Sao Paulo for children – the hero in pajamas! “PJ Mask and An Adventure in Space” Shopping Will Occupy Villalobs

Hello kids, be one Superhero You don’t need a cape or supernatural powers, just wear one Pajamas. That’s right! You didn’t get it wrong, you know why?

Oh Shopping VillaLobos Will get in days June 23 and August 7Attraction “PJ Mask and a Space Adventure”, Inviting the little ones to play as if they were in an episode of the cartoon. Tickets are on sale now Simple And costs in between BRL 20.00 and BRL 50.00.

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Fun inside!

At school, PJ masks hear from their teacher that the stars are disappearing and the city is in danger. It’s time to spring into the action of the heroes!

In a circuit divided into ten stations and with six interactive experiences, the kids will have to discover some clues of the villain with the boy-cat, Aulet and Gecko that they are stealing from the sky and will help the city to regain its balance. .

Also, children can indulge in games that demonstrate the skills of the PJ mask, sit in the seat of the HQ rocket, ignore the ground in front of a backlit panel, create them with clapping, among other fun and interactive activities.

Ticket sales

Lasts about 10 minutes, session “PJ Mask and a Space Adventure” Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm; And Sundays, from 12:00 to 20:00. Income value- Buy yours here – is:

  • Children – BRL 50.00;
  • Children with adults- BRL 25.00;
  • Children – Villalobos Relationship Program – Section 1 – BRL 40.00;
  • Children – Villalobos Relationship Program – Section 2 – BRL 30.00,
  • Children – Villalobos Relationship Program – Section 3 – BRL 20.00.

Do you have half the price?

Yes! Check out the K entitles below Half-price tickets:

  • Student – with valid proof;
  • Adults – adults 60 years of age or older;
  • PCD – with valid proof. If support is needed for the movement of the PCD, the benefit of half the price extends to their partner;
  • Low-income youth (young people between the ages of 15 and 29 are enrolled in a single registry for the federal government’s social program – Cadinico);
  • Heads of teachers, directors, educational coordinators, supervisors and school support staff in the state and municipal public education systems – with valid evidence,
  • Autistic Spectrum – Valid Proof – Half Value Benefit Applies to Your Partner.

Important: When purchasing tickets online, you do not need to provide half-price documents or details of its beneficiaries, but documents will be required within the validity date. Access to the exhibition.

Important information about “PJ Mask and a Space Adventure”!

  • Children up to 1 year and 11 months free;
  • Children aged 0 to 13 and 11 months are only allowed to go with their parents or guardians;
  • Once purchased, the ticket is unique and non-transferable;
  • Maximum time spent in space is 30 minutes;
  • Children must be monitored on site by a parent;
  • The organizers are responsible for personal belongings;
  • No food, drink or sweets;
  • Under current law, 40% quota will be provided for half-price tickets,
  • Participants are responsible for any accidents that may occur while participating in the attraction without following the monitor’s instructions.

Shopping VillaLobos Provides a different experience with shopping options and convenience and practicality

সুযোগ Take the opportunity to complement your trip with other attractions that exist there! Check out these tips:

To play with
For kids to have fun, StartArte is an exclusive unit of entertainment space that provides a deep connection to art and culture for children through recreational activities, fun games and workshops that work with self-knowledge and self-esteem. 0 to 12 years old.

Are you hungry?
Food Courts offers a variety of options, such as Rascal, ICI Brasserie, Cortes, Cabana Burger, J1 Sakamoto, Burger King, McDonald’s, Spoleto and Dominos, Food Emporium and more.

Dessert? She can!
Hmmm … no kid likes sweets after lunch or dinner, right? Casa Bauducco, Kopenhagen, Ofner and many more are always great options to sweeten the day!

Shopping tips for those who have kids
The pants were too short, the sneakers were a hole, cousin’s gift, school supplies, fu! Some shops that solve life:

    • Clothing and footwear for children and adolescents: Complete blend of brands like Lace & Hair, Zara with more than 2,100 m² units, Hering, BB Basic, Cia Marítima, Fábula, Green, Crocs. Hawaiianas, magic feet, outer shoes.
    • Toys: Re Happy, Justras and Lego.
    • St. March Supermarket: Has reached Shopping Villa Lobos New idea store at St. March Supermarket. It is located on the 1st floor next to Cortes Restaurant.

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