See Alagoas countryside highlights # I11052022

See Alagoas countryside highlights # I11052022


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FPM increased 27.13%

The first transfer from the Municipal Participation Fund (FPM) in May will be BRL 9,272,796,584.61. The value is 27.13% higher than the same transfer made in 2021, however, if time inflation is taken into account, the city halls will get 15.52% more. Mentioning the collection of income tax and manufactured goods (IR and IPI) from the 20th to the 30th of the previous month, went to the municipal treasury yesterday. Of the total relocated, 2,441 (43.84%) municipalities with a coefficient of 0.6 received BRL 1,817,114,648.25 (19.60% of BRL 9.2 billion), while 170 (3.05%) large cities received 4.390% (4.390%) with a coefficient. ) The amount allocated for each municipal entity can be checked in the attached survey, while other constitutional transfers are found in the exclusive content of the website. According to CNM economists, the 1st shift of the month tends to be higher, representing about half of the expected price for the whole month. However, entity surveys point to growth in almost all ten days, for example, in 2021, the three transfers in May were 69.85%, 20.07% and 39.38% higher. The month closed with FPM at R $ 11.8 billion, which is 4.06% higher than 2020, the crisis year of Covid-19.

FPM has increased by 25.19% or 13.15% in the last five months compared to the same period last year. “These increases are mainly observed and explained by the suspension of corporate income tax (IRPJ), social contribution on net income (CSLL) and personal income tax (IRPF) quotas,” the note explained, based on federal data. Revenue. Source: CNM


Water supply to Coruripe was disrupted on the 9th and will resume on the 13th due to maintenance of the water supply system and cleaning of artesian wells.

Pillar / Prize

Sebre won the Pillar Award in the 11th edition of the Prefetto Amperendar Award, confirming the trophy for the best entrepreneur city. Since last year, Pillar Municipality, through City Hall, has stood by the company’s arrival and new business development.

Pillar / Vaccine

It’s time to take a booster dose of coronavirus on the pillar. If you are over 60 years of age and 4 months after taking the previous dose, get vaccinated. Find the Immuniza Pillar Point or the nearest PSF.

Misty bread

Mayor Jorge Dantas won the Mayor Entrepreneur Award. Pão de Açúcar is the only inner city that won in two categories: Entrepreneur Room and Government Purchase. The results of the union in terms of effort, daily work, qualifications and development.

Cassador’s watery eyes

Farmers from the Pocos Salgados community participated in training aimed at irrigators in the Sartao Channel. The course was offered by Vivo at Empressa Pix with the support of the municipality of Olho d’Agua do Cassado, through the Department of Municipal Agriculture. The action is a partnership with the Secretary of State for Environment and Water Resources and the Sartao Alagoano Adactor Channel – Ajax Management Association.

Casado’s Waterhole 2

A step of the municipality of Olho d’Água do Casado, rich in knowledge and a group of children for the best travel: surrounded by the natural beauty of the beautiful Olho d’Agua do Casado. The walk with the users was directed and monitored by Secretary of Culture and Tourism Adalberto Inacio, who took the children to see the archeological sites, paintings and rock carvings at the Nova Esperanka Archaeological Complex.


Here comes Delmiro Gouveia II Mini-Olympics of Early Childhood Education. The Department of Municipal Education will create a great moment to interact with students through the early childhood education sector, with the involvement of school physical education, coordinators and teachers, and through the practice of games and sports.

Delmiro / Archeology

Through a partnership between the Center for Research and Archaeological and Historical Studies – NUPEAH / Ufal Campus do Sertão, students in the city’s public and private schools will learn more about prehistoric archeology. The classes seek to bring the school community closer to the archeological site and at the same time strengthen the importance of preserving and preserving the existing archeological sites in our city.

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