Sao Paulo for Kids – Motherhood as it is: 10 celebrities who really showed what it means to be a mother

Life Mothers Artists are not a fairy tale because they are famous, as we can believe. Proof of this is the various publications that many of them have already made on Instagram, showing the reality – often challenging – for those who have children at home.

Conference 10 famous Who have shared stories of their resentment and true motherhood with their social media followers. You’ll probably get to know one of them if you’re a mom too!

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1- Samara Felipo

The actress, who is the mother of Alicia, 11, and Lara, 7, said on Instagram that she was unable to breastfeed her youngest because her milk had dried up.

On a very explicit account, she reveals that she went through difficult times right after the birth of her daughter, as she was separated from her then-husband, basketball player Leandrinho, in the midst of maternity challenges.

With this, Samara entered into a postpartum depression, which resulted in a strong change in her body.

“I have read and heard reports of postpartum depression much deeper than I had, so I can say that I found Lara unharmed without being able to breastfeed. She only breastfed for 1 month. My frustration at not being able to produce milk helped me to produce more. My chest is starting to dry up and if a drop comes out it will already be beneficial, ”he said.

At the end of the message, the actress did not fail to send messages of support to other women who are having difficulty in motherhood.

“Mothers, breastfeeding is very important and a bond for your baby, but if you can’t, do what you want !!!” Try and inform yourself about natural childbirth, try not to resort to an unnecessary cesarean, but if you can’t, do whatever you want! Don’t feel guilty, we will have a lot of ‘crime’ in front of us. “

2- Mariana Bridi

Married to actor Rafael Cardoso and Aurora and Valentim, mothers of six- and two-year-olds, the influencer took some unusual measures to be able to take a yoga class without being interrupted by the little ones.

With the whole family at home due to the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, Mariana decides to hide and lock herself in a room in her home to get a moment of rest.

“Hide in the warehouse so I can take the whole yoga class without interrupting the kids!”, He wrote in a post showing the “secret” location.

3- Jazz Charton

The former model lived in a very common scene for many women who are still breastfeeding, but in a very unexpected place: inside the bathroom where the 2020 Golden Globe was held in Los Angeles.

In a post on Instagram, actor Kieran Kulkin’s wife showed netizens that she had to leave the audience at the awards to get milk from her breasts. In the shared photo, Jazz is sitting in a reserved place at the event venue, pumping and gripping breast milk with the help of a pump.

“How I really spent most of the night,” she said in the publication’s caption, following the hashtags “Pumping” and “Mother’s Life” in English.

4- Gisele ETE

For the first time, the actress is using social media extensively to share her motherhood discoveries with her followers.

In March 2020, when Pedro Luna was still a newborn, he shared a photo that introduced him to many other mothers.

In front of a mirror, Giselle was seen holding the baby in her lap and defecating all the leaks with diapers.

“Clockwise massage on his little belly and a small bicycle with his feet … Just this morning, he was finally able to get out the long awaited mustard-colored stool. I never wanted to defecate so much, “he said in the caption.

In addition, the actress still showed her postpartum belly and continued the lesson of talking about her appearance after motherhood. Gisele reveals that, for a few moments, she didn’t even recognize herself in the mirror, but reveals that everything is precious to her son.

5- Rafa Brits

The presenter, the mother of three-year-old Rocco, has already shared with her Instagram followers a number of well-known “perengus” by her mother: from the rage in the mall to the lack of privacy when going to the bathroom.

With a photo of her sitting on the toilet and holding her son in her arms, the journalist described the situation in the caption of the post.

“What strikes me most about this photo is not even Rocco. It’s Felipe going to the bathroom, smiling at me and taking this picture! Where is the privacy, man? The word says it all, privacy! I swear, I need to know if this only happens in my house, “he wrote.

The other day, Rafa shared another moment that many women must have lived with their children when the bathroom walls of her home were shown written with a marker.

To stop it, Rocco even throws some of his mother’s pens into the toilet.

6- Thaime

The singer also went through situations like Rafa Brits while trying to have a moment of privacy in the bathroom.

In the video he shared on Instagram, his one-year-old daughter Liz appears at the door and calls her mother. Thaime then talks about the difficulty of doing his business without the little one with him.

“People. That’s motherhood. You look at that once in the bathroom. Look at it here!”

7- TT Mুলller

For the first time, another mother who made a point of showing the difficult moments of motherhood, shared a photo taken by her husband, musician Thomas Bartoni, while sleeping on the sofa at Titi’s house.

In addition to the brief moments of rest during breastfeeding little Benjamin, what draws attention to the figure is the position of the presenter, completely spread across the sofa, showing a certain fatigue.

8- Katy Perry

A few days after giving birth to her first daughter, Daisy, in August 2020, the singer posted a record on Instagram in the style of the best real motherhood, which presents what many mothers feel in their first weeks with the baby.

In the photo, Katie shows off her postpartum panties and nursing bra, as well as her body which was still in the process of being transformed. And, even tired, the artist did not leave the good mood aside while doing a joke about his production.

“For hair and makeup: fatigue,” she writes, mimicking the credit given to beauty professionals on the day of the event.

9- Adriana Sant’ana

The mother of the former BBB and younger Rodrigo and Linder, aged four and two, drew attention several times on Instagram, showing the real situation of motherhood.

In 2016, after she struggled to breastfeed her firstborn, she posted a picture of her milk-soaked bra

“Have I been able to increase my milk production in 2 days? Give him Drianinha, ”he wrote at the time.

In 2019, she used good humor to pay tribute to Mother’s Day, proving that mothers with young children never have privacy again.

10- Fernanda Gentil

With her high spirits, Fernanda Gentil entertains her followers with the lightness of the inconsistencies of being a mother, but does not hide the B aspect of motherhood.

The mother of two children, the eldest is Lucas, Godson whom she has raised as a son and who is already a good man. The most ridiculous situation happens even with the youngest Gabriel.

In a video posted on her Instagram, the Globo presenter joked about how easy it is to schedule meetings, working from home with young children. Gabrielle partying!

Elsewhere, Fernanda made a joke, showing how it feels to spend so much time at home with her son.

The family-made video shows Serelep’s son climbing the wall.

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