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The cable car arrives in Alagoas

Maragogi may have had a cable car in the Sao Bento district, which would connect the upper part, to the beach near the monastery ruins. A private investment in the order of R $ 22 million, which has been working for four months, with the French company Poma. The mayor attended the largest international mobility fair in France, Grenoble, in April, at the invitation of a French company, along with two other Maragogi businessmen. There are already three projects in Alagoas to install cable cars as tourist attractions. The first was announced by the mayor of Pillar, Renato Resেন্ডnde Philho, to be purchased with resources from City Hall and has already been tendered. Work should start by the end of this year. The second municipality is Delmiro Gouveia and now Maragogi. The goal of all the initiatives is to become a tourist attraction, boost the economy and create jobs and income for the municipalities that have attractions. In Maragogi, the municipality has already merged and has a nice hotel park. Delmiro Gouveia is within the canyon area and also has hotel infrastructure. Pilar, despite not having a hotel chain, is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Maceió. All these cities have an influx of tourists.

Delmiro / Agriculture

In Delmiro Gouveia, in partnership with the Lagos do Sওo Francisco Project – Embrapa Semieredo, family farming is being conducted for 120 families who have benefited from the distribution of Rio de Janeiro banana seedlings. The city government is encouraging the creation of productive home yards, which have a strong economic potential, creating more business opportunities for farmers.

Delmiro / Retirement

Delmiro Gouveia’s largest musical culture promotion event took place last Saturday, May 7 at Nosa Senhora do Rosario Events Square. The return of Som Na Prasad enchanted and moved those who were in space with performances by Carla Santos and Orchestra Super Ora. The event was a special tribute to Mother’s Day. Mon Na Praka will be held monthly and will be held in different parts of the city, giving evaluation and recognition to the artists of Delmir.

Married pool

Olho d’Agua do Casado was awarded the second Alagoas Tourism Award, with the city continuing to invest heavily in tourism promotion in the municipality. The recognition strengthens the quality of work conducted since 2017, with Gesto Construindo Uma Nova Historia, promoting tourism as the best tourist destination and better access to the Sao Francisco Canyon. This is evidenced by the fact that the city of Olho d’Agua do Cassado is recognized as the “Portal dos Canyons”, as well as the vast scenery of natural beauty, a powerful adventure tour, beautiful trails and many stories, filled with cave paintings. And archaeological sites.

Misty bread

Sebrae and Pão de Açúcar participated in the Overcoming Change Resistance Course and Mentoring on May 4 at the City Hall Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. Virginia Hugh, the instructor who conducted the course. In a world where change has become a constant, a key qualification for professionals and leaders is how to effectively change mindsets and behaviors and influence third-party and organizational processes.

Foundation stone

Mother’s Day at Pillar was a wonderful day with a party that had a raffle of over 100 prizes for Pillar’s mother. State Deputy Fatima Kanuto, the mother of Mayor Renato Racend, joined the party with all the mothers. A very nice party that was marked for everyone.


During Coruripe’s Emancipation Week, the 18th Alagoas Dance Show will be held. There will be a contemporary dance workshop on the 13th and 14th and it is free. May 9 to 13, from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm. If you’re over 13, don’t miss out.

Japartinga / swimming pool

The Department of the Environment has convened a meeting to discuss the plans of Croas de Sao Bento and the alignment for the site visit. The aim is to preserve the cross and at the same time strengthen sustainable tourism in the region.

Japartinga / Environment

Secretary Paolo Sergio was also present at the meeting; Roberta Carvalho, head of APA Costa dos Coreis and ICMBO; Representative of the Maragogi Environment Department, Ruan Asioli, and the Lunch Box Association of the two municipalities.

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