Robinson Cano’s decision confirms the value of Steve Cohen’s Mets

The Mets’ most dangerous weapon is not one of their two Hall-of-Fame weapons, or timbers carried on a plate by any of the attackers. Steve Cohen’s bank account makes the Mets extremely dangerous, and he gives fans the confidence that the team’s revival will not be another brutal joke.

Faced with his deadline last Monday, and with the opportunity to throw another pile of dirt over the Wilpon Era, Cohen did what he could to spend almost $ 40 million on Robinson Cano’s debt instead of protecting his privacy by paying, say, Dominic Smith , who is the most helpful and the youngest 13 years younger than all the youngest and most embarrassing stars.

It should be noted that the move came a day after Mets’ $ 341 million shortstop, Francisco Lindor, publicly asked the person who paid him to save Cano from being humiliated for a seasonal shooting.

“I would not be happy,” Lindor said. “I do not want to see that happen. He is a good friend, a good man and obviously has a good reputation and we all know what he can do. I don’t care how old he is, the mind is still new and he can hit.

Cohen complied with the request, measured his suitability, and then did what he thought was best, anyway. If he were a Brooklyn Nets, and Kevin Durant asked Robinson Cano to keep working for a profit, Nets owner Joe Tsai would add three more years.

Steve Cohen on the Tom Seaver statue is unveiled on April 15, 2022.
Steve Cohen on the Tom Seaver statue is unveiled on April 15, 2022.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Po

But just as Cohen is willing to pay and pay for the highest level of talent, he is not ready to commit himself to the management of workers in a pleasing environment. So he resigned the decision of GM Billy Eppler and manager Buck Showalter to give the Mets their best chance to make their eighth consecutive series from the gate.

He spent his billions to spend millions on a player who could not afford to support his team and the National League East.

At 11:02 am on Monday, Cohen’s team sent an email titled “Mets Roster Moves” which was opened by Yoan Lopez to be selected for Triple-A Syracuse before learning that Cano had been nominated for the job. No, it was not what we call the business “burying lede,” because major issues were included in only one release sentence. And what words did one sentence make.

Showalter clearly saw that aging, delaying Cano was not appropriate for his program – he hit his final song Friday night, from Phillies’ Nick Nelson, to second place. On the one hand, it was a good idea to cut a stable player who could reach the age of 40 at the end of the World Series with which the Mets hope to take part.

On the other hand, Cohen could have told his leader that enough is enough. Had they already had $ 300 million in pay, they would not have wanted to lose millions more when they did not really need it.

Cohen would have asked Showalter, “Are you telling me to spend about $ 40 million to have the right to keep Travis Jankowski?” Or he could have asked the manager, “Are you saying we can’t win this section with Cano on the list instead of Smith or JD Davis or Luis Guillorme?”

Instead, the owner did something that his predecessor, Fred Wilpon, would never have thought of. If the Wilpon Mets had faced this decision, there is no doubt that Robinson Cano would still be the Met today. Fred and his son Jeff would have explained that the huge financial commitment of the lovers of Lindor and Max Scherzer made it impossible to take what they considered to be irrelevant.

Of course, the Wilpons would not have signed Lindor and Scherzer for crazy money at first.

Robinson Cano was selected to work with the Mets on May 2, 2022.
Robinson Cano was selected to work with the Mets on May 2, 2022.
Corey Sipkin of NY POST

But Cohen donated shortstop for $ 341 million, and gave Scherzer $ 43.3 million pop, because the hedge-fund baron wants more success than he wants to make money in his second business. Cohen has what Mets fans have been longing for as ownership for years – in the womb of George Steinbrenner in this battle.

That doesn’t mean New York should throw him off the tape. Cohen is worth $ 17.4 billion, according to Forbes. Although Steve Ballmer of the Los Angeles Clippers ($ 91.4 billion) is in his league when it comes to the big American games, Cohen is richer than the MLB or NFL owners. These numbers are said to be worth about 34 John Maras.

In other words, he probably shouldn’t have received more credit for not showing the pressure of pay and wasting everything he could take to give the winner a chance. If Cohen did not take advantage of his position to be bound to the nth degree, that would be a serious matter.

And yet once the Wilpons have done all their Wilponian things, it’s hard not to give him the billionaire he has. Steve Cohen could have saved Cano after all the money he had already spent. He could have escaped by sending a player to the children.

Instead he heard the news that the Mets will find the 26 best players they can find, no strings attached. That is not worth the parade. Just a few expensive champagne bottles.


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