Respiratory Syndrome in Children Crowds in UPA’s Campo Grande for Week 3

Parents have been complaining about the ongoing overcrowding at the UPA (Emergency Care Unit) at Campo Grande, seeking care for respiratory syndrome. As of Monday night (9), there were more children than call professionals, with nine pediatricians in attendance, Scale published by Sesau (Department of Municipal Health), in the unit of Colonel Antonino e Almeida.

One mother, speaking on condition of anonymity, said she arrived at UPA Colonel Antonino at 7:40 pm and waited for hours to see her 11-month-old daughter. “I left at around 11 pm. I have an autistic son, I had to leave him with a friend, but he cried a lot because it was too late to get him. He had a lot of flu, fever and swollen eyes. “

Velesca Delgado had her son suffering from fever and cough. He left work and went straight to the post, facing the row. Waited five hours. “It simply came to our notice then. Lost chips [de atendimento] Which was. There were people there from 1pm with crying babies and tired mothers. We met at 11 pm after the fight.

UPA Colonel Antonino on Monday night (Photo: Litter Mediamax)

Sandro Henrique Faria, 37, was in Villa Almeida with his nine-year-old son, who also had flu symptoms. He reported that when he arrived at the unit, it was already full. He waited for more than two hours and finally gave up.

“It simply came to our notice then. There is also a very long service break during shift shift at 19:00. “Sometimes they stay for an hour without appearing in the triage and in the medical room.”

In a note, Sesau said an unusual number of children were present at ten health units in the capital throughout the day on the aforesaid date. The two in question, as their 24-hour baby was cared for, had more patients waiting for care, but it is important to note that at UPA Colonel Antonino and Villa Almeida, the team was completed last night and still has the support of a mobile team in each unit. .

“Historically, the maximum amount of service was concentrated at the beginning of the week. Nevertheless, there is a significant demand for child care units, such as the University UPA. As a way to reduce this burden, the municipality has tried to strengthen the staff of these units by hiring new professionals. At present, all the units where child care is provided are being maintained on full scale, with an average of 5 to 6 professionals per period “.

Still in position, Sesau clarifies that it monitors the flow of ongoing care in these units and, if necessary, sends a support unit / team to support the care, especially in less severe cases that have longer waiting times.

Demand has increased in UPA and CRS

In addition to capacity at the beginning of the week, in April, according to Secretariat data, as of 18, the average daily attendance in both UPA and CRS (Regional Health Centers) was 1,117 attendance). 246.8% increase.

Also according to Sesau, the information is from the public health network, but reflects what is happening with the private network.

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