Scottie Scheffler Wins Her First Masters Competition

AUGUSTA, Ga. – It would have made sense if Scottie Scheffler, who has been in good form when he climbed number 1 in men’s golf this year, felt he was not afraid in the first hour of last Sunday. Masters Tournament game. The start of the three-match series that caught the man who was chasing him, Cameron Smith, as the day began to narrow sharply with two openings.

Too bad for Scheffler, in the third hole of the par-4, he shot into the trees and failed to descend on the green tree, his ball circling backwards in a clear spot on the ground where he had placed it.

Would it take just three holes for Smith to catch Scheffler? Was the quiet, careless Scheffler about to fend for himself under duress?

Anyone who has been watching this year’s PGA Tour, the Scheffler region has been in control since February, can predict what happened next. Scheffler took a bold, aggressive line and bravely dropped the chip into the birdie hole. Smith made a bogey.

A few hours later, Scheffler, 25, challenged all challenges with the same mindset to take his first race, fleeing to win the 2022 Masters with three whips. The edge of the victory would have been much larger but thanks to the last demonstration of some nerves during the closing game of the game at 18 pitch, when Scheffler needed four putts, including three from under five feet, to close the 71st round. in his third Masters form.

Rory McIlroy, who followed Scheffler with 10 wickets in the final, finished second after eight-down-par 64. Smith and Shane Lowry tied for third, five wickets from the front.

Speaking to reporters wearing a green jacket presented to the Masters graduates, Scheffler spoke of being silent on the course during the final session but said he was “stressed” on Sunday morning.

“I cried like a baby,” she says. “I was very upset.” Scheffler added that he told his wife, Meredith, “I don’t think I’m ready to do this.”

Scheffler said he could not recall past incidents of self-doubt and said this was done because he understood how Masters’ success could mean to him. “I’ve had peace on the golf course,” he said, laughing. “Getting out of the way is difficult for me. But I did a good job keeping my mind on the game. I calmed down when I got to the golf course. ”

For Scheffler, a native of New Jersey who grew up in Texas, it was his fourth win in his last six games, an amazing victory in a game with over 130 players.

In February, Scheffler won the Phoenix Open. A few weeks later, he finished first for the Arnold Palmer Invitational and, at the end of last month, won the World Golf Championship Match Play. From the first victory, it took Scheffler only 42 days to climb at number 1.

Although he did well recently, Scheffler remained unknown to ordinary sports fans as he did not win a tour of the tour this year. But there were indications last season that Scheffler had begun to find his music on top of the men’s golf tournament. In the last three teams of the season, he finished eighth in the British Open, finished seventh at the US Open and finished eighth at the PGA Championship.

Scheffler, like Smith, is one of a new generation of golfers who are becoming more and more successful on a regular basis. The top seven golfers in the world of golf are 30 or less.

McIlroy, who has won every major golf tournament except for the Masters, is not expected to be one of Sunday’s finalists. He had broken only one of the first three parts. But with a bird in his first three holes, McIlroy suddenly looked more relaxed than he had in the last Masters game. He shot four-under-32 in his first nine holes, then roared nine backs with the birds in the 10th hole and an eagle in par-5 13, which made him reach six – just four wickets in the back to Scheffler, who. was playing several teams behind McIlroy.

McIlroy continued to exercise with three consecutive episodes but failed to make good use of the par-5 15th hole, which can often be fired twice. Instead, McIlroy settled down, a score he recovered from holes 16 and 17.

But McIlroy had a final, unexpected development. He sent his shotgun to the 18-year-old into his right-hand room, but then he raised the tip from the sand to the spot and saw the ball pass through the green path and sink into the bird’s cup.

McIlroy, who had never enjoyed the Masters last season, threw his mill into the sand and put both hands on his head.

A few minutes after McIlroy fired his shotgun, his teammate, Collin Morikawa, exploded in the accident and drowned. The two left the green space holding hands.

While McIlroy was training, Smith ran back to Scheffler with a birdie in the 11th hole which resulted in Scheffler’s lead in three strokes. The result was a large and democratic par⁇ 3 12th hole, where the race is often elected and where the race leaders for many years have seen their dreams sink into a small but dangerous water hazard.

Smith had respect for the tee, which he rode in front of Scheffler. He seemed eager to force. But Smith 9-iron disappeared at the clubface immediately and was caught in a volatile wind blowing around Amen Corner. Smith dipped his head in frustration as his golf ball slammed into Rae’s Creek in front of the green – to the right of the flag, which is where most people shoot the 12th hole in the Masters’ tough game on Sunday.

Scheffler missed the green, but he stopped his shot and jumped until 10 meters before drowning parvy par putt. Smith made a bogey triple and slipped smoothly on the board.

“Probably the worst shock of the week for me,” Smith said of his shot at the 12th hole. “And at the worst possible moment.”

Scheffler later extended his lead over Smith and McIlroy with a bird in the 14th hole set up by a spectacular shot. Then, at the par-5 15 hole, Scheffler fired his second shotgun around the pine trees to clear the pool that was in front of the green and set up the last bird.

Speaking of his problem when he put in the final hole, Scheffler took action.

“As I said, I did not stop thinking about all day long; The only time I did was was on the 18th green, “he said, smiling.” I thought I could now enjoy this. And you see what happened. “

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