Scooby met Cynthia Decker when he was married to Luana Piovani

Pedro Scooby revealed in a conversation with Arthur Aguirre and Paolo Andre on BBB22 that he met his current wife, Cynthia Decker, while he was married to Luana Piovani. He told the whole beginning of his relationship with Decker, going through seven parts of the story.

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Part 1

Surfer says the first time he saw Cynthia, he was in New York’s Times Square with Luana, when he saw his current wife on the big screen.

Part 2

Still married to Luana, he was walking on the label in Rio de Janeiro when, suddenly, he saw Cynthia leaving a building and followed her by the meter. “The way you say Brad Pitt is the most beautiful man in the world and you don’t see him anywhere in front of you. He kept walking and that was it, “said Surfer.

Part 3

Scooby revisited the model at a restaurant in New York and mentioned that she was wearing a “rocker” outfit. At this point, she was still married.

Part 4

The fourth time, they see each other at lunch with friends, and Cynthia claims that she did not greet him that day. He did, however, argue that he had seen her, but was so surprised that he did not respond.

Part 5

Already isolated from Piovani, Scooby posted a story on her Instagram about watching a movie, saying that Cynthia replied: “Man, I couldn’t believe it. It was such a distant reality. How can that woman text me? “Despite the two texting, he came back together with his ex.

Part 6

After three months with the former, Surfer got involved in some controversy and returned to New York. There, he meets Cíntia at a friend’s party. “I do not know if he is a friend. It’s been a long time, beauty. I said: ‘I’m leaving’ and he did.

The two were in a nearby apartment and the hook up was over, but the two had just become unmarried and enjoyed the moment. The couple married in 2020 and became union officials in Portugal last year.

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