Ravens Announces Class 17-Unlearned Rookie Members 2022

The Ravens announced a rookie class of 17 unregistered members on Friday, including six recipients and five finalists.

After trading with Marquise “Hollywood” Brown the most recipient of the first game, Baltimore did not record many receptions with one of his 11 selections. While the Ravens still have a good depth of space, there may be an open space for a group of 53 people.

Baltimore has never built an interior line, and here are five depths on the site with Patrick Queen, Josh Bynes, Malik Harrison, Kristian Welch and Otaro Alaka.

Here are the entire 17-member team, which does not include rookie camp trials:

WR Slade Bolden, Alabama (5-11, 189)

He witnessed events in 42 games (14 starts) during the three years of his career at Alabama, which affected special teams and played a major role as a slot recipient. He finished with 68 wins for 712 yards and was part of the Alabama 2020 competitive team.

WR Shemar Bridges, Fort Valley State (6-4, 207)

In 16 games at Fort Valley State, Bridges had 98 feasts of 1,358 yards and 7 TDs, plus five straight 100-yard touchdowns.

QB Anthony Brown, Oregon (6-1, 217)

Brown started 42 games in his college career, playing three years at Boston College and two seasons ago in Oregon. He launched all 14 Bakha games in 2021, throwing 2,989 yards and 18 touchdowns and adding 658 yards running.

WR Trevon Clark, California (6-3, 193)

In 2021, Clark played 12 games and recorded top performances (33), receiving yards (658) and capturing touchdown (4). He was seventh in the country with an average of 19.9-per-catch average.

OT Aron Johnson, South Dakota State (6-5 305)

In 2021, Johnson started all 14 games on the left. He was a key player in the offensive line that established Division I-era-yard speed of 231.7 per game, reducing 10-point opponents in the season.

ILB Zakoby McClain, Auburn (5-11, 227)

McClain played 12 games (11 starts) at the linebacker in 2021 and received honors from the All-SEC second team after finishing with 96 tackles (56 solo), 8 tackles for loss, 2 bags and 6 protected passes. At the time of preparation was Reese’s Senior Bowl Defensive Player of the Week.

OLB Jeremiah Moon, Florida (6-5, 247)

Moon played 10 games in 2021 and had 49 tackles, 2 bags, 3.5 batting losses, 1 forced rest and 1 protected pass.

S Chris Moore, Georgia State (6-1, 216)

Moore played his last two seasons at Georgia State after spending three seasons in Virginia. In 2021, he appeared in 12 games and had 70 ropes, 4.5 strokes lost, one bag and one forced thrust.

DT Rayshad Nichols, Stephen F. Austin (6-2, 305)

In 14 games last season, Nichols played 51 with 10 sacks.

RB Ricky Person, North Carolina State (6-0, 217)

Man appeared in 12 games last season hitting 636 yards with 5 touchdowns, while catching 28 yards over 240 yards and 2 touchdowns.

WR Makai Polk, Mississippi State (6-3, 197)

Polk had a whopping 105 of 1,046 yards and 9 TDs last season, finishing second in FBS on receipt. What he did and the yards he received were all school records.

ILB Josh Ross, Michigan (6-0, 225)

Ross was the captain of the Wolverines team twice and scored two goals in seven games. Last season he won the third team All-Big Ten honors after starting 14 games and leading the team with 106 best games, including 9 losses.

CB David Vereen, Newberry (5-9, 188)

In 13 games in 2021, Vereen scored 43 winning games with three lost tackles and 12 defensive innings.

WR Raleigh Webb, The Citadel (6-2, 204)

Webb appeared in 11 games and led the team in all the major divisions he received in 2021, sending 25 touchdowns of 536 yards (21.4 avg) and 3 touchdowns. He was also an assistant to special groups.

OLB Chuck Wiley, Texas-San Antonio

Starting with 14 games out of linebacker last season, Wiley had 36 fights, nine lost fights, 3.5 sacks, and 2 stupid recovery.

CB Denzel Williams, Villanova (5-10, 180)

Williams played 11 games last season and played 16, 2 runs, 2 defensive passes and one stupid recovery.

WR Devon Williams, Oregon (6-5, 211)

Williams had the highest performances for the entire team in 2021 with 35 receptions, 557 yards and 4 touchdowns in 12 games.

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