Sওo Paulo Concession supports child protection seminars in Linz

Campaign: Transbrasiliana, responsible for the administration of the expanded BR-153 in Sao Paulo, is engaged in the fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation to draw society’s attention to the importance of reporting this crime through Dial 100. Photo: Revealed

Triunfo Transbrasiliana is a signatory to a business agreement against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Brazilian highways through the ‘Na Mão Certa’ program. Childhood Brazil

Channel data Dial 100, The National Service for Complaints and Protection against Human Rights Violations, estimates that only 7 out of every 100 cases of sexual abuse in Brazil are reported.

Accordingly, the concessionaire responsible for BR-153 in the state of So Paulo, Triunfo Transbrasiliana, will participate in the 1st Child Protection Seminar organized by Linz City Council in the interior of Sওo Paulo, starting this Tuesday (17), 9am.

According to the company, since 2015, steps have been taken to expand its activities through initiatives aimed at promoting the system to ensure the rights of children and adolescents. One of them is the signing of a business agreement against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Brazilian highways, through the ‘Na Mão Certa’ program. Childhood Brazil.

Scary information

In another sample, d The NGO publishes Darkness to Light One in 10 children and adolescents will be sexually abused before the age of 18.

As an indication of the month of the fight against sexual abuse and exploitation of children and adolescents, the event will receive the support of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA) in Linz and draw the attention of the community to the issue and its importance. Condemn the violation of the rights of children and adolescents.

According to the concessionaire, the seminar will also feature a speech by Alexander Gil de Mello, a lawyer from Penapolis. A member of the OAB do Estado de Sao Paulo Children and Youth Commission, the speaker is also an expert on child development at the University of So Paulo (USP), Harvard University with a degree in Executive Leadership in Public Policy for Early Childhood. / Insp.

May 18 – Make it beautiful

Today is Wednesday (17th), National Day Against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and AdolescentsTransbrasiliana will draw the attention of the community to the importance of raising awareness and condemning the violation of the rights of children and adolescents through the “Make It Beautiful” campaign.

According to the company, the campaign will be broadcast on its official communication channels: Site, Variable message boards (PMVs), profile launched Twitter (@ br153sp), no Instagram (ritriumfotransbrasiliana) and in LinkedIn.

On the same day, “Yellow May 2022 – Together, We Save Lives” national solidarity will be supported in partnership with concessionaires Cest / Senate de Marilia (SP), Federal Highway Police (PRF) and Municipal Urban Development Company. Marielle (Emdurb)

The BR-153 will start at 8:30 a.m. at the PRF base in Marilia at 259 km and will include the distribution of information leaflets with a telephone number for complaints. Dial 100, In addition to distributing truck driver cards and promotional materials, safety project guidelines.

Security agent

Since 2018, in partnership with Instituto Triunfo, the company has created the “Protection Agent” project. The initiative trains 100% of the company’s professionals as agents to combat the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on nationally recognized highways. The project has already received several awards and accolades from important Brazilian organizations, such as: 13th Ogres Silva Sustainable Entrepreneur Award, winner in the Social Entrepreneurship category held by ISAE Escola de Negócios in 2020 and has become one of the outstanding companies in infrastructure. .

How to report?

  • If you Doubt If a child or adolescent is a victim of violence, report to one of these channels: Dial 100 or call 180. Internet: ouvidoria.mdh.gov.br or through the police department Online Of your state;
  • If you Witness Or To testify In case of violence against children or adolescents, call the Military Police 190 or, if you are on the highway, call the Highway Police;
  • If you To identify A case of violence Online Report a child or adolescent involved through the following channels: Sefernet – safernet.org.br, Human Rights BR app or police station Online

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