Rout at Wrigley: Goldschmidt, Gorman instigates riots as Cardinals defeat Children, 14-5 | St. Louis Cardinals

CHICAGO – The Cardinals have twisted and twisted and researched all parts of their list in recent weeks hoping that due to their origami performance it would be enough to cover the important innings.

He upgraded, downgraded, made his first appearance on the team, and renovated, and will perform again on Saturday at two competitions at Wrigley Field. They have gone to great lengths to find short answers when one way to alleviate their anxiety was obvious all along, and it has been the case since the manager started blowing the trumpet in spring classes.

The case could be taken for granted.

Against Wrigley, the Cardinals completely changed the pace and strength of their combined rookie line and chased down the Cubs, 14-5, Friday afternoon. They came back, expanded their lead, and found a tool to help Paul Goldschmidt increase his batting to 25 games. The cardinals stole three buses, hit five homers, and three top spots in a row combined with six innings at the end of the sixth inning. Corey Dickerson hit his first game of the game, then went five times before hitting the second.

People are reading again…

They didn’t wait around and rely on a triple home, but they got two of them, too. The second walked 420 yards into the right lane and left Nolan Gorman’s bat back on the line from the back stand.

“There were a lot of ways we managed,” said manager Oliver Marmol. “Even with two exits … we still use the 90-foot chance when they have stolen buses. We are beating the homers. This is what it will take because there are some days off. you just keep going.

“We have his staff.”

The 15th blast lifted Miles Mikolas to a five-point winning streak and allowed the Cardinals to close out the remaining four with rookie Zack Thompson in his major league. Thompson won three to get his first three appearances or more with the Cardinal in his starting line-up since Brad Thompson in May 2005. Taking two jars to cover nine innings makes the Cardinals go twice on Saturday with full support – the team’s deepest numbers. will try with rookie Andre Pallante as a game starter.

The three-point deficit at the end of the first innings turned into a five-point lead at the end of four innings, and grew to eight by the time Thompson took over. Mikolas stood with an 11-yard touchdown pass.

“This was great. It was great, “Marmol repeated.” It gave us the ability to go with Zack and keep him throughout the game. It was a mistake to do what they did was to keep ‘our new record.

The Cardinals entered the season believing that the cornerstone of their game would be a gold defense and a steady climb that benefits the players. Injuries and inconsistencies have disrupted staff – three insiders are on the injury list – but security is still at hand to help, as Mikolas revealed on Friday. At least three times, third player Nolan Arenado went missing in an amazing game. He turned one who could be double into singleness and jump.

In the fifth inning, as Mikolas (4-3) came in to qualify for the win and without leaving a fuss for anyone to challenge, he filled the buses without getting out. He beat Patrick Wisdom to find a clear path, and then he pursued his defense in the jungle. Jason Heyward hit a windmill and headed for the field on the right. Brendan Donovan caught it there, looking to see a runner, in five games, leave the third defense.

Donovan was sent off to play twice in Mikolas’ final game.

“Goals and ideas – we don’t get anything,” Mikolas said of security. “This means a lot to me as a pitcher for the bats to keep alive so I can dig and try to get through. They just don’t give a damn. Brushing your teeth and fighting them. ”

The Cubs outscored Mikolas to lead three times lower in the first – all three times coming from Wisdom’s two out homer. The cardinals responded by running down the second, then taking their lead for the third time. Just minutes after being named NL’s Player of the Month for a .404 average, .817 percent slugging, and a record 23 club-base hits, Goldschmidt continued its fast-paced start in June. Goldschmidt put in three homers, two outers to lead 4-3.

Fourth, a newborn teenager, Harrison Bader, turned two single moms into a runner and scored the second goal. Andrew Knizner, who hit nine holes, provided one to give Bader, and the Cardinals did not follow suit. It helped that two strikers later, Gorman introduced a 3-2 pitch high.

It dropped several rows without descending on Sheffield Avenue.

“If we go well,” said Goldschmidt, “the inning that we took out two, stole (on) the first pitch, and we ended up with (and) Gorman hitting the homer – for me, it was something we had to do… Some days we won’t hit the homers. When you score a lot, it looks good. ”

Gorman arrival in high schools and move to No. 2 on the line has become part of the fastest hit of the line. So is Donovan’s patience. Whether he beats less or a fifth, Donovan’s ability to sit down has helped increase the risks on the list. He gets to the foundation. Gorman, the first Cardinal rookie to have 10 RBI in his 11 games since Albert Pujols, has been eliminated. One left hitting the rookie starts the meeting. The other one sets the turn number. Lars Nootbaar added a fifth Cardinals player in the ninth game as the Cubs turned to Frank Schwindel who hit.

Marmol insisted that the list would be “strong” and, in spring training, announced that he was ready to lead the league after three consecutive seasons of subpar slugging and production. Without their opening date starting with No. 3, the Cardinals start the weekend in the highest five-game competition. The result is what Marmol predicted. The strategy, and contributions from the players, are not.

“I believe with the guys we have, we have the potential to do this,” Marmol said. “Playing with the boys none of us would have thought they would be here today with the kind of age they live in. We have employees. And we have depth.”


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