Santarém – Operation Smile begins to care for children with chapped lips and palate

This Sunday, 8, the call for repair surgery at the Escola Municipal de Encino Fundamental Fluminense began. Operacao Soriso organized the event in partnership with the Santarem Municipality through the Municipal Health Department (SEMSA) and the Child Health Reference Center. About 100 families are expected to attend, and more than 50 children have cracked lips and palate.

The first stage of care is screening, which is carried out by the Child Health Reference Center. Then, on May 9, the map and the surgery center will be merged (definition of patients who will be operated on and on what day). The surgeries will be performed at Sagarda Family Hospital and Maternity Hospital, Between 10 and 14 May.

Guilherme Wieczorek, Communications Coordinator for Operação Sorriso, emphasizes the importance of childhood surgery. “A child who is not operated on at the right age suffers from malnutrition, there are also children who suffer from malnutrition due to cracks. The child’s speech and development are also affected, as many of these children have a tendency to stay away from school, making it difficult for them to read and write. Also, people with cracked lips and palate suffer from a lot of superstition. So, our job is to bring health and quality of life through surgery, to create a smile, ”he stressed.

Davy Nascimento joined the first mission of Operation Smile when he was just 7 months old. Today she is 16 years old and has had the impact of surgery on her life. “I had a palate operation in 2007. This surgery changed my life completely, because when I was a child and my mother used to feed me, because I didn’t have a roof over my mouth, food came out through my nose. So, surgery has made for me not only a good aesthetic, but also a better quality of life. And I was able, in a way, to fit into society, because like it or not, a child born with this condition suffers from an inferiority complex, feeling different and incompetent. Operation Smile protects our self-esteem and shows that we are equal, our lives become lighter and more comfortable through surgery, ”he concluded.

Thanks to Folder Manager, Vania Portella, Tim and all the work done. “We are very happy to host Operação Sorriso again, an organization that has changed the lives of many children. We know this is not just surgery, it is a dream come true. Through a lot of effort, a lot of partnership, a multi-professional team that will guarantee a smile for these kids and make it possible for a quality of life. The baby’s home follows the pre- and post-operation period, which makes us proud, “he declared.

Operation Smile:

To give a new smile and change the lives of children Operação Sorriso, a non-profit medical organization that aims to provide free consultation and surgery for people born with cracks in the mouth, such as cleft lip and palate. The company was founded in 1982 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, and operates missions around the world.

In 2022, the organization turns 15 years in the city of Santarem. Work began in 2007 and since then, 2,173 families have been assisted and 899 have undergone surgery. “We are at the forefront of treating chapped lips and palate in Santarem. Even after so many years we still see huge demand in this region. In this mission in particular, we are going to get 900 patients, this sign is very important for us, “explained Cristina Muracco, executive director of a Brazilian NGO.

Operação Sorriso Brasil has volunteers in a variety of fields, including plastic surgeons, speech therapists, dentists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, psychologists and social workers. In addition to surgical care, the patient is also followed up after surgery, especially by a speech therapist and dentist.

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