Reporter: Thursday is believed to be the best performance of 49ers QB Trey Lance in the opening game

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This would not be appropriate for a headline as it would be for someone to say it in the middle or at the end of a training session. Apart from that, the San Francisco 49ers have just started a team operation (OTAs) this week, and will finish their third course on Thursday. Another reporter, Doug Kyed of Pro Football Focus, hears that the last leg was for Trey Lance who was a second player.

“Lance has been impressed with the people in the organization so far this spring, and the team feels he has done well in the teams,” Kyed wrote recently for Pro Football Focus. “Thursday he believed it was the best way to play the game.”

Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm this as Tuesday’s practice was the one that opened up to the media. We wait until next week to confirm if the young quarterback has shown improvement since the opening phase. However, a report that the board is pleased with Lance’s progress is promising, considering how the quarterback has been highlighting this season and the amount of ideas that have been circulating in its preparations for its launch.

Kyed was asked if Lance could be the best player in the NFL – the only club he could try to join Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, and a few others who have seen top players in the ranks.

“Lance is armed, physically and mentally,” Kyed said. “That’s why the 49ers took him to where he did third place in the 2021 NFL Draft. He believes he can be an” eight-man win, “and is ready to let him confirm the sale of Jimmy Garoppolo before the season begins. but it is not enough work. He is still coming up with a very high level, and playing under head coach Kyle Shanahan will help him achieve what he can. “

While Kyed is not sure if Lance will join the quarterbacks elite club, he admits there are no big enough examples to make Lance’s idea right now.

“There is not much initial information that Lance thinks,” Kyed said. “He achieved a total of 90.7 (88.7 as a winner and 76.6 as a runner) in his last season – 2019 in North Dakota State. 2021. “

This model growth will grow in 2022. Many expect Lance to enter Week 1 as the 49ers start quarterback, replacing Jimmy Garoppolo. Other than that, many believe the 49ers left too much to take Lance just to let him continue to stand aside.

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