.20 Andrea Fondelli finds his poker by recognizing the ultimate runaway sport. ITALY 22 – SOUTH AFRICA 4

0.33 The Stone scroll doesn’t go, and the final assault comes from Settebello.

1.04 Di Somma shot down. South Africa is completed with one minute to go.

1.46 Naivety of Echenique, who’s in direct contact with the goalkeeper and is struggling with Swanepoel’s return.

2.33 South Africa’s major protection, however a harmful Azzurri assault.

3.25 Another irritating error of Italy, which has already achieved trendy work.

4.03 Oliver boasts South Africa’s fourth purpose. A slight detour triggered Nicosia to cease. ITALY 21 – SOUTH AFRICA 4

4.43 Squeeze your eyes arduous on the water Kandalama, and the ball wakes up. At the second, solely Cinnamon is lacking from the scorers’ desk.

5.22 Foul assaults with Di Fulvio, a ball that returns to the South Africans.

5.39 South Africa crossing, with Italy now qualifying rifiata.

6.23 Greater safety of Damonte, who opens the ninth minimal quantity. Nicosia is at present busy.

6.50 Di Somma virtually the unique purpose will get an ideal win. ITALY 21 – SOUTH AFRICA 3

7.41 He first wins the fourth of 4 competitions, then ranks 20. The different purpose is Francesco Di Fulvio. ITALY 20 SOUTH AFRICA 3



0.02 Just two seconds after the top of the third interval, Luca Damonte scored 19 targets after a properly-designed strike. ITALY 19 – SOUTH AFRICA 3

0.27 Iocchi Scratch tasted it. The most profitable younger blue who beats twice as quick. ITALY 18 – SOUTH AFRICA 3

1.17 Presciutti to assist, and the primary purpose of the World Iocchi Scratch is coming. The round mark of the 20-yr promise is superb. ITALY 17 SOUTH AFRICA 3

1.50 Change of function in Italy. Del Lungo walks out, Nicosia makes her look.

2.10 South Africa defends itself to one of the best of its potential on the finish of Fondelli’s violence.

2.30 Fortunately Del Lungo fights properly by avoiding South Africa’s second and third mark.

2.50 The second greatest drawback of Giacomo Cannella, with South Africa over time.

3.40 Spread of Azzurri. Settebello’s greatest protection is Presciutti scoring since his first purpose of the sport. ITALY 16 – SOUTH AFRICA 3

4.25 Lorenzo Bruni’s Notes! After Di Fulvio’s publish the blue returned the ball and dropped Madi’s contact to the publish. ITALY 15 – SOUTH AFRICA 3

5.20 Echenique additionally registered a blue celebration. Gonzalo’s greatest purpose, it’s Italy that finds the way in which to purpose. ITALY 14 – SOUTH AFRICA 3

5.40 A lovely goal from Cronje, who mocked Del Lungo for being a joke from afar. ITALY 13 – SOUTH AFRICA 3

6.15 Settebello’s protection, with a continuing problem main Martial to a brand new purpose. ITALY 13 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

6.47 With Iocchi Scratch within the cockpit South Africa won’t discover its technique to the net.

7.25 The third of the Azzurri competitions, which takes benefit of successful numbers and instantly finds the web with Edo Di Somma. ITALY 12 – SOUTH AFRICA 2



0.14 escape from Settebello is a favourite Echenique. Here is the Vincenzo Dolce hat. Section 7 to 0 of Italy within the second half. ITALY 11 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

0.41 Francesco Di Fulvio after doing quite a lot of issues scored a two-digit purpose! All straightforward in Italy as anticipated. ITALY 10 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

1.20 Goalkeeper Madi saves this time South Africa’s purpose over the blue counter-escape.

1.44 On the remainder of the season Edoardo Di Somma made the entire pool and scored his first purpose of the sport. ITALY 9 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

2.16 30 seconds go and South Africa delivers the ball. Italy that may start to take care of.

2.49 The lethal Fondelli cross, which is a pointy punch, can bend straight.

3.15 South Africa that doesn’t benefit from any variety of alternatives. Football once more in Italy.

3.41 And the primary purpose of the World will come once more to Lorenzo Bruni! Madi misses the go, and for Settebello I play a sport for the youngsters to attain the eighth purpose. ITALY 8 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

4.02 Dismissed the top of Presciutti, as South Africa tries to dam the division.

5.10 Pairs for Dolce, who will get a second purpose after a couple of seconds the purpose is unprotected. This time assist comes from Damonte. ITALY 7 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

5.42 In the struggle in opposition to the dying of Italy, and Settebello’s sixth purpose comes with Vincenzo Dolce thanking Echenique for his assist. ITALY 6- SOUTH AFRICA 2

