Real Madrid stunned Man City, Rodrygo champion, Guardiola’s team melted away in the Champions League semifinals

MADRID – Manchester City and Real Madrid followed Tuesday night’s match between Villarreal and Liverpool with their spectacular display, with City just about to reach the final with Rodrygo’s injured goals to send for extra time, 5-5 on. aggregate, when Karim Benzema was fined sending Spanish giants and LaLiga giants to a show in Paris on May 28.

– Report: Real Madrid have shocked Man City, the final destination of the UCL book

Here are three quick tips on exciting, puzzling and fun games.

1. Real Madrid is fleeing again

Real Madrid face Liverpool in the Champions League final after a nightmare at the Bernabeu with Manchester City just minutes away from Paris.

City came close to booking a place in Paris with Riyad Mahrez’s second-half goal leading them to two goals in the group, but replacement Rodrygo scored twice in two minutes and forced extra time.

Karim Benzema, calm until then, scored the first goal in extra time from penalties to make it 3-1 at night and 6-5 on aggregate.

City ruled for a long time until Real Madrid fought late, and could have progressed Rodrygo before scoring the first goal if Jack Grealish (second-half substitute) had one chance in two. Instead, Real Madrid, who were named Spanish champions on Saturday, have secured a 14-match Champions League title victory over Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp on May 28 at the 2018 replay.

Meanwhile City are close to securing their final second consecutive goal and once struggling three times, they are now set to compete in the Premier League.

2. Real Madrid is fighting a war from nowhere

Shortly after Mahrez’s 1-0 win over City, Real Madrid fans began to leave the Bernabeu – but those who wanted to do so would not do so.

The Spanish side seems to want to get out slowly until a play that can’t believe the stop-time. Real Madrid did not score in the first minute of the first half but when six minutes of injury time were played, City calmed down and needed Ederson to save his team from relegation. very fashionable.

With Real Madrid needing two goals to force extra time, Rodrygo, as a substitute for 68 minutes, fired a seemingly comforting moment from the cross of Karim Benzema 90 minutes but within 60 seconds, led another to make it 2- 1 at night and 5-5. on all groups. The goal was to close the Bernabeu roof, but there was no time for Rodrygo to re-enter and the debt was about to expire in time, and Benzema’s penalty in overtime marked a dramatic turnaround.

(And in all of that, special information about Rodrygo: after scoring four goals in 79 games this season, he has scored six times in his last six games, none of which were more important than the goals he scored on Wednesday night. He also made history, Rodrygo player the first in the history of the game to score twice after 90 minutes in a knockout game.)

Real Madrid also made impressive performances against Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea to reach the semifinals, but this was the best of both worlds.

3. Man City also has the Champions League melted away

After Monaco, Liverpool, Tottenham and Lyon, it looks like City have eliminated their madness in the Champions League, but now they have one more on the list. This can be on top of everyone else.

Their last move to last season was a bit rough and they quietly sent Sporting Lisbon and Atletico Madrid this year to the semifinals, but when forced to the Bernabeu, they fell. They had two goals when Mahrez shot and even though Rodrygo’s first goal came in, there was no reason to panic. But instead, City asked for more pressure, lost their heads, and paid a higher price. They were lucky that the tie came in extra time when Ederson was called to the rescue before it was too late.

This is a result that raises many questions about Guardiola and the Champions League. Despite having the best teams in Bayern Munich and City, he has not picked up the trophy since he was in Barcelona. For a manager of his kind and who has a habit of collecting home trophies wherever he lives, it is surprising that he has not won the highest competition in Europe for more than a decade.


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