Ronald Acuna Jr. has four games played in the Braves to win

DENVER – If the Braves do well in their quest to win the fifth consecutive National League East title, they may realize that the trip is part of the turning point.

Ronald Acuna Jr. conceded his winning career with four hits, Matt Olson hit a three-run home run and Charlie Morton was also impressed with his grit as he helped the Braves finish a four-game sweep and win 8-7 at the Rockies at Coors Field on Sunday afternoon. The World Series defending champions are coming home with a winning streak in five games with their first winning streak (28-27) starting 2-1 on April 9th.

“Any sweep you can find is fine,” Olson said. “Coming here and getting the guys to do as they did for the whole series and sweeping four games is good.”

The Braves took home a home run against the Marlins and lost the first two games of the seven-game tour in Arizona. He suffered a major setback this Tuesday, when he made a number of mistakes, was thrown into the wrong position, fired late and fell 10 1/2 games behind the Mets who were first.

But instead of rushing, he made a five-game stint and kept himself within 8 1/2 of the Mets (37-19). Through 55 games last year, the Braves were 26-29 with four games from first place in the NL East tournament.

“We played two of our smaller games [in Arizona]”said manager Brian Snitker.” The boys looked back and played as much as they could. “

Here are five encouraging reasons why the Braves are on their way home:

1. The forthcoming plan
The next 12 Braves games are against the A, Pirates, Nationals and Cubs. Each of these teams has a lost record and Pittsburgh is the only member of the team with at least 10 games under .500.

So far the Mets have completed their next four series playing for Padres, Angels, Brewers and Marlins. San Diego and Milwaukee both have at least 10 games over .500.

2. Stay healthy
With Acuña strong enough to play all three of their last three games in the series, the Braves were reminded of how strong their external defense is when they are not on the bench or serving as DH. This was the first time in three consecutive days that he had turned left at ACL on April 28.

Acuña started four batting games Sunday with three singles and had a 441-foot homer in the eighth from Robert Stephenson. The 24-year-old has had a lot of practice in his last four games, and hit .357 with two homers and .984 OPS in his last 19 games.

“I think that’s good, because we’ve seen that I can play three games abroad,” Acuña said.

3. Olson is warm
Olson entered May 24 hitting .244 and .787 OPS. Slugger left hit .288 with three homers and .958 OPS. He did well in four Arizona appearances and led three runs in the second inning of Sunday’s victory.

Long after hitting a 441-foot shot, the tallest of his seven rivals this year, Olson finished the game and jumped to grab the first base before Sam Hilliard reached the pocket. The review has confirmed the invitation to provide an appropriate end to this exciting series, which includes two additional games.

“I did not know if he would hit Kenley [Jansen] in the bag, “Olson explained.” So I thought I had a better chance of getting there myself. I’m glad I didn’t get down on my knees or anything.

Olson looks set to settle down in time for the A’s in Atlanta on Tuesday. The first 28-year-old Baseman played his entire career for Oakland before being bought by the Braves in March.

As for Morton, he never returned to being his boss. But he came back from Sunday’s 41-pitch, first three-run and then rested seven of the eight strikers after his right finger was dipped by third-quarterback Randal Grichuk. His ability to cross five helped the bullpen cover seven innings on Saturday.

“The boys are in a good position,” Morton said. “We’re just trying to put a scroll here and keep one.”

5. Refreshing Slugger?
When Adam Duvall made insurance with his two home-run in the 11th successful inning on Saturday night, there was hope that this could be the end of his season-long challenges. The former veteran, who scored 38 homers last year, responded three times twice on Sunday. He is just hitting .199 and .566 OPS, but his new season could start within the last 48 hours.


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