“Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy children”

In an interview, Isildinha Muradas, author of the book “The Devil Wants to Steal, Kill and Destroy Children” by editors Muradas, teaches how to protect children from evil.

By Victor Rodriguez

In relation to the truth, there is an observation that no one doubts is completely true: the devil invests 24 hours a day on children throughout the year to win them over for themselves.

And to achieve his goal, he sought to destroy family ties and control children’s education. And there are no more camouflage or introverts, because “dirty work” is done in open spaces inside schools, homes and even churches.

To help stop this progression of darkness, pediatric dentist and educator Isildinha Muradas wrote 15 chapters that deal with the tactics that Satan has used to destroy children and adolescents. In addition, how the church can deliver these little ones both spiritually and socially.

Isildinha Muradas, author of “Satan Wants to Steal, Kill, and Destroy Children,” has spoken exclusively with the commune and elaborated on the new book by former minister Damaris Alves’ spokesman. Check out!

Communion – How and when did you start your life for children and for the kingdom of God?
I was not born into a missionary home, but at the age of nine, I had the privilege of knowing and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, when a neighbor, Donna Carmelita, took me to church, to whom I dedicated my book. To see and feel a transformation happening inside my home, I always thought it was important to invest in the spiritual life of children. Therefore, since I was a teenager I have been working with the children in the church.

However, as soon as I got married, as soon as I became a mother, I began to study deeply all the Bible texts that refer to the children, and I began to take the church’s childhood ministry more seriously, realizing that it was his responsibility to take good care of her. The most valuable in the family: children. There is no way to change society without investing in children.

When did you realize that the need to write a book on “childcare” was so present?
For some time I have noticed that society is in a state of unbridled decline in values ​​and policies. Unfortunately, we have seen that sin is being institutionalized through public policy run by minorities, with the ultimate goal of destroying the family and Christianity. And, unfortunately, even Christian churches and families adhere to irrational ideas and, without realizing it, are contributing to Satan to destroy the lives of their own children.

In this context, God inspired me to write this book as a way of contributing to my family and the church to be vigilant and to oppose this evil ideology that has distorted our society and even deceived Christians. And the biggest victims, undoubtedly, are children.

What are the main themes in addressing the work?
In Chapter 2, for example, I present 13 strategies that Satan employs to steal, kill, and destroy children. Another issue I deal with is the lack of parental authority, which ultimately paves the way for Satan to bring them down.

In some chapters I work on the restoration of the Ministry of Children, an important arm of the Church in the protection of children. I have even taught how this ministry should work not only inside the church, but also outside, reaching out to many more children. And finally, I work on a number of issues related to the Children and Adolescents’ Statute, the ECA, and how it can be used to protect our children. We must protect our children with the Bible in one hand and the law in the other.

The book deals with spiritual warfare and childhood. How to use the right weapon in this fight?
What has destroyed the society is not the lack of prayer, but the lack of attitude of the believers! In addition to praying, parents must prepare themselves wisely for education, discipline, discipline, treating children as children, and, above all, for living what they teach. Should parents teach Bible principles and pray with and for their children? Yes, of course you have to, but you have to protect them and teach them how to protect themselves.

Churches should raise these issues further with their members and cannot discuss biblical values ​​and principles that protect the family. Priests and leaders need to understand that the Ministry with Children is an organization for training strong and healthy leaders, not just a place where children are entertained so that adults can worship in peace.

The gap between generation, parents and children is a big problem today. Can you talk a little bit about that?
Lack of ownership is one of the major problems facing children and adolescents today. They are teenagers who think they are useless because they do not have a pre-established job to fill at home. In fact, some families still have at least one meal on the table, without cell phones, talking, planning, praying together. To make matters worse, in churches, we separate all children and adolescents by age in all meetings. In other words, the generation is no longer in the church. How do you build love, respect, and appreciation for your elders, and how do you receive their knowledge? Therefore, one of Satan’s 13 strategies that I mentioned in the book is to separate family members, including the church.

Isildinha Muradas’s book “The Devil wants to kill, steal and destroy our children”. Photo: Reproduction

How and when did you and Damares Alves, the book’s spokesperson, connect for this very pertinent reason?
I met the minister when he was still an adviser to Senator Magno Malta. Since then, I have begun to follow in his footsteps and I have truly identified with his struggles and goals, which began to give a voice to all of us who love, protect and protect children. Since I started writing the book, I had no doubt that he would be the right person for the role. Minister Damares treated me with the utmost care and attention and kindly accepted the invitation by presenting me with a very rich role. I am very grateful to him.

Is this a specific book? Is it over?
By no means. We are only at the beginning of this fight for our children, because our children will have children, who will have children… and the devil, as I said, will not stop hurting us and inventing new tactics. When he encounters obstacles on one side, he tries to enter through another door. So, we must always be careful. In my discourse, I have taught many parents, teachers, pastors and children’s leaders to fight against Satan’s tactics. Therefore, I challenge all parents, teachers, priests and leaders to buy my book so that they can arm themselves against the devil who has come to steal, kill and destroy our children.

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