Round 1, Game 3 Preview – Skate Notes + Returns, Special Teams, Home Play

WHO: Los Angeles Kings (1-1) vs. Edmonton Oilers (1-1)
WHAT: 2022 STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS – Round 1, Game 3
WHEN: Friday, May 6 @ 7:00 PM Pacific
ONDE: Arena – Los Angeles, CA
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Tonight’s Tournament: The series has moved to Los Angeles, Insiders! Games 3 and 4 will be on ice at the House of Kings, starting this evening with the first playoff games in LA from 2018.

TITLE-TO-TITLE: With the closure in Game 2, the Kings were unable to build on their Game 1 game. Trevor Moore, Phillip Danault and Alex Iafallo lined up seven points in Game 1, along with +8. Moore leads the Kings against Edmonton this season in all three playoff stages (1-2-3) and regular points with four (2-2-4).

KING VITALS: Tonight is the return of the hockey playoff to Downtown Los Angeles for the first time since 2018. Only 20 of the team’s players expected to wear it tonight played the last time the Kings had a home game, with goaltender Jonathan Quick and forward Dustin Brown, Alex Iafallo, Adrian Kempe and Anze Kopitar are also on the line.

Jonathan Quick is the starter of the game tonight, and the former champion is expected to launch his 87th series in a row. Quick career playoff splits are well on the road, but the soldier still brings with him 23-18 records in Los Angeles, with .911 saving percentage and 2.35 goals-against average in 41 career postseason games played on the ice at home.

The Kings did not take part in the ceremony yesterday, on their way home from Edmonton in the afternoon. The team returned to the ice this morning to play a full-length game, the third game before tonight.

From a 6-0 defeat in Game 2, the Kings could be on the line for the 3rd game tonight. The morning skate today gives us the impression that Rasmus Kupari could be at Quinton Byfield, though the move has not been confirmed by Head Coach Todd McLellan.

“If they are, but if I win the lottery, I will not do it again, then there is more,” Todd McLellan said this morning. “If 89 come in, he’s a good runner, and he’s cruel, and he kills penalties, he can play right-hand. You see him play, you know what he can do.”

Viktor Arvidsson’s daily updates are the ones that have been in Edmonton – not available. Arvidsson did not exercise this morning and will not be a chance for the Kings tonight in Game 3. His injury can now be considered as “lower body” as it is this morning.

To find out more, here’s how the team took the run, though as McLellan said above, nothing is certain.

Athanasiou – Copper – Camp
Iafallo – Danault – Moore
Grundstrom – Lizotte – Brown
Lemieux – Kupari – Kaliyev

Edler – Roy
Anderson – Durzi
Maatta – Spence


MOST IMPORTANT: Edmonton is heading to Los Angeles tonight for the playoffs for the first time since the Kings played even at the STAPLES Center, but the Great Western Forum. The last time the two teams met in a postseason in California was on April 26, 1992, a 5-2 victory at Edmonton at Inglewood.

Since his inclusion in Game 3, goalkeeper Mike Smith is expected to make his third appearance in the game tonight at Arena. Smith played two playoff games in Los Angeles, a 2-1 loss and a 2-0 win over Arizona in 2012. Smith has conceded just two goals in 64 appearances in the game and brought him to 5-7. film your whole life in the most recent postseason competition.

According to Tony Brar of Oilers TV, the Oilers are not expected to change today, rolling with the same team that played in the Game 2 victory –

The Oilers switched between Game 1 and 2, changing from 11-7 to 12-6, with forward Josh Archibald looking defender Kris Russell. The guests tonight are set to run with the same team tonight in Los Angeles.

Comments –

Reversals & Leadership Responsibilities
Kings have done very well this season to make up for what they lost.

As I believe I said yesterday, starting on December 1 Kings have lost five consecutive games, not losing exactly three times that time. This is what they have done very well this season, responding and giving back and finding a way to not let the losses accumulate and increase.

“Leaders are followers, you need them all,” Todd McLellan said this morning. “Leaders receive a lot of experience in re-establishing what is needed, its sound and speed and the followers have followed well. It is a combination of everyone getting it and making the necessary repairs.

McLellan’s messages are what the members of the group saw and experienced for themselves.

