Real Madrid beat Liverpool to win the Champions League title on a night of security

Stade de France, Paris

Real Madrid is only made for nights like this.

No matter how dangerous things may be, no matter how impossible it may seem, the white team always seems to be finding a way to victory.

There have been no comeback this time, as was the case with Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City, but Real had to survive almost every Liverpool game.

The night, unfortunately, was marred by security concerns outside the stadium, which caused fans to step out of the gates and some to be attacked by tear gas in the form of talk that will be discussed in the coming days.

For many matches it was not beautiful; the white shirt, it seems, had been scattered all the time in the penalty area as he tried to recapture the waves after the Liverpool attack.

Chances were limited and midway between Carlo Ancelotti’s side, but only one was needed. Vinicius Junior looked unnoticed at a distance of an hour to turn his home ground on Federico Valverde’s narrow cross to secure a 1-0 win with Real’s 14 European crown.

Real defender Nacho described his team’s performance in knocking down the Champions League as “magic” and many doubted whether such an impossible escape was possible outside the Bernabeu.

But doubting the Real is at your own risk. This team always has some cheating.

After the regular whistle ended, Real’s bench exploded and spilled onto the pitch. Next to them with excitement, some players sank to the ground and others ran to share the moment with their fans.

It was another night of trials and tribulations for Real in the Champions League this season, but there is nothing they can do – even this amazing Liverpool team – right now. Los Blancos he seems to have a future.

Ancelotti also summarized as expected by everyone. “This club is special,” he said.

Real Madrid fans filled the stadium with about an hour to the start of the match and welcomed their players as they took to the streets to enjoy themselves.

It took a long time for Liverpool fans to move down the aisle, but those sitting in the chair refreshed the red men with the strong words “You Can’t Walk Alone” as the heat subsided.

The air produced by all the fan groups was spinal vibration and the atmosphere contained electricity stored during such events.

However, the match was delayed by more than 35 minutes due to unfortunate incidents outside the stadium, with many fans failing to get in with the tear gas used by the authorities.

Some helpers were seen climbing through closed gates to enter the floor while dangerous doors were formed around the narrow entrance.

The European football governing body, UEFA, has issued a statement saying that “the turning point at Liverpool’s end was blocked by thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that did not work during the game.”

It added: “The number of out-of-court figures continued to rise at an early stage, with police dispersing them with tear gas and throwing them out of the stadium.

“UEFA sympathizes with the victims and will review the matter immediately with the French police and government officials, as well as the French Football Federation.”

A Paris prefecture police spokesman said: “People without tickets forced the barricades and tried to enter the stadium to watch the game. That made the people comfortable. ”

In a statement, Liverpool said they were “deeply saddened” by the incident outside the stadium and asked for an investigation.

“I have not been able to speak to my family here, but I know the families had a hard time getting into the stadium,” said Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp after the game.

“I heard a few things that were not good, apparently it was deceptive out there but I don’t know much about it.”

Liverpool fans struggled to get on the pitch before the game.

The long delay caused the teams to come back for the second time before the game.

With both teams of fans set to start at 9 a.m. – with no venue changes coming up to 15 minutes – there was chaos in the air and disruptive discussions were taking place between the staff.

But the appearance of FIFA President Gianni Infantino at the big shows woke up the fans, as they encountered jokes and insults from across the stadium.

When singer Camila Cabello started playing the game about half an hour after the match, fans of both teams switched to stop singing, which does not sound good with Real ‘Ole, Ole, Ole’. and Allez of Liverpool, Allez, Allez. ‘

The delay greatly affected the players, as both teams struggled to find any kind of rhythm in the opening stages. The passports were misplaced, the licenses were broken and both parties had difficulty finding any way to enter the opposition area.

The first chance to get more than 15 minutes into the game was thanks to a fine work from Trent Alexander-Arnold, who jumped at Real’s two defenders before dropping a small cross into the box.

Mo Salah was there to meet them, but he reached his feet with difficulty and Thibaut Courtois was his equal. Salah’s second chance came soon, but this one was hit directly by Real players.

This was the first time either team had been able to force their opponents, and Liverpool fans soon roared as Alexander-Arnold fired heavily at the bar after a well-placed box.

After more than five minutes of red tides over Real’s defense, Sadio Mane thought he had found a key for Courtois to get his hand on his shot and put it on the post.

This is a testament to how amazing the rescue was that many of Liverpool’s fans at the end of the stadium had already started celebrating in anticipation of the net’s collapse.

Meanwhile, about 30 minutes later, the best Real who managed to overtake Vinicius who looked for a second half if they could upset Alisson with a Liverpool goal.

Now there was a clear plan in place; the white-clad man was slipped in half, shaken and unable to escape Liverpool’s attack.

Vinicius Junior has found the only game in the final.

Real fans, for their part, continued to sing and wave their flags and scarves in an effort to save lives in their shaky team. They had the best seats in the house to witness Liverpool’s first half, but fortunately for them the only thing they didn’t see around was the goal.

Then, all of a sudden, Carlo Ancelotti’s side seemed to take the lead in the game. After the ball went around the penalty area, Benzema hit the ball under Alisson, but found that his goal was blocked by the driver’s flag.

What at first seemed like an easy-to-follow idea managed to take what seemed to be years to come, as VAR officials struggled to decide whether the first ball came from a Liverpool player.

Later, after a long wait, it was the red-robed ones who celebrated loudly when the idea of ​​offside was confirmed. It was really hard at the end of the first part which was really fun.

It was known by the start of the second half, while Liverpool kept the pressure on Real side who seemed to be sinking under the weight of the incident.

It was amazing to see. Apart from that, it has a team that has made a name for itself in the competition, re-writing dictionaries and removing what seems impossible.

Then aim cam. It was the opposite of play, yes, Liverpool seem to be the only team that can win the opening hour, but in reality, the goal still seemed inevitable. It always happens when Real Madrid play.

Valverde was found to be in the air on the right and directing a small lead in front of goal, Vinicius is in the far corner to sell the ball in the empty net.

Sorry. The concrete steps inside the Stade de France began to shake as celebrations from Real fans lasted about five minutes. Many fires were extinguished as the end of the stadium began to glow, and smoke billowed from Paris’ cold air.

Salah did all he could to pull the strings of Liverpool, cutting in and bowing a stunning shot to the far head, but Courtois also managed to stop.

Thibaut Courtois made an impressive display in Real Madrid's goal.

Vinicius will receive his coveted interest, but once the dust settles, Courtois’ performances will be hailed as one of the best known players from a player at the end of the Champions League.

As the clock went down, he also kept Salah, this time swinging the ball in the back corner when an Egyptian shot hit the far corner.

“When a goalkeeper is a game manager, there is something wrong with another team. The last third we would have done better, “Klopp said after the game.

With every chance lost, Madrid’s inevitable victory grew. Real fans have heard; so did Liverpool.

Although Klopp’s role continued until the end, celebrations had already begun for Madrid fans. The outpouring of excitement as the regular whistling was so much fun – the fans knew what was wrong tonight.

Real Madrid could not afford it so far. Three times it was looking to lose before the campaign period and three times it somehow came out the other side.

But once he arrived in Paris, there would be no doubt that this would be the last resort.


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