Readers list news involving children and call for action for childhood – 04/28/2022 – Readers Panel

Save the children
Front page: “Children Respiratory Syndrome Hospitalized”; Rui Castro: “… Former Minister of Education promotes beating of children for not including people with disabilities in classrooms and educating them …”; Thiago Amparo: “Police kill father of four-month-old baby …”; Reader’s panel: “Pickles (alcohol in the body) kill the baby.” Conrado Humberto Mendes is also there: “… Bolsonarista of the corner. He doesn’t just threaten. He rapes and kills a Yanomami child, for example.” It is important to educate Brazilians to be empathetic towards children. The ECA is the letter of the most beautiful law, which is most important for the formation of an individual, the people and the government. Without respect for childhood, there is no hope and we (until when?) Will repeat ourselves in backwardness, underdevelopment and inhumanity. The baby is the beginning of everything.
Anna Maria Begeto Pacheco (Curitiba, PR)

White elephant
Fortunately, this government has no corruption, only freedom of expression (“Working under Kodevasov Bolsonaro has turned into a white elephant in Maranhau”, Politics, 4/28). Indeed, the sentence is more accurate: it is a pity that there is no government of freedom of expression in this corruption.
Marcos Araujo (Brasilia DF)

Balsonaro is the godfather of this white elephant. As always, nothing is done in this government and nothing is supervised so that the word corruption does not come up. Even the actual increase in the minimum wage will be kept secret for 100 years!
Isleton Souza (Rattlesnake, PR)

The most important thing will be the federal police who are responsible for performing the tasks and not performing and of course, the final destination of the financial resources and which companies were tendered. Follow the money that you think is corrupt or corrupt. It’s easy. Keep reporting this Sheet, Because it facilitates the investigation of those responsible Congratulations!
Paolo Roberto (Cabo Freo, RJ)

Armored from Brazil
Are you going to send tanks for smoking (“Germany seeks Brazil’s help in donating armored vehicles to Ukraine”, Mundo, 28/4)? Only if it is to end dengue in Ukraine.
Valmir Sinkuini (Sao Paulo-SP)

Brazil sells its products to all its trading partners without restriction and also sells air and ground warfare and other defense parts. Donation? Seriously! Brazil is not in favor of this war or any war, but it does not intervene in this issue. It is up to the UN to decide, not NATO. No one wants a new world war, they want peace.
Celito Medieros (Curitiba, PR)

The texts of Fernanda Torres, even when they are understandably pessimistic, always bring some lightness to the soul in the midst of such terrible news. But this time he went too far. Making me dream about inviting a coffee. Fernanda is like that old and dear friend from school. Fernando is needed.
Fernando Carvalho Jr. (Sao Paulo-SP)

Occupational therapy
Brazilian Association of Occupational Therapists – Rejection of the form of expression used by Do Sul in Rio Grande Sheet The cartoon, signed by cartoonist Alberto Bennett on April 25, 2022, uses occupational therapy profession to explain his views without regard to the principles governing the profession. Occupational therapy is a high-level healthcare profession.
Patricia SouzaPresident of Abrato-RS (Porto Alegre, RS)

Krefito-2 demands respect: Occupational therapy is a health science that deals with the promotion, prevention, and treatment of people with sensory-emotional-cognitive-motor, psychomotor, and ADL changes in human activity. Personally well-educated professionals have the autonomy to evaluate, diagnose and outline professional therapeutic behavior of the patient.
Dr. Willen Hill e SilvaPresident of the Regional Council for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in the 2nd Region (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

Forest on the ground
The general news of this terrible government that only knows how to destroy, spread chaos, spread hatred and rid itself of guilt (“Brazil Leads the Cleaning of the World’s Tropical Forests”, Ambiente, 28/4).
Edson Maluf Dakosta (San Carlos, SP)

The state of Brazil has more rainforests than any other country in the world. But what about proportional values? Because it is kind of obvious that the world’s largest rainforest country is going to deforest more than any other country.
Vinicius Cardoso (Governor Valladares, MG)

Father and mother-in-law
I could talk about father-in-law and son-in-law… everyone has! My mother-in-law, God rest her, was an angel (“Pope saves mother-in-law, but says they must ‘beware of their tongues'”, World, 4/28).
Maria de Felipe Martinez (Brasilia DF)

He said that because he did not know me.
Jorge Patricio Diaz Guzman (Sao Paulo-SP)

We will all be in-laws. So hard to understand. Nonsense!
Mario Sergio Mesquita Mansour (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

To reach such a position, he must be skilled and prepared enough (“Lieutenant will be FAB’s first female combat helicopter instructor”, Mercado, 27/4). Good luck to the world in this new phase of career.
Klaus is the best (Brasilia DF)


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