Raynor: Justyn Ross’s warning should not be lost on the NIL controversy

CLEMSON, SC – Nick Saban is a freshman.

But within the week leading up to the 2018 World Cup, he even failed to control himself.

Saban took Clemson wide receiver with Phenix City, Ala., A native of Justyn Ross “with as much interest as possible” before Ross presented to Clemson as Alabama’s top player. In Clemson’s semifinals that season, Ross burned Notre Dame’s defense up to six 148 yards out and two bouts in the Cotton Bowl. Even with Tee Higgins on Clemson’s list, it was Ross who entered quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s most dangerous threat during the most difficult period of the season.

“He is a great target; is very clever for a young man who has just started, ”says Saban. “We want to have him here.”

Ross rallied six times for 153 yards and hit the Crimson Tide on the way to a 44-16 Clemson victory over the Tigers’ second world title during the College Soccer Playoff. Even without a doubt the greatest teacher in the history of college football had no answers.

“I mean, we tried to hide No. 8,” Saban said of Ross’s 74 yards strike. “He caught the ball, he played a lot.”

This made last week even more difficult, when Ross, a four-star recipient, was not selected in the NFL Draft. Although the amount of free signings was made public, Ross was not picked up until Monday afternoon, when Kansas City Chiefs signed him as a free agent.

Ross’s fall occurred directly after he learned in 2020 that he was connected to his spine, which was undetectable. He also played a football operation in June 2020 to replace a cow’s disc, missed the entire 2020 season when he recovered and returned in 2020 where he would not have been. Because he would have the integration for the rest of his life, the NFL teams were interested in taking advantage of him. How his NFL career takes place is still unclear. But one thing is for sure: Regardless of what happens at the next level, Ross’s absence spells a reminder that we all need in college football.

This is why NIL was – and is – successful.

It’s a shame that Ross’s life-changing illness came before his big day, but this is the kind of change lawyers and members of Congress who wanted to bring in agreeing with the NIL idea.

Since July 1, when the NCAA lifted restrictions and allowed players to begin to benefit from their name, image and form, NIL has changed college games upside down. Teams have changed the way the game works, and promoters can buy subscribers through affiliate marketing, such as $ 8 million subscribers. The Athletic was announced in March.

A few days ago, controversy erupted after Miami security guard Isaiah Wong told ESPN that Wong would consider entering the home only after receiving a good NIL deal. (Not logged in.) ESPN also said Saturday that Pittsburgh officials believe USC could interfere with its attempts to find star Panthers star receiver Jordan Addison. (Schools have until Tuesday to list the names of the players in the database.)

College professors who believe that college sports are burning in the wild, Wild West fashions for NIL will continue to receive criticism from critics who are quick to claim that courses make millions of dollars and can be purchased at any time in the capitalist market. But no one can challenge NIL in lawsuits like Ross’.

Disappointing as Ross missed the NIL window in 2018 when his stock skyrocketed, it is also encouraging that this may not be the case for the players behind him. Players need to have some form of protection against unexpected illnesses or injuries, especially when forming a race like Ross did after his new year.

“I’m not on Twitter with these things, but Jerry Rice apparently wrote, ‘Shout out to Justyn Ross,'” Swinney said this morning after the 2018 World Cup, highlighting the growth of the Ross brand. “That’s very good there. You attract Jerry Rice’s attention, it’s very good for a boy.”

Even if NIL were in 2018 when Ross was at the peak of his college career, he probably would not have come close to making the kind of money that comes with choosing a first team.

But imagine Ross’s credentials would have been like a new man leading Clemson with 1,000 yards in the run-up to the game. Just think of all the local businesses in Clemson and Alabama who would have wanted to work with him, in addition to the large international brands reserved for the most successful sports professionals, especially after Rice tweeted about him.

When Clemson’s former Hunter Renfrow won the 2016 national competition, he could not buy dog ​​food from Clemson without being asked for autograph requests. Ross, who also won a slam-dunk high school competition, owned several shares in 2018.

“No wonder. She has a gift. It’s something, “Swinney said in 2019.” It’s one of the best I’ve ever had. “

Ross eventually found a partnership with Raising Cane’s and Ingles, a southeastern store, and resumed his business in 2021. To say he missed NIL would not be correct. However, the last receiver to take part in the first round last week was Treylon Burks of Arkansas, who went to the Tennessee Titans at No. 18. Per Spotrac, the total value of the Burks is expected to be around $ 14.4 million, and its signature bonus is expected to reach north of $ 7.6 million. Ross grabbed the most (46), receiving yards (1,000) and touchdowns (nine) as the newest of all six receivers in the first round, including Drake London, the first receiver to leave the board at No. 8 to the Atlanta Falcons.

Even if the NIL paid Ross just a little bit of what the last receiver in the first line would receive, he could probably make about seven stats.

We must not forget this in the way NIL disputes are handled. Undoubtedly there are consequences for the new rules, but if a player like Ross can set himself up for future financial stability because he can make money on his name, image and form, then the success of the game.

It smells like Ross has been a warning story, caught in the middle of an amateurism model that existed for years before this new era. But when you think of NIL and all the controversy around it, you just think about him – and what it would be like.

(Photo: John Byrum / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


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