Sao Paulo for Children – Ibirapuera at the Park: MAM Sao Paulo has free activities that combine play and learning for the month of May.

Want to take the kids on an educational tour full of games and workshops? Because then you can separate the agenda Sao Paulo Museum of Modern ArtWhatever it is Park of IbirapuMay is full of free and entertaining activities for children.

The program includes personal and online events within days May 7 and 29With special emphasis World Game WeekWhich is full of events focusing on the little ones.

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MAM World Play Week programming in Sao Paulo

05/14 (Saturday), 3:00 pm – MAM Family – Flying Dragons with Educational MAM

  • Face-to-face activities, for 3-year-olds, with their parents;
  • Create and build a toy inspired by oriental mythology about dragons. Elements such as wire, strings and crepe paper form the basis of the artistically crafted dragon. Also with different inspiration, different materials are used to customize the toy. At the end of the workshop, a parade is proposed through the marquee or sculpture garden so that the dragon is flying,
  • Register 30 minutes in advance with MAM Educativo at the MAM reception.

05/15 (Sunday), 3pm – Sunday MAM – Physical Memories with Pamela Amy

Corpo Memória is a physical and rhythmic experience aimed at children and adolescents, but it can be done together with the participation of adults.

The proposal works on motor combinations with songs, games, songs and stories based on Brazilian, Afro-Brazilian and African dances, such as Ciranda, Coco, Maracatu, etc. Free, face-to-face activity, without prior registration.

05/21 (Saturday), 3pm – MAM Family – Indigenous Playing Experience, with Anderson Carrie Bayer

This is the time to play and feel the indigenous culture through games brought to this moment of being a child regardless of age.

Using nature’s raw materials, traditional Tucson language, Brazilian animal names, graphics, a jaguar catch and creative imagination using Iwate, a quick trip to the Amazon, among other games.

The activity is private, for 3-year-olds, with their parents. The MAM reception can be entered 30 minutes in advance with MAM Educativo.

05/22 (Sunday), 3pm – Sunday MAM – MENINA-PASARA: Flight of the Deaf Girl in search of her place, show with Grupo Êba in Portuguese and Libras

A bird girl was born. No wings, no beak, no feathers. It does not fly away, it remains silent in its corner. Unlike everyone else, he sets out in search of a place that is his own, a name that identifies with him and his language. In its course, it finds several endangered birds, unique, different. And he, is it a bird?

Inspired by the book “O Cry da Gaivota” by French deaf author Emmanuel Labouritt, the Eba Group has created this adventure, where sound and silent dialogue create a humorous moment, full of games, sound and visual resources for those who listen to them. And also with the eyes.

The activity is private and free, no prior registration is required.

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05/27 (Friday), 10:30 am – MAM Family – Maternal Dance for Mother, Dad and Lap and Crawling Babies with Tatiana Tardioli

In maternal dances for mothers, fathers and children, children play and explore their physical potential freely as adults, close, stretch and warm up.

Throughout the experience, we combine floor and cuddle moments, in a humorous way, to explore children’s new interests and abilities and to explore opportunities for their curiosity to interact with parents and responsible adults, with other children and with them. Various materials for play and dance.

It is recommended to use charger (sling, wrap, etc.), some will be available for borrowing. Face-to-face activity, for children 1 to 15 months, with their parents. Register 30 minutes in advance with MAM Educativo at the MAM reception.

05/28 (Saturday), 15:00 – MAM Family – Poetry Music Journey to Sculpture Garden with Grupo Sementeira

A playground through the MAM Sculpture Garden, offering poetry-music to interact with the work of the Open-Air Museum. The sculpture garden is the most accessible and interesting exhibition for the most diverse visitors. Singing jokes and various word art will be explored.

Personal activity, for children and infants of all ages, with responsible persons.

05/29 (Sunday), 11am and 2:30 pm – Sunday MAM – Music Performance with Grupo Cementiera

In this presentation in Marquee, Grupo Cementiera invites the public to meet and communicate through Brazilian music and rhythm. In this special structure, with violin, violin and cello playing and vocal sounds, which are inspired by the elements present in the landscape surrounding the museum.

Free face-to-face activity, no prior registration required.

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