Ronald Acuna Jr. won the home race in 10 wins following the Braves

ATLANTA – A few hours before LeBron James announced his admiration for Ronald Acuña Jr. on Twitter, Braves manager Brian Snitker was driving to Truist Park thinking about where his young player lives among the funniest players he has ever seen.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a person in my time, and I’ve seen a bunch of Hall of Famers and other non-Hall of Famers knocking on the door, where you just go. Wow, ” said Snitker. “

Acuña also made a break in the season and also acted as one of the most exciting athletes in the game as they helped the Braves extend their victory to 10 games with a 10-4 victory over the Pirates at Truist Park on Saturday. The athlete hit his most recent race and scored from start to finish in an amazing moment.

“He’s quiet and when he gets out on the field, it’s his chance to bring out everything that’s in it,” said Braves Charlie Morton. “Watching him play is a window of opportunity to see what I do not see very much. There is a language barrier, and there can often be a cultural barrier.

When the Cold War achieved 10 straight wins for the first time since 2013, they benefited from the healthy and strong presence of Acuña, who returned from ACL tearing off on April 28. He is a talent of five weapons whose size is well known. and other scholars like James, who wrote “Ayyeeee !! Man I love this baby,” when Acuña returned home and celebrated James’ “Chalk Tos” ceremony in the first ining.

“It brings a lot of ideas to have a star, a living legend of this kind to be useful,” Acuña said. “This makes me proud.”

Acuña grew up worshiping James and now finds himself one of the greatest athletes in the world. He was building the MVP-caliber season last year before dropping his right ACL on July 10. He struggled with pain and discomfort as he started off the injury list this year, but all his strength and speed have been as easy to see as he has been. hitting .389 with four homers and 1,230 OPS during the Atlanta victory.

Back in Spring Training, Snitker has repeatedly questioned whether Acuña could actually be faster than it was before injuring its large knees. His surprise did not diminish when the sprinter was burned at 30.2 feet per second. when he scored from the first start at Dansbywanson’s one-out, three-run single field that went 194 feet and landed deep following the rough path.

“I had very good guidance, so I didn’t think there was a good chance he would find me,” Acuña said.

Acuña fired from a standstill after passing a third stop for Ron Washington.

“She didn’t even realize it [Washington] he was there, “said Snitker.

Before the Braves started their tournament on June 1, they were 23-27 with 10 1/2 games behind the Mets who were first in the National League East. They have eliminated at least four games on the pitch and have started to look like the rulers of the World Series. It is no coincidence that this race coincided with Acuña playing in the right place every day.

Acuña only started 19 of the 28 games in May and only started 10 in the right field during that time. When he worked as a selected fighter and regained strength in his legs, Braves’ outdoor defense was very weak. External defense has gone from strength to strength as Acuña started their last nine games in the right field.

At the same time, the line has created an interface with Acuña to fill the top spot every day. The powerful Slugger recorded his 25-man lead while making 340 just off the Atlanta roster. This equates to one homemer in every 13.6 game that has ever existed as a Braves’ leadoff hitter.

“Talent is stupid,” Morton said. “I think he ‘s good where the game is going. He has his personality and there are differences in his game.”


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