Sao Jose has an entertainment and inclusion system for autistic children

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In another step towards inclusion in Autism Sensitivity and Awareness Month, the City Hall of Dos Campos in Sao Jose hosted a morning of entertainment for children at the Eastern Cross (Reference Center for Social Assistance) Eugenio de Mello this week. The activities were preached to the residents of the area around the city.

On the morning of the entertainment, family members of the children were able to update the data at CadÚnico (Cadastro Único), receive information about Ciptea (identification card for people with ASD) and have access to the social support services provided by City Hall. .

Similar inclusions will be made to cross units in other regions in the coming months.

The morning of the entertainment and the inclusion attracted the children of the East


This week’s action is part of the Autism Awareness and Awareness Campaign, launched on April 2, with the theme “Autistic space everywhere. #SOMOSTODOSRESPECTRO”.

Throughout this year, inclusive work will be carried out in all areas of the city, while educational materials will always be distributed with the hashtag #SOMOSTODOSRESPECTRO with explanations of the subject.

Locations will have a pin, which will travel through various points in Sওo Jos, including malls, squares and parks, as landmarks for promotions.

The goal is for citizens to follow the PIN wherever they are and share autism everywhere The goal of the movement is to encourage the people of Sao Paulo to understand and welcome autistic people by guaranteeing equality, respect and citizenship.

Families had access to the municipality’s social support services


City Hall has taken increasingly intense initiatives to improve the lives of autistic people and their families.

In 2019, the RIA (Autistic Inclusion Network) was created to tailor, identify, monitor and include every citizen diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) in public services, according to the needs of each citizen.

Since then, the number of autistic people included in the network has been increasing, the expansion of care has been taking place and providing extensive support to families.

The total number of autistic people who are part of the RIA is 100% attended and monitored by the Basic Health Unit (UBS solution).

In other health services, they may rely on mental health care, interaction with speech therapists and occupational therapists in the rehabilitation unit, as well as care in the health specialty unit.

Another breakthrough was achieved in 2021, with the distribution of Ciptea (identification cards for people with ASD). The document is another tool of social inclusion to facilitate the identification of these individuals.

Wallets can be requested through digital registration on the City Hall website or in the Prefbook app available on the mobile app store. It is also possible to obtain a printed version, which is given to families in their home.

The autism campaign continues until the end of the year


In Sao Jose, people with ASD are treated in public health care systems. The purpose is to facilitate their identification in all public units and stores, among other places.

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder, and the diagnosis is clinical. According to the Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), ASD is classified as mild, moderate and severe.

Symptoms include a persistent lack of communication and social interaction, repetitive patterns, and limited interest in behavior and activities, which limit social and emotional functioning.

Through RIA, São José operates an integrated service that allows patient follow-up and monitoring for social and labor market inclusion, re-socialization, health promotion, psychosocial support and rehabilitation.

The purpose is to provide extensive support to families through lectures and seminars.

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