SC has four infants and three infants waiting for ICU beds; View by region

Santa Catarina has four infants and three infants waiting for a spot in an ICU mattress (intensive care unit), which was up to date this Tuesday afternoon (21). Another 13 sufferers are waiting within the grownup ICU.

State plans to activate 17 beds in June – Photo: Martha Dominguez de Gauvia / Unsplash / ND

According to the SES (Secretary of State for Health), 20 individuals from Santa Catarina are nonetheless looking for particular care within the public ICU. For the neonatal unit solely sufferers are thought-about, one attributable to shortness of breath and the opposite three attributable to different illnesses.

Also, in keeping with the state authorities, the three sufferers waiting for a spot within the pediatric ICU have respiratory issues and are from south of Santa Catarina.

Again, the queue of areas within the models for the remedy of adults is the longest, as a result of want for particular companies for 5 respiratory issues and eight different illnesses.

View by region:

According to the SUS ICU Bed Panel up to date this Tuesday at 11 a.m., Santa Catarina has 1,022 occupied models, or 96.17% of the lively ones. Thus, solely 41 new sufferers can obtain free.

Considering the neonatal unit solely, 5 areas have 100% occupancy. In the state scenario, solely 5 out of 178 can be found, i.e. 97.19% occupancy.

Regarding pediatric beds, solely three of the 96 lively ones are present in Santa Catarina. For grownup care, the Santa Catarina public community has 789 lively ICU beds, however solely 33 can be found.

See ICU mattress occupancy by region

Macro-area occupancy rate of ICU beds in SC Photo: SES / Reproduction / NDMacro-area ICU mattress occupancy charge in SC – Photo: SES / Reprodução / ND

The SES clarifies that the occupancy charge indicator is “decrease than the precise occupancy charge as a result of affected person’s turnover and dashboard replace time. If left unattended, a mattress will likely be listed as briefly obtainable despite the fact that it’s already reserved for the affected person.”

The SC plans to activate 17 new beds by the top of June

Santa Catarina has activated six neonatal ICU beds, eight pediatric intermediate care beds and six pediatrics because the starting of June.

ICUs have been included within the following models:

  • Joanna de Gusmao Children’s Hospital, Florianopolis: A new child mattress, eight pediatric intermediate care;
  • Helio dos Anjos Artis Hospital in Curitibans: Five newborns;
  • Little Angel Hospital, Itazai: Six pediatric ICU beds.

“These are solely the primary of 82 beds supplied for infants and newborns, which will likely be a part of a single healthcare care,” he concluded the folder with a observe.

In addition, Florianopolis Hospital has 10 extra new grownup ICU beds and 17 infirmary beds.

Because of the ability, the state authorities says it’s investing in buying models obtainable on the personal community, which is “additionally beneath stress attributable to demand, help.”

Contact with ND +The SES stated it plans to put in 17 new pediatric and neonatal beds by the top of June. See the place:

  • Hospital Azambuzha, Bruske: 10 from neonatal ICU and two from pediatric ICU;
  • Hospital Seyra do Bem, Legges: Five from the pediatric ICU.

In addition to the 17 ICUs for June, the state authorities introduced, this Tuesday, plans to open 50 extra models for the month of July within the following models:

  • Jaraguá do Sul Hospitals and Obstetrics: Six from pediatric ICU;
  • Hospital Governor Celso Ramos, Florianopolis: Four grownup ICUs;
  • Ararangua Regional Hospital: Five from the neonatal ICU;
  • Carmella Dutra Hospital and Maternity, Florianopolis: Three intermediate kangaroo beds;
  • Jessar Amarante Faria Children’s Hospital, Joynville: Ten from the pediatric ICU;
  • Alto Valley Regional Hospital, Rio do Sule: Four from the neonatal ICU;
  • At the Hospital Matarno Infantile Santa Catarina, Crisuma: Including 7 from neonatal ICU;
  • St. Joseph Regional Hospital: Ten from neonatal ICU and one from grownup ICU.


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