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10.34: Ai 300 Holland, Japan, China

10.33: At 200 Greece, Holland, Japan, Italy

10.31: Japan, China, Greece, Italy after the first 100. Lamberti not shocking

10.29: South Korea doesn’t qualify, then the battery is gained by Singapore, which was beforehand rejected and re-approved, by 3’54 ″ 28

10.26: South Korea wins second battery by 3’47 ″ 34. Italy will quickly be in the tank for the closing warmth with the Netherlands, China, Japan and Canada

10.25: In the center of the second warmth in Korea, Singapore, Taipei

10.19: Hong Kong wins the first warmth with a time of three’54 ″ 28

10.15: The first of 4 4 × 100 hybrid batteries begins. In third Italy are Lamberti, Castiglioni, Di Liddo and Frigo

10.12: These are the semifinalists of 200 butterfly girls: McIntosh, Flickinger, Hayashi, Dekkers, Smith, Zhang, Kapas, Bath, Mata Cocco, Stephens, Connor, Pudar, Zhu, Hosszu, Polonsky, Mizuguchi

10.11: Japanese Hayashi wins third and closing warmth with 2’08 ″ 63 in entrance of Zhang and 2’09 ″ 21

10.07: Australian Dekers win second butterfly 200 and 2’08 “98 forward of American Smith and 2’09” 02, third Hungarian Kapas and 2’09 “24

10.04: Canadian McIntosh with 2’07 ″ 26 wins the first 200 butterfly battery when there isn’t any blue begin

9.59: These are the 200 semi-finalists combined: Foster, Kalisz, Desplanches, Seto, Polonsky, Kos, Sates, Razzetti, Marchand, Clareburt, Cohen Groumi, Lee, Torok, Dean, Wang, Gonzalez

9.58: The Japanese set closes with 1’58 “29 profitable the final battery, in accordance with the South African Sates with 1’58” 60, the third French Marchand and 1’58 “71

9.54: Swiss Desplanches win first temperature by 1’58 “29, second place Hungarian Kos by 1’58” 47, third in Australia Clareburt by 1’58 “76. Razzetti is already in the semifinals

9.50: Razzetti directs the third temperature. He is fourth with 1’58 “70, American Foster first with 1’57” 94, second American Kalisz with 1’58225, third place for Israel Polonsky with 1’58 “31

9.47: Singapore consultant Ang to win second temperature by 2’02 ″ 94. Now Razzetti in third battery

9.44: The first 200 combined temperatures go to the Samoan consultant with 2’08 ″ 95. They thwarted the Bolivian-winning Nonez del Prado of Bolivia

9.41: We begin with the warmth of 200 combined males. In the third of the 5 episodes there’s the Razzetti: profitable the semifinal and utilizing little or no energy.

9.38: These are 100 freestyle semifinalists: Popovici, Dressel, Barna, Liendo Edwards, Grousset, Pan, Whittle, Zazzeri, Nemeth, Curry, Schreuders, Carter, Szabo, Burras, Gaziev, Miressi

9.37: Dressel wins battery with 47 “95, second Grousset with 48” 17, third pan with 48 “19

9.36: Mressi is ready to declare {qualifications} by the sixth time period

9.34. The essential present of Romanian Popovici who closes is 47 “60, right-handed, second place for the Serbian Barna with 48” 15, third place for Canadian Liendo Edwards with 48 “16, fourth-placed Zazzer already in the semifinal with 48.” 29, which is his character

9.31: Not final yr’s Miressi. Overflowing, the blue isn’t very shiny and the third is 48 ″ 51. Curry wins in 48 “38, Burras second in 48” 49

9.29: The finest time for the Aruba Schreuders consultant who wins the seventh temperature is 48 ″ 40 and could possibly be sufficient to win the spherical. Now Alessandro Miressi

9.26: Uzbek Tarasenko wins the seventh battery by 49 ″ 35

9.25: Crooks wins the sixth battery with an excellent 48 ″ 79 which makes him a long-term controller

9.22: Georgian Kamashvili wins the fifth 51 battery 51 49 ndikup and above the rating

9.19: The Nigerian ebingha with 51 ″ 53 wins the fourth of 100 batteries and goes on a short lived charging rule.

9.16: Al Bawwab of Palestine with 53 ″ 46 wins the third battery

9.15: 100 second batch wins Hoost from Suriname with 52 ″ 95

9.13: The first temperature of 100 male freestyle travels to Mongolia Batbayar is 52 ″ 95

9.12: Heat 100 males freestyle begins. There is 11: third from Mressi final, in final Zazzer

9.09: This is an inventory of fifty backstrokes semifinalists: Masse, Berkoff, Wilm, Smith, Pigree, Harris, Scalia, McKeown, Chen, De Waard, Jallow, Drakou, Toussaint, Kubova, lee, Peda

9.08: Canadian Masse will get the finest time with 27 “26 and win the final warmth, once more Canadian Wilm with 27” 55, third Chinese Chen with 27 “95. Silvia Scalia in the semifinal and seventh time

9.05: Silvia Scalia is a well-rounded crew with an Italian yok 27 ″ 86 incomes her third place and qualifying for the semifinals. First American Berkoff is 27 “49, second American Smith is 27” 70

9.03: French Pigree with 27 “75 wins second battery forward of Britain Harris with 27” 83, Australian McKeown third with 27 “94. Now Silvia Scalia

9.01: The first 50 rear battery goes to Bahrain consultant Yusuf Abdullah in 31 ″ 38

8.58: We begin with batteries for 50 feminine backstrokes

8.55: A mixture of co-founders who will attempt to win the newest releases: Lamberti, Castiglioni, Di Liddo and Frigo.

