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Ricardo Franca Odyssey, a businessman, trainer and physical education professional, was an intern at Dulio Matano. Now 28 years down the street, he met and paid tribute to 73-year-old and 52-year-old Mestre Odier at Modellex. “I really appreciate some cultures where the elderly are respected and given high status, as in Japan and other countries where there is a line of respect. Since aging is natural and peculiar to all species, the most experienced must treat the accumulated experience with respect, regardless of whether they have worked in a particular field or gained experience over the years, ”said Franca. Audi is active as a bodybuilding teacher. He claims to be part of the Old School. If you would like to meet this veteran man respected by his students, visit Rua Mato Grosso, 654 to see his famous training system.

The iconic image of the statue is a tribute to the master

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Packaging that makes people stupid

The paste or toothpaste you buy, and it comes in a nice packaging, it seems to be a good size, but when you start using it, you are surprised: about one third of the product is missing. It is to deceive the Brazilian people, who seem to really accept everything. However, it is not just toothpaste, medicine is coming in more or less volume, the price is also going up! During the epidemic, many people are dying, and many are making money over the population, on top of a global crisis, and food prices are rising even higher. Russian invasion of Ukraine, killing of children, youth and adults. We don’t know if Anvisa oversees it, controls the size of the package, the content is true, and so on. If you don’t, you should do it as soon as possible.

Fair Bride, officially back

An event dedicated to the participants, professionals and party providers of the traditional Noivas Fair, should gather for the official opening at Pier Santa Monica next week. After a two-year shutdown due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Bride Fair will be held between May 20 and 22 at Boulevard Shopping, bringing together professionals from the sector. In fact, a return. Miti Shiroma behind the scenes.

More than deserved

Carlos Alberto Garcia, a shark idol, with heart surgeon Francisco Gregory Jr. and former player Robertinho. The meeting was in Yapar. Gregory went to pay tribute to Garcia, who received the title of Honorary Citizen of Paran from the Paranানার Legislature, a project initiated by State Deputy Teresilio Turini. As the eminent surgeon put it, “a deserved tribute.”

The iconic image of the statue is a tribute to the master
The iconic image of the statue is a tribute to the master

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With the love of daughters

Unforgettable Sunday for mother Marcia Alba, who received all the affection from her daughters Gabriela Cardoso and Rafaela Cardoso. Father Valdi as Cardoso’s witness. Mothers deserve all the respect.

The iconic image of the statue is a tribute to the master
The iconic image of the statue is a tribute to the master

| Photo: Revealed

The British want to buy Bahia

Commenting on TV shows in London and Manchester, the Englishmen of Grupo City wanted to try to negotiate to buy Bahia here in Salvador. Or sign a partnership for the next few years.

Humiliated, they still believe it will change!

Male madness: Attacking your female partners with punches (even English) and kicking and violence as if they were punching bags, like people in boxer training. Psychologists have already said: There is a need to choose a better boyfriend, partner to stay together and even get married. “They believe in the promise of those who attack them that they will change. Purely wrong. Some people regret it, in half an hour … or the next few beers … “said Lindinha Chupeta, a city social life observer for several years.

First meeting

The Paranানার Rural Society announced yesterday afternoon, its first meeting since the great success of the 60th Expolandrina. President Antonio Sampaio and the board have met with higher, administrative and financial councils.

His wedding in Medina on Mother’s Day!

Donna Simon is the mother of world surfing champion Gabriel Medina, who recently parted ways with Yasmin Brunette, whom he married a few months ago in Mexico. In an interview with Red Records’ Domingo Espatacular program, he said he had not spoken to his famous son in two years. There is only one reason: at first it was flowers with the future daughter-in-law, but after the wedding, for which she was not invited or contacted about it a few days ago, things changed. They become mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, and “that’s where the Jaguars come in”, as Alvarenga used to say, from the pairing with Ranchinho, the humorous singer of the 50’s and 60’s. Mother and son do not talk to each other and they do not talk to each other on Mother’s Day, not even through WhatsApp … as Saadi Safadi, the pseudonym of the creator of Column Social in Folha, says and writes: “Getting married Easy to do, hard to get married … ”


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