Researchers investigate the reasons for the decline in vaccine coverage in Brazilian children National Journal

One of the most subtle issues for health is the reduction of so-called immunization coverage for Brazilian children. At the request of the Ministry of Health, Researchers have investigated the cause of this negligence.

  • Vaccination coverage of children in Brazil is the lowest in five years
  • Vaccination of children against covid is important for the protection of the entire population, show Fiocruz

Another stamp from Gabriel’s vaccination book, for his mother, the hairdresser Patricia Rodriguez de Lima, gives a sense of accomplishment.

“You can’t stop vaccinating. I take care of this because it is a disease, “he said.

But whatever the country World reference on vaccination since 1970, You run the risk of missing important achievements. The first results of the most comprehensive survey of childhood immunizations show that we are giving less vaccines. The average vaccination rate in the country is 67%, below the norm, which is between 90 and 95%.

At the request of the Ministry of Health, researchers in Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Bahia conducted the survey in 27 capitals and 11 inland cities.

They visited 31,000 families and asked why those who failed to get vaccinated: 18.2% There are claimed families Fear of reactionAnd 14% That announcement Diseases that are no longer vaccinated are unnecessary.

The epidemiologist responsible for the study, Jose Casio de Moraes, says there is a misconception behind this. Fake news.

“Truth will be established when we disclose reliable information to the public. So, I think it’s important to improve the program, to make communication accessible through all kinds of publicity, “he said.

Vaccine resistance is only part of the problem for some parents. The survey found that Difficulties in healthcare have also hampered the improvement in vaccination rates: 28% Among the families interviewed in the survey, they said they took the children but were forced to return home Not getting the vaccines they need.

The most cited reasons for leaving were lack of vaccines in the post and closed vaccine rooms, lack of health professionals, it was not the day of vaccination, and very long waiting time.

“Every time we have a vaccine, we have to arrive early because if we arrive late, there is nothing left. You can’t, “said housewife Jessica Felipe Neris

Index of Compulsory Immunizations for Brazilian Children in the First 24 Months – Photo: Reproduction / Journal National

Of the 15 vaccines surveyed, 11 were below 90% And, in the case of vaccines with multiple doses, many people fail to complete the schedule. The Triple viral – which prevents measles, rubella and mumps – almost arrives 92% At first, but drop 85% On the second dose.

The consequences of under-vaccination were already seen in 2019, when Brazil lost its credentials as a measles-free country.

Now, the main concern is poliomyelitis – a disease that causes paralysis in children and which has been eradicated in Brazil since 1989. The average percentage of vaccinations, which should be 95%, is 82%..

“We have a large number of children who could be infected with the polio virus, and a part of them would be paralyzed children, which would be very sad in Brazil, all the vaccines that have been given, if we go back to the end. Century. ”, Emphasizes the researcher responsible for the research.

Father with daughter in Tikar’s room, mother with heavy heart outside. But Melissa took it easy. She cried a little and a few seconds later, she already found a confusion – the reporter’s microphone.

After the vaccination, Melissa turned her attention to the reporter’s microphone – Photo: Reproduction / Journal Nacional

“Some things have been eliminated and through carelessness left something harmful to the health of the child. It’s his life, isn’t it? So, people can’t always get vaccinated there, “said his father, Leandro Ebenez.

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