Rose Namajunas: ‘I got what I wanted’ in a Carla Esparza match at UFC 274

Rose Namajunas may not have beaten Carla Esparza at UFC 274, but she was not disappointed with her performance in the replay.

The Namajunas lost Esparza’s split decision to relinquish their strawweight title at UFC 274 seven years after they lost to “Cookie Monster” in the UFC ‘first £ 110m title fight. vs. Namajunas 2 has been heavily criticized as one of the worst UFC games to be remembered recently for the flawless performances of all these fighters.

In the form MMA time a few days after the loss, “Thug Rose” explained why he does not see the war as many others have pointed out.

“In short, I say it is in line with what I have, I have my three goals,” Namajunas said Wednesday. MMA time. “My first goal came out unscathed, as happy, healthy and safe. And then number two was obviously winning the fight. And then … in the end [number three] it was not only a victory, but a ruler and a distinction to myself in all other respects. That’s why I mentioned this in all my leading questions.

“I said I would take what I could get, because in the end, in this fight, what is important is that I am happy, healthy, and safe, because of the way my work has gone and all that stuff. That ‘s a big thing. in this, I had everything I wanted, how I got what I wanted. And it’s crazy – it might sound crazy to people, because I think they look like Carla just like Carla, you know? . ”

The former Namajunas coach and friend Pat Barry also condemned the fight and defended their team’s game by talking for an hour on. MMA time. Barry pointed out that their strategy was designed to make Esparza more aggressive, so it was a matter of chance.

Barry also referred to the same “examples” that the Namajunas referred to as a reduction in his career, explaining that Namajunas was seriously injured or stopped looking closely at Jessica Andrade as good role models for Barry. For these reasons, the Namajunas team emphasized the need for punishment against Esparza to remain indifferent to the fact that the Phoenix crowd was unhappy – and “Thug Rose” showed his pride in being able to do exactly in UFC 274.

“I didn’t feel like I won, but I don’t feel like Carla won and I don’t feel like I lost,” Namajunas said.

“It’s incredible because often when I have a fight from a distance, like the whole time I was thinking, ‘Well, what do the judges see?’ I don’t think I was thinking that in that war. I was thinking about my goals, I wanted Carla to know one thing, I could not do what her corner wanted me to do, because she just wanted me out of my game plan, and then always d going forward, they were like, ‘Oh, there’s her foot – Well, now she’ s done the thing, because it will be broken because everyone is shouting. ‘ That’s exactly what it is [Esparza’s coach] he said around the corner.

“So I knew that he wanted me to be distracted by that, ‘” Namajunas continued, “and I said,’ No, I will not. I do not. I speak harshly and personally. Like, I won’t let you control me. I am in control of myself. ‘ That’s why I think I don’t care about the judges. In my mind I felt that I had won the fight because of all the other things that were happening. It was like a mental battle for me, like, ‘No, I do what I want to do.’ But I understand.

“I was brave, like, ‘Yes, I won.’ But in hindsight, I can see that it was definitely people who were watching. ”

For the most part, the problem is that the Namajunas are chaste.

The 37 major blows he hit in the 25th minute was the lowest that the Namajunas had ever won in a five-round battle. And this came back to haunt him when two of the three judges scored a goal based on Esparza’s willingness to participate in the match.

“One thing I think was probably wrong, as I think, throughout history I have been a wonderful fighter and I have been very frustrated, and it has always been to the point where coaches have to train. I have to go back,” said Namajunas. So I was really trying to grow and improve myself as a fighter by controlling it and not being like anything else. [wanted to turn it on]comes out, you know?

“Instead of going overboard, like, seeing this I work more. back to this training camp, where it seemed like a combination of my guilt and security, and as I approached, I just complained about security, saying, ‘I put. everything needed there.’ And then it was just like, I was like, ‘But when I get there, I’ll eat. Like, my body will take over.’

“I taught the right time to do things like this, but the emphasis was not on this, and I think I strongly believe I can do it without doing anything. So that’s probably one mistake. But there are all things you can do.”

While his immobilization at UFC 274 could take him off the title, the Namajunas know he still has a lot to be proud of.

The 29-year-old is a two-time UFC winner who wins most of his rivals in the league, and there is plenty of time left to add to his story.

“You can’t take away what I did, you know?” Namajunas said. “I am a hero and I will always be a hero.”

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