S ব্লo Paulo street blocks gather in the center and west for little publicity parades, from children to the elderly. Carnival 2022 in Sao Paulo

This Thursday (21) in Sao Paulo, the carnival blocks of the street paraded for the Tiradentes holiday Different audienceWith revelers of all ages, but focused Central and western regions. Without logical support from City Hall, the presentations were and were originally disseminated through social networks. The structure is smaller than other years.

According to a survey TV Globo, At least ten blocks met this Thursday, in the western region of Paradiges, Pompeii, Pinheiros, Agua Branca and Barra Fanda, and in the central part of the capital, Bixiga.

There were techniques used by many of them Not announcing concentration address in advance So that a large number of visitors are not attracted. Many organizers were forced to keep their plans secret because of fears that the earlier revelations would provoke repression by the military police or the Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM).

The city government, however, has announced it There are no guidelines for cracking down on blocks. Today, Wednesday (20) the city’s cultural affairs secretary Understand that there will be no need to stop traffic Because the blocks that have to go on the road will not occupy the central lanes with heavy traffic. Today is Thursday (21) Most blocks choose spaces like squares And did not go out in the procession.

After controversy and anticipation, the block took to the streets of the capital this holiday season

In a note, the municipal secretary of the sub-prefecture reported that no roadblocks had approached the road or the intention to occupy the road through the parade, but the Traffic Engineering Company (CET) and city cleaning teams were on standby if necessary.

In the morning, Saya de Chita is one of the busiest blocks on the streets of Pompeii and Pardeses. The environment of the place was familiar with groups of children and friends. An elderly resident of the area wowed the crowd by waving to the fans at the door of his house.

At least two chemical toilets were set up on a street in the circuit. The presence of entertainers has also attracted street vendors.

Elderly women from the Saya de Chita block shake hands with fans at a carnival procession in Sao Paulo on Thursday (21) – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Enjoy the parade in the Sayya de Chita block in the western part of SP this Thursday (21) – Photo: Felipe Rau / Istadao Content

Enjoy the parade in the Sayya de Chita block in the western part of SP this Thursday (21) – Photo: Felipe Rau / Istadao Content

Bella Vista, in the center of the capital, has at least two block parades: obscenity, in the middle of the morning and block pirikita, in the morning.

Escadaria do Bixiga, located in the vicinity of the Praka Dom Orion, was the center of much entertainment and music.

Fans gather at the blocko perikita today, Thursday (21) at Bixiga Stairs – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

In the afternoon, the Baco do Parangole group performs at the Agua Branca, on the Prasa Aureliano Leite, from 2 p.m.

The name of this group is a tribute to the character of Bachchas, who in Roman mythology is the god of wine, agriculture, fertility and happiness.

This Thursday, April 21, 2022, west of Sওo Paulo, in the Agua Branca neighborhood, in the Prasa Aureliano Leite, fans in the Baco do Parangole block. – Photo: Felipe Rau / Estadao Conteudo

Bacau do Parangole Block, Prasa Aureliano Leite, Agua Branca Para, west of Sao Paulo, this Thursday, April 21, 2022. – Photo: Felipe Rau / Estadao Conteudo

The absence of an official block circuit meant many had to ask for grants to raise funds this year. It was the Blaco do Amor incident, which took place around 3 pm on the streets of Barra Fanda in the western part of the city.

On social media, the group, formed in 2022, announced that it needed a grant to finance the procession.

“It’s hard to carnival without help! But we’re hard to crack! If you can, make a PIX?”, Ask the organizers at the publication.

Organized in just one week, this block is made up of a group of friends who have already played in other blocks.

“He’s a catadao from several blocks. We’re here with a lot of people who know how to make carnival, who like carnival and who come here to have a popular party, for free, without any fuss.” One of the organizers said Paula Klein of Bloco do Amor.

Fans took to the streets west of SP

Fans took to the streets west of SP

Also in the western region, Pompeii Praca da Nacente, received the band from U Mori last year, a troupe honoring singer Belchior.

Fabio Tremonte, a visual artist and one of the organizers of the block, said Square was chosen to avoid traffic problems, as there was no support from CET.

“We chose to have a carnival in a square that would not interfere with the traffic, would not block the roads, we decided not to go out in the vicinity, we decided to stay in a place so that it would be a little bit peaceful,” he explained.

According to g1 Earlier in the week, at least 50 blocks showed interest in pairing the Tiradentes vacation, despite the lack of support from City Hall.

In January, the city government even announced the cancellation of the street carnival, claiming that they did not have enough time to organize lightning processions with the necessary structures. The administration, however, has formalized the carnival with samba schools, samba schools.

Although the City Hall of Sao Paulo complained that it lacked time to organize an official street carnival circuit, the major entities in the city’s street blocks have issued a public letter expressing their desire to parade in the capital of Sao Paulo. Tiradentes holiday.

After a series of discussions between the block representatives and the municipal administration, City Hall decided to adopt a smaller support structure for these farm blocks (21).

In an interview with TV Globe, Capital Mayor Ricardo Nunes said 400 CET agents were made available.

“We have to understand [os blocos no feriado] As a function of a cultural activity, a cultural expression, so we have provided 400 agents from our CET to deal with traffic problems, “he declared.

Mayor of Sao Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB). – Photo: Roberto Casimiro / Photoarena / Estadao Conteudo

He acknowledged that the structure, which includes cleaners and municipal guards, was too small for the size of the team.

“It’s a very small structure. We’re talking about 400 agents. It looks like something very big, but for the size of the city, it’s small. So, at the very least, the cleaning team and the GCMO are on duty there to try to organize it, “Nunes said.

City Hall offers a street carnival in July and asks the Holiday Block to notify the sub-prefecture

City Hall offers a street carnival in July and asks the Holiday Block to notify the sub-prefecture

As an alternative to the stalemate, City Hall suggested at this Wednesday’s (20th) meeting that the processions should be held at the “Esquinta Carnival” between 16 and 17 July. The administration further said that the blocks that Tiradentes wants to go out on vacation should look for sub-prefectures. According to the culture secretary, they will support the parade, clearing the road after the joy.

Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) has announced that, even without approval, he will not ban road blocks from parking in the capital. On April 13, he said he would “never use force” against the cultural expression of the city of Sওo Paulo.

Without official support, some blocks have decided to change the street parade for the party in closed areas, such as Academicos do Bixo Augusta, which will perform on Sunday (24) at Novo Vale do Anhangabau, or Bangalafumenga and Tarado Ni U, who have an admission charge on Saturday (30). Including, Mukate Complexo will perform at a tempo (See full schedule here).

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