Rio Branco has the lowest number of vaccinations against influenza among children at 5.1%.

On Monday (7/8) morning, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security said that 698 formal jobs were created per acre in April. The result was generated by the difference between 3,971 recruitments and 3,173 dismissals registered in the corresponding month. In April last year, only 328 jobs were created. Therefore, the annual comparison was increased.

For the year (January to April 2022) 2,304 have already been made with a formal contract, an increase of 44.4% over the same period in 2021 (1,596 vacancies). Over a 12-month period (May 2021 to April 2022), 8,526 jobs were created, up 135.5% from the same period in 2021 (3,621 formal jobs).

Source: New Cajed

It is important to analyze the formal job generation of Mesorigians. Just keep in mind that the acre has two major mesothelios: Valle do Juru and Valle do Acre.

Jurua Valley consists of 8 municipalities: Cruzeiro do Sul, Mancio Lima, Marechal Thaumaturgo, Porto Walter, Rodriguez Alves, Feizo, Jordao and Tarauka. Acre Valley consists of 14 municipalities: Manuel Urbano, Santa Rosa, Cena Madurera, Acrelandia, Bujari, Capixaba, Placido de Castro, Rio Branco, Cenadar Guiomard, Porto Acre, Asis Brasilo, Brasilia, Brasil.

The concept of mesogery is used by the IBGE, “… it is a distinct area within a unit of the federation, representing a form of geographic space organization defined by the following dimensions: social processes, determinants; natural structures, as a condition; and communication and space networks. , As an element of spatial pronunciation. These three dimensions allow space, which is limited as a Mesozoic, to have a regional identity. This identity is a reality created by the society that has developed there over time. ”

Because of the specialty of Rio Branco, the state capital and the owner of about 50% of the population and acre GDP, I decided to separate Rio Branco. Therefore, we will show the actions taken by separating the capital from the rest of the municipality of Valle Do Acre, the number of which is shown in the graph below.

Source: New Cajed

We can see that with the exception of Rio Branco, the Valle du Jurre was very close to the Valle du Acre in terms of job creation in April, a difference of 53 vacancies. Keep in mind that Jurua accounts for only 20% of the state’s GDP. However, for both the year and the 12 months, we have the distance between Vale do Acre and Vale do Juru.

The municipalities that stood for job creation in the Valle du Acre (excluding Rio Branco) were: Cena Madurera (384), Placido de Castro (183), Bujari (84) and Brasilia (62). In Vale do Juruá, the highlights were: Rodrigues Alves (207), Feijó (88), Cruzeiro do Sul (84) and Marechal Thaumaturgo (6).

Source: New Cajed

With the April data, the official job stock per acre reached 89,174, up 10.6% from April 2021. The stock increase was 8,526 new hires.

In April, the stock of Rio Branco was 68.3%. Valle do Acre (excluding Rio Branco) 20% and the remaining 11.7% at Valle do Jurua.

CAGED does not report the generation of formal jobs by the economy sector by the municipality. Therefore, we cannot analyze the behavior of different sectors of our economy by Mesorigination.

In April, the highlight was the services sector, which created 51% of jobs, followed by civil construction (27.7%) and trade 15.7%. As a result of the year (January to April), the services sector also stood at 66.2%, followed by the construction sector at 32.7% and the industrial sector (8.0%). The negative result was due to the commercial sector, which still has a negative balance of 192 vacancies per year.

Source: New Cajed

The number of social security ministries is good and shows recovery in jobs. However, they contradict the IBGE data published on 5/13 by Pnad Contínua Trimestral, which deals with the number of Brazilian workforce divided by federation units. Thus, the unemployment rate (unemployment) per acre of the labor force closed at 14.8% in the first quarter of 2022, representing an increase of 1.6 percentage points (PP) compared to the 4th quarter of 2021 (13.2%).

But the numbers are good, especially when we look at sectors like the response to civil construction.

Orlando Sabino wrote on ac24horas on Thursday.

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