6.10 And it is a hat-trick for Andrea Fondelli, whose face-to-face goalkeeper Madi scores a blue +3 purpose. ITALY 5 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

6.57 Without measure once more the top of the Martial, by opponents who don’t see a transparent deviation.

7.15 Azzurri protection is nice, with Settebello able to opposing.

7.37 The Martial Shootout was closed, with South Africa defending efficiently.

7.55 Di Fulvio wins dash once more.



0.30 South Africa throws the ball away, and Luca Damonte within the penalty shoot-out punishes the opponents nose to nose with the goalkeeper. ITALY 4 – SOUTH AFRICA 2

1.22 Settebello who’s spending a whole lot of time on this part. The identical ball, nonetheless, can be present in Italy.

2.08 Del Nungo’s efficient rescue that forestalls an enemy assault. The Azzurri who had been additionally extra quite a few because of the evils of Dolce.

3.00 Swanepoel shortens the space by submitting a delivery penalty for banning Cinnamon. ITALY 3 SOUTH AFRICA 2

3.27 Luca Marziale moist his first world with function. Italy who used the primary variety of numbers and went 3-1. ITALY 3 – SOUTH AFRICA 1

3.51 Crossing saves Marco Del Lungo.

4.20 Andrea Fondelli doubles and doubles. The major focus of the blue, which units the diagonal after a couple of pus. ITALY 2 – SOUTH AFRICA 1

4.44 An assault on South Africa that can not be defined.

5.12 For the third time in a row to be rescued by a South African goose, this time at Cinnamon.

5.48 Del Lungo overturns the decision of a violent enemy, rolling in entrance of one other large rescue by Madi on Di Fulvio.

6.08 Best of Madi’s Rescue at Gonzalo Echnique, after an ideal Italian protection.

7.01 Faster capturing by Fondelli! ITALY 1 – SOUTH AFRICA 1

7.14 Chad Roman leads South Africa by way of successful numbers.

7.32 Two successful balls by Di Fulvio. Iocchi Scratch doesn’t rating.


17:59 One minute early within the sport. Have enjoyable and go to Settebello!

17:57 Now is the time for nationwide anthems. The first is Italian, adopted by a South African.

17:55 Five minutes would be the time for Italy-South Africa. Let us briefly recall the robin round sample. The first chosen of every crew goes straight to the quarter, the second and third will face one another within the competitors. 19.30 different challenges of Group C between Spain and Canada.

17:51 The official sermon now begins in Sopron’s Pool, with the speaker saying the Azzurri. Italy presents itself as a dominant pressure, there’s nice hope for Settebello’s new schooling.

17:49 A begin that guarantees to be straightforward for a crew led by Sandro Campagna, who will have the ability to check new grafts within the wake of Tokyo 2020 disappointments.

17:45 Good afternoon and welcome LIVE LIVE voice of Italy-South Africa, the primary Group C match of the 2022 World Waterpolo Championships.

Hello and welcome LIVE LIVE recorded for the primary match of the 2022 World Cup water event in Budapest between Italy and South Africa.. Settebello’s straightforward begin led by Sandro Campagna, who’s in Group C with Canada and Spain. At the top of the group stage, the primary runners-up will obtain a direct ticket to the quarters, whereas the finalists and three will compete within the playoffs.

The Azzurri title protection received in Gwangju in 2019. The South Korean climb was spectacular, and now Settebello will attempt to repeat even a half-revolution requested coach after a disappointing Tokyo 2020. Common floor represented the assured Francesco Di Fulvio and Marco Del Lungo, and Gonzalo Echenique, Dolce , Presciutti and Nicosia fighters alone within the Games. Many return after a season away from the blue, beginning with Andrea Fondelli and Lorenzo Bruni, returning to their rival groups. There might be a spot for the youngest Giacomo Cannella and Matteo Iocchi Gratta, who exploded on this race.

Originally, as we’ve got stated, and on a easy paper, with South Africa presenting itself as a public mattress crew. The Sandro Campagna crew will have the ability to check out new additions immediately, due to challenges in Canada and above the Iberian crew. From Italy-Spain, maybe, the crew that may go to the quarterfinals will come out.

The match between Italy and South Africa, which qualifies for the primary day of Group C of the 2022 World Waterpolo Championships, will kick off at 18.00 within the Sopron swimming pool. It might be doable to observe the match dwell on Raisport TV, and stream dwell on RaiPlay and Youtube (FINA channel). OA Sport gives you a LIVE dwell minute recording. Have enjoyable and go to Settebello!

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