Retreat Castel di Sangro Naples, day 6: Osimhen returns to the field and immediately scores! Elmas took the penalty

Naples Castel di Sangro is again – Dear readers of, we welcome you to the direct subject of in the present day’s examine of Luciano Spalletti’s group at the Retreat in Castel di Sangro. Afternoon coaching on the sixth day of the second SSC Napoli return after the first in Dimaro.

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Castel di Sangro Naples Retreat: day 6 | The video is LIVE

07.07 – This session formally ends. Idasiak, Elmas and Anguissa are additionally making ready to return to the locker room.

19.06 – In the field there are solely Anguissa and Elmas, who are actually utilizing penalties. On the different hand, Osimhen and Ounas are speaking whereas sitting in the courtyard.

19.03 – The sport is over. Players return to the foyer. Elmas and Anguissa stay in the yard to punish.

19.02 – Another profitable penalty from Elmas!

18.47 – Elmas made a giant impression on free kicks, with three wonderful factors that ended their run underneath the bag.

18.45 – Osimhen wonderful, scorer of a brace as an attacker.

18.41 – On the one hand Elmas, Anguissa and Kvaratskhelia work on a free play from the fringe of the space. On the different hand, nonetheless, the match at a diminished degree 7 vs 7.

18.38 – Victor Osimhen returns to the field. Rest in peace for him.

18.36 – Lobotka returns to the locker room with Diego Demme.

18.35 – Try to end, the objective goes into the field. Maybe a match on a diminished field.

18.33 – Mario Rui one in all the most well-known in the field of Teofilo Patini.

18.21 – Strong ache after the argument of Victor Osimhen, who immediately took off his sneakers and sat on the sidelines. Inside Petagna, it’s the Nigerian who goes to sit on the bench.

18.19 – Official exit of Kim, who waits for Osimhen and serves Lobotka face to face.

18.17 – Good foot for Kvaratskhelia on the free kick. Kim was additionally shut to scoring, however was blocked by a fence close to the line by an opponent.

18.16 – Contini’s nice save from Ostigard’s header.

18.05 – Try on items. A really prime quality and properly related safety line.

17.57 – First Osimhen and then Lobotka hit the mark.

17.55 – The group is split into two teams.
In the yellow jacket: Meret; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Ostigard, Mario Rui; Anguissa, Demme, Gaetano; Lozano, Osimhen, Elmas.
Blue: Zanoli, Kim, Juan Jesus, Olivera; Fabian, Lobotka, Zielinski; Zerbin, Ambrosino, Kvaratskhelia.

17.54 – Muscle opening accomplished. The crew will arrive at the heart of the stadium, and greet the followers current.

17.49 – Start the coaching session and train.

17.47 – Azzurri on the field. The final to arrive is Mr. Victor Osimhen, he was greeted with fists from the followers.

17.36 – Four gamers enter the field as follows: Meret, Idasiak, Marfella and Contini.

17.33 – There are extra followers than typical in Teofilo Patini’s stadium.

17.22 – All the different members of the crew out there to Luciano Spalletti begin to go away the locker room, to the gymnasium.

17.17 – Kim Min-Jae is the first blue to go to the field.

17.20 – Politano one in all the first to go away the locker room. Many followers cry his title.

17.14 – The Teofilo Patini Stadium in Castel di Sangro is slowly filling up. About 600 followers have flocked thus far.

Castel di Sangro program to return to Naples

Castel di Sangro retreat: program

This is a file extraction program Naples to Pictures of Casteldi Sangro:

  • Saturday 23 July: night classes at 5.30 pm
  • Sunday 24 July: morning classes at 10, afternoon classes at 17.30
  • Monday 25 July: morning lesson at 10, afternoon lesson at 17.30 (behind closed doorways)
  • Tuesday 26 July: morning classes at 10, night relaxation
  • Wednesday 27 July: morning classes at 10 behind closed doorwaysa pleasant afternoon Naples-Adana Demirspor at Patini Stadium at 20.30
  • Thursday 28 July: morning break, afternoon coaching at 5.30 pm
  • Friday 29 July: morning lesson at 10 am, afternoon lesson at 5.30 pm (behind closed doorways)
  • Saturday 30 July: morning classes at 10, night relaxation
  • Sunday 31 July: morning lesson at 10 am (behind closed doorways), pleasant Naples-Mallorca at Patini Stadium at 20.30
  • Monday 1 August: morning break, night classes at 17.30 (behind closed doorways)
  • Tuesday 2 August: morning classes at 10, afternoon classes at 17.30
  • Wednesday 3 August: morning classes at 10 am (behind closed doorways). Friendly Naples-Girona at Patini Stadium at 6.30 pm
  • Thursday 4 August: morning lecture at 10 am, afternoon lecture at 5.30 pm (behind closed doorways)
  • Friday 5 August: morning break, night classes at 5.30 pm
  • Saturday 6 August: morning classes at 10 (behind closed doorways). Friendly Naples-Espanyol at Patini Stadium at 7pm.

Napoli referred to as: Spalletti collection of Castel di Sangro

These are the gamers named:

Scores – Marfella, Meret, Idasiak, Contini;
Protectors – Costanzo, Di Lorenzo, Juan Jesus, Olivera, Ostigard, Rrahmani, Mario Rui, Zanoli;
Midfielders – Zedadka, Anguissa, Demme, Elmas, Fabian Ruiz, Lobotka, Zielinski;
Directors – Ambrosino, Gaetano, Kvaratskhelia, Lozano, Osimhen, Ounas, Petagna, Politano, Zerbin.

Castel di Sangro Napoli return, program on CalcioNapoli24

The chosen ones are again, from 10 to 12 and from 17 to 19 from Castel di Sangro” by CalcioNapoli24 TV. Everything will likely be broadcast on TV (digital terrestrial 79) and on Facebook (, Youtube (CN24) and on the portal. From 8 pm to 9 pm communication from Trentino Alto-Adige on ‘Speciale Calciomercato’ with our reporters Claudio Russo, Marco Lombardi and Gaetano Pantaleo. All updates on Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli, with a have a look at the Azzurri’s switch market and concepts for reside motion.

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