Respiratory diseases in children hospitalized

Even with the declining incidence of Covid-19, children with symptoms such as the flu, pneumonia and even bronchiolitis have been admitted to Greater Vitoria in emergency rooms and ICU beds and hospital wards.

The report has been prepared by the parents as well as the doctors working in the public and private hospitals.

Anna Claudia Bastianello, a pediatrician working in the emergency room of a private hospital, said the demand for children with flu-like symptoms has increased significantly in the past two months.

“This is the seasonal period for respiratory disease, which usually coincides with the beginning of class at the end of February. The feeling is that this period is expanding this year, as we continue to have a crowded emergency room on both public and private networks. “

According to him, the difficulty in getting ICU vacancies in children and newborns is a provocative reason. “It’s not uncommon for babies to be admitted to the ER with a wait of two or three days for an ICU vacancy.”

Pediatrician and adolescent specialist Bruna Bresanelli, who works in emergency rooms at private and public hospitals, has also observed long waiting times for care, especially in pediatric bronchiolitis, asthma, laryngitis and pneumonia.

“During the Kovid epidemic, with classes being postponed and people not getting together, we didn’t have the growth we expected at the time. Now the cases have increased again. ”

He further added that he has seen many hospital admissions, especially for children under three months of age.

Pediatrician Rodolfo Nicolau Soares, who also works in the public emergency room, called for increased demand and warned parents to seek emergency services in more serious cases.

“We received patients with mild symptoms, cough, runny nose and low-grade fever for 24 hours and rushed to the emergency room. If possible, contact between patients with mild conditions and patients with more severe conditions should be avoided. An emergency room should be called, mainly if the child is showing signs of respiratory distress or more persistent fever, ”the doctor insisted.

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Respiratory physiotherapist Marila Borba reports increased demand for respiratory physiotherapy among infants and children infected with the flu

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Respiratory physiotherapist Marila Borba has reported an increase in demand for respiratory physiotherapy in infants and children with the flu in recent weeks.

According to him, the demand was so high that he extended the hours and served till 9 pm. “There was a 70% increase in the number of patients diagnosed with the flu syndrome. In some cases, they are patients after hospitalization. “

He emphasized, however, that early treatment reduced recovery time.

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Overload scenario

  • Respiratory diseases in general, such as flu, asthma, pneumonia and bronchiolitis, are expected to increase each year, especially between March and May.
  • With the epidemic, in 2020 and 2021, this increase was not significant, as measures against Kovid-19 helped contain other viruses.
  • Cases have risen again this year as the system has relaxed. Doctors reported crowded emergency rooms and inpatient beds.


  • Among the major problems at this time are the transmission of viruses, such as syncytial respiratory viruses. In many cases, viral conditions develop in more serious ways, such as pneumonia in children, and bronchiolitis (infection of the bronchi, the branch that carries air to the lungs), in children.
  • In the most severe cases, hospitalization is often required.
  • Physicians have noted that care needs to be taken in cases where the child has shortness of breath and persistent fever.

The hospital

Personal network

  • Unimed Vitoria reports that demand for emergency rooms has increased in Greater Vitoria, but all patients are being treated. In less complex cases it involves pediatric teleconsultation.
  • Vetoria Apart Hospital says the need for care for children with respiratory syndrome is higher than normal. Bronchiolitis is the most commonly recorded.

Public network

  • Under-Secretary of State for Health Care, Jose Maria Justo, explained that the demand for state hospital, children’s ward beds and ICUs has also increased significantly. “From March to May, we experience a seasonal phase of respiratory disease. But this year we’ve seen a 30% increase in this time compared to the previous year, mainly in viral conditions that progress to pneumonia and bronchiolitis. “
  • According to him, there is no shortage of vacancies despite the high availability of readily available beds. “This week we will begin ICU bed and infirmary expansion at the Children’s Hospital of Villa Velha (Himaba) and Nosa Senhora da Gloria (Vitoria).”

Sources: Doctor, Sesa and Hospital.

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