Security reform Utah Kamo’i Latu has volunteered for Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. – security director Jim Leonhard did not hide the secret in the spring football that Wisconsin needed to deal with security through the changing portal this season.

Consider what has happened.

Following a state visit this week, Utah will transfer security Kamo’i Latu has volunteered to play for the Badgers in 2022.

Latu, a former UW junior high school graduate outside linebacker Nick Herbig, appeared in 14 games last season as a new man in the redshirt. He scored 19 tackles and defended three passes. Latu secured a new Pac 12 defense this week after scoring 10 weapons in a USC victory.

When the spring camp ended for the Badgers two weeks ago, they had some health protection. Only two of them – sophomore Hunter Wohler it’s great John Torchio – have a sporting experience at college level. Owen Arnett and Bruce Carey and travelers who still need to learn how to protect themselves.

The Badgers were a small defense to start the camp by the third year Preston Zachman on injured rods indiscriminately at the bottom. Then, on April 5, the fifth annual general Travian Blaylock injured his right leg. She has been in a brace / throw since then. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Some of the Badgers corners do not offer the flexibility and are able to play safely, especially the five-year-old. Alexander Smith. However, this did not keep the coordinator safe Jim Leonhard to be affiliated with the position of teaching groups.

Asked how he would deal with the content of the transfer page, Leonhard said, “I think it is really possible right now that we can look at that aspect. You are trying to balance the overall good of the team with the security. … This has been our spring break. It is not necessary to be in the next class of high school children. We talked about Austin. So, it is possible. I think we should look at it and decide if it is the right thing to do. “

Season is over, beginners Colin Wilder and Scott Nelson played a total of 1,038 players. But Torchio saw more performances – about 400 recordings – in 13 games (first three). Established high performance in the game (30), correcting losses of yards (2), entry (3) and defense (5).

Wohler spent the first half of the season in the special leagues but eventually played more defensive games (70) than those who had just finished in the group. He recorded 16 tackles, two yard jacks and a bag. He broke one ticket. Blaylock played 140 highly defensive games and made nine weapons.

Adding a player like Latu should allow Leonhard to have the deep rotation he wants.

“I like to play a lot of guys and let them play fast,” Leonhard said. “I expect them to play a major role in the special teams and to influence the game in a variety of ways. I played a lot of five guys last year. Consistently, I played four.”

UW will also bring the four-star defense of 247sports Austin Brown in June.

“The thing about Austin when you light up was body, play, running, self-confidence,” said Leonhard, who tore Brown apart from the former head coach. Bret Bielema, now in Illinois. ‘Very talented. “The more you talk to him, the more you love him. He loves to be your friend, he loves to be a leader. It’s so nice to know him a few years ago.

“You see a lot of the way he plays the game, with a real athlete, not a safe or a football player. On the field and off the field, he runs his own business. It’s amazing.”

“He’s good. He’s special.”

The three-star Latu selected Utah in Nebraska, Colorado, USC, Washington, and Oregon State on their way out of St. Louis. Louis High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. They have three years left to qualify.

Michael Hogan contributed to this.

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