8.53: There shall be no blue at the starting of the 200 butterfly batteries.

8.51: Alberto Razzetti has tried to qualify for the 200 medley closing however the 200 butterfly closing, which he’s making ready for this afternoon, might trigger him some issues.

8.49: Walking in the freestyle 100 begins with Alessandro Miressi, who didn’t seem like in the finest place in the setting of the freestyle race, and Lorenzo Zazzeri, in good kind, nevertheless, in the established class.

8.47: Morning from 9 we begin with a battery of fifty backstrokes the place Silvia Scalia has what it takes to strive and combat her first world title, she will definitely not have an issue profitable the first spherical and returning to the competitors. semifinal in the night.

8.44: In the night, up to now, the final 5 locations have been gained by the Azzurri: Paltrinieri and Detti in the 800, Martinenghi and Cerasuolo in the 50 breaststroke and Razzetti in the 200 butterfly.

8.41: After the day of the new data however in the custom of the Italian recreation, Italy in the pool doesn’t wish to surrender and as we speak one other full day is making ready for the Azzurri tour in Budapest.

8.38: Good morning to pals of OA Sport and welcome to the launch of the fourth day of the 2022 World Championships at the Duna Arena in Budapest

Program, Plans, TV and streaming June 21 at the World Swimming Championships in BudapestThe hottest competitors for girlsMen’s race lovers – Budapest World Cup program – Italy medal hopes in Budapest – Day three historical past – 3 day report playing cards – Budapest 2022 World Cup – Fourth day present – All world champions Italy – For Italy, the world swimming energy, the Martinenghi, Ceccon and Pilate season has begun – Benedetta Pilate: lastly 100 breaststroke! – Thomas Ceccon: the dedication of the hero

Greetings and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the fourth day of the 2022 World Championships at Duna Arena in Budapest. It goes on beneath the banner of blue success The first main occasion of the yr, 2022, which guarantees to be crammed with worldwide swimming occasions and once more the Italian crew proves itself amongst the finest identified on the world stage with many prestigious outcomes and a second place end at the medal desk.

It begins at 9.00 in Italy and the fourth morning of the warmth: in the 50’s Silvia Scalia has the assets to check the final future of her first nation, can have no downside passing the first half and returning to the semi-final in the afternoon. Alessandro Miressi’s journey into 100 freestyle begins, didn’t look good in setting the velocity of the freestyle relay, and Lorenzo Zazzeri, on the different hand, has an excellent look in the established class. Alberto Razzetti has tried to qualify for the 200 medley however the final butterfly 200 would trigger a number of bother for him, when there shall be no blue at the starting of the 200 butterfly batteries.

The night is ready The finalists of the 800 freestyle males are Paltrinieri and Detti who will attempt to give the encore of the stunning double platform of 2017 however the competitors is increased degree with Romanchuk, Finke and Wellbrock.. Also in search of Nicolò Martinenghi at the finish of the 50 breaststroke. The Varese participant is their favourite however ought to hearken to skilled Michael Andrew, of America Fink. Finally there’s Simone Cerasuolo, in her first World Championship Competition and at the identical time amongst the high eight winners in the quickest breaststroke competitors. Finally, there’s Alberto Razzetti at the begin of a difficult 200-butterfly competitors, on paper there’s a silver medal behind the beloved Hungarian Milaki.

Italy would additionally be capable to participate in the medal-fighting battle in the 4 × 100 combine the place you must discover the second contestant lady. Martinenghi in the breaststroke, Ceccon in the again and Di Liddo in the butterfly could possibly be three qualifiers however Italy is not freestyle Pellegrini and there’s a danger of a closing entry, which is why it will likely be as much as trainer Butini to discover a clear reply bringing the Azzurri nearer to the podium. Anati, in opposition to Australia, USA and Great Britain, it is rather troublesome to take care of this exception and to concentrate to China, Japan and Holland. The closing for 200 freestyle girls: has been chosen to switch Federica Pellegrini who has been a world champion since 2017. No Ledecky, Haughey and Titmus, Oleksiak unfit, something can occur.

OA Sport presents it to you Stay Live on the fourth day of the 2022 World Championships in an extended swim at the Duna Arena in Budapest: real-time information and frequent updates. It begins at 9.00 with a temperature and extends past 18.00 and the semifinals are closing. Good enjoyable!

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