Rose Namajunas believes she could have won at UFC 274: ‘I don’t see how you can be such a hero’

Rose Namajunas believes she should still be a UFC strawweight champion.

On Saturday night in the UFC 274 grand finale, Namajunas put his head on the strawweight line in a rematch with one champion Carla Esparza. It was, to put it mildly, bad. On five occasions, the Namajunas and Esparza faced a countless battle in which a group of commentators publicly denigrated. In the end, Esparza also took the strawweight title with a split decision that disappointed fans. And at a press conference after the war, the Namajunas also expressed dissatisfaction with the idea.

“I won this battle,” Namajunas said. “I clung to the path. I felt like I was shooting again. Even though I lowered him. None of his removal was necessary or any time for correction. a little bit but I didn’t hear or anything.

“I felt like I was wasting, directing fights, and I was proud that I followed the path. Because I know that in all of Carla’s fights he beats people up and tries to get people to attack him, so it’s like, ‘No.’ I lived in slugfests, broke my nose, stopped and bled in the octagon, so I stuck to the path and he was innocent. He always kept crying. So I thought I had won.

“I’m still trying to fix this because I’m not trying to be salty or anything. I feel like there’s something to learn from any loss. I should have been a little safer. It’s a decision I made at the time, but as I said, I’m a fantastic fighter. I’m the last one. so much fun that it hurts a little bit. ”

Namajunas went on to explain why he felt he deserved to be accepted, saying that he had done a lot of damage by improving fights with his feet and running distance.

“I feel like I hit him several times, especially on the right side which was very clean,” Namajunas said. “I have to go back to watch but I remember I got to a good point, and even some punches that weren’t very strong but just hindered him, I connected, I felt like I wasn’t making it. Damage but straightening fights. I hate salty concoctions because I lost them, you know what I mean? F ***. But at the same time, that’s what makes sense to me right now. ”

Officially, the Namajunas exited Esparza with a score of 37-30, comprising 27 percent of its major shows. However, he also stopped downsizing and short-term adjustments, and in light of the limited gains he had made, it was enough. It was about Judge Rick Winter who scored Esparza 49-46, a score that the Namajunas did not understand.

“It’s amazing,” Namajunas said. “I thought, well, maybe, [but] I do not know what to read. A little push maybe but the descent doesn’t hurt at all. They did nothing. Eliminate option. Probably all his efforts but I filled them all up. I don’t know how many times he tried to catch me but really, I don’t get a reputation for self-defense? I think maybe the judges just wanted to see the slugfest as it was in the past fights or something so they did not appreciate the good methods, but as I said, I was always in a fun fight. Can’t I fight smart? Should I raise this face? Pa. F *** to. “

Unfortunately for the Namajunas, strategy and safety are not the only exceptions under the league rules so, “Thug Rose” now finds itself down 0-2 at Esparza. And the way he honors Esparza as a fighter, it is clear that the Namajunas are not happy that he lost his position in this way.

“Carla, I respect what they do inside, but at the same time, to the point where I don’t see how you can be such a hero,” Namajunas said. “But as I said, I hate salty words.”

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