Kings has a number of players who have gone through the motions and understand the importance of taking every game as his team. The Kings have embraced this strategy all season long, but once you get into the seventh list and lose the game with six goals, the importance is placed under a lot of light.

Speaking to director Trevor Moore today, it is something that the leaders in the room have done a great job of helping to establish.

“It’s great, these guys are going to be working for a long time and they know you’re just going to keep thinking about these things, but you have to learn from those mistakes,” Moore said. “I think it was a text message.”

Defender Olli Maatta – a two-time winner of the Stanley Cup – put the team’s success in this situation until the response.

He said it goes from top to bottom where coaches blame themselves for mistakes that create a culture of feedback in the room for players. If your leaders are to blame, it ‘s difficult for the whole team.

“As we all know, we have to be good, there is a response here, everyone is in control of their game,” Maatta said. “I think it starts with the teachers. They hold us accountable and they answer for themselves and this shows that everyone has to do their job.”

Maatta developed the idea of ​​Game 2 to be a losing game, not a 6-0 loss. It’s a 1-1 draw, which focuses on Game 3.

Directing Special Groups
So, what are some areas in which Kings need to improve in order to get back on track? For starters, here are the special teams battling it out in the 5-0 series through the first six rounds.

Edmonton scored two power-scoring goals in both games, plus a shorter goal in Game 2, while the Kings were locked in eight power-scoring opportunities during that period. We know that special teams have not led this season, but there is still a need to get more out of those teams. Speaking to Trevor Moore, who plays both units, he believes the pieces are in the room to change and adjust.

“Everywhere we look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. “I have every confidence that it will go well, I think we are a very good team to have such statistics, especially in the killings. I think we will see a change.”

At PP – McLellan spoke about the session after Game 2, realizing that there is no magical way for a team to make a magical change. About the assassination and the Kings know that they cannot be one in this whole department.

On PK – There are two sides to the coin. What happens in the short term and what happens in the short term. While the permissible intentions are relevant, they are of how often, and at what times, the Kings place Edmonton on a personal opportunity that also affects.

“I think we gave them a lot of chances in the last two games,” said Olli Maatta. “We want to play hard and aggressive, looking great, but at the same time be patient, we don’t want to give them a chance to play their strong game to change.”

McLellan complained of particularly destructive penalties, when the Kings took two in the second half of Game 2. No matter how you feel about that call, there is an idea to set yourself up to take the punishment with the Kings. he has done so seven times in two games.

Any team that can meet Edmonton knows they have to be out of the box. McLellan outlined the game goals that are taking place this morning, showing that his PK team has done some good things, and other areas that need to change.

“The goals he scored, there was a broken game on the broken staff, one from the front, he had a very good one with Leon the other night and I think someone made it 6-0 and almost. [nine] There are only a few minutes left, ”he said. “There are some things I believe we are doing well in punishing and some things we can change.”

Definitely a big deal on this list, with Kings needing to donate to special groups and something to see tonight in LA.

People of Town Town
“When we were talking about the ice in the playoffs, some of the fighters remembered the stadium and what it meant for them as they ran, how the sixth person on the stand, and their excitement and energy, could help . I hope we are encouraged from the most interested lovers. “

Todd McLellan spoke this morning about what could happen from Edmonton to Los Angeles. We wrote this earlier today (We found the APA), but when we heard this morning the game talked about the real joy and energy that the Kings have returned to their homeland and played a home game in Los Angeles.

As we have seen above, only five of the 20 players expected to wear it tonight have played home games here, though some have met the house on the road or in the stands. It’s a different beast and the excitement is high.

Maatta – Obviously the crowd is a big deal, I have never played a playoff game here, but I have heard how good it is. All the news I have heard has just made me want to play in the playoffs here, as the atmosphere is amazing. I can’t wait.

Moore – We are very happy. It was fun to play in Edmonton, hear all their fans and you can feel the dynamic fluctuations. We’re glad to have it for us tonight.

For those who have come with it, the team encourages enthusiasts to arrive early, get out and join the black team. For those who don’t, it’s a 7 PM discount at your local Bally Sports So-Cal and TBS nationwide. Swing games here in Game 3! Talk to you soon.

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