Royce Lewis was invited by the Twins

MINNEAPOLIS – When Royce Lewis lost his entire 2021 season in the torn ACL, he knew he would win the division again, missing two baseball games. No one knew what to expect when he returned – except for Lewis himself.

“2022 will be scary and dangerous, man,” Lewis said after undergoing ACL surgery in March ’21. “Just look at it.”

Apparently he was right. And now, the time has come.

Almost five years since the twins elected Lewis and No. 1 of the 2017 MLB Draft, Minnesota announced that it has invited the most anticipated members of the organization as well as MLB Pipeline’s No. 44 all hope ahead of Friday’s opening game against Oakland A’s, with a brief start for Carlos Correa to deal with an injured right toe.

Lewis is second in household No. 1 has chosen to wear the twins’ uniform, and the first since Joe Mauer’s inauguration in 2004, three years after the twins chose the first successor in the ’01 Draft.

After Correa’s separation, Lewis will have the opportunity to play as a regular for the Twins’ from the brief. And while the arrival of the Correa preseason seems to remove the pressure on 22-year-old Lewis to prove he is ready for the MLB in his first month with a serious injury, that’s what he looks like – and he’ll have a chance to prove it.

Promoted to Triple-A for the first time this season, Lewis finally showed off all the power of the five weapons that the Twins saw in him when he was selected as an 18-year-old from JSerra High School. in Orange County, Calif., hitting .310 / .430 / .563 through 24 games featuring three homers, 11 doubles and eight stolen baskets.

Most importantly, after sending .290 per cent base-base over the High-A and Double-A in 2019, Lewis ’selection grew exponentially against Triple-A this season, having gone 17 times, almost as much as he was beaten (20). ).

Lewis finished his Triple-A career with 15 appearances in the last 17 games, plus each in his last eight games. Not bad, considering he hadn’t taken the on-bat competition in two years.

Great physical skills were available for Lewis to do this on a baseball field.

He has always been one of the fastest runners in the organization, the purest example of a sport that helps him stick to the shortstop even though he has no polish. Strength and contact have been present, too, with hitting the big leg and long shakes on the lower levels. Price 661OPS

But this season, Lewis had the opportunity to showcase the results of the hard work he put into the back of some of the coaching facilities in the ’20s that are regularly mentioned by those around him at the time.

He spoke of the transition to direct play and the feeling of being good at hitting the ball hard in all areas that year. Separated from the ACL tears in ’21, Lewis returns to his room following a daily workout and watching every game of the Twins, continuing to develop his mental skills. He tries to tell himself how to attack the enemy’s founder, make game plans and show himself making plans.

And he feels stronger than ever, having done all he could in ’21 his leg is recovering.

“I tell people I feel like a booster,” Lewis laughed in the spring. “That’s all I can do – get up and go home, eat, sleep.”

Being healthy and playing every day would have been a good outcome for Lewis this April, considering all the experiences he has had over the past two years and all the games he missed.

On the contrary, he exceeded all expectations. All expectations but his high-quality standards for himself, anyway.

“I feel like I have a chance to start in the major leagues this year and change,” said Masika. “I’m a different person. I’m a football player. I play everywhere. I’ll make the team do whatever they want me to do, I’ll do it. I’ve come to help and try to help. Make the team win. This team is amazing. It’s ready to win, and it’s hungry.”

His team is looking for him. It’s time for Lewis to start.


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