Ranger Secrets: Anonymous NHL breaks Penguin list

You’ve seen the ideas. You have seen examples. It’s a mixed bag of how the media and data view the Rangers-Penguins.

We asked some real thinkers, and … well, see for yourself. Our team consists of two scouts, each holding the Metro Division, one Eastern Conference coach and two senior members, one Eastern Conference team and one Western Conference team. All five have seen more of Ranger and Penguin this season.

And only one in our group of five thinks the Penguins are lucky.

Scout No. 1

“The most important place when it comes to the playoffs is scoring goals. With (Tristan) Jarry the most skeptical of the list, I think it will be a mountain climb in Pittsburgh. Give a clear chance to Rangers and their favorite Vezina (Igor) Shesterkin.

“The key to Ranger’s success is to minimize the damage that (Sidney) Crosby and (Evangelist) Malkin brings. The play by Andre Miller and Jacob Trouba not only tells the results of the series but ultimately how the Rangers can make spring. Trouba’s body and size and Miller’s movement should make life even more difficult for Pittsburgh’s top two lines. “

Scout No. two

“The Rangers have to reduce the chances of a very dangerous chance. They have limits and goals, but the amount of dangerous chances they leave in the regular season hurts them in the playoffs if they can’t improve. They added the full depth of the team, which you need this time of year.

“For the Penguins, they have to get up, and their star players have to be a star to get a chance. I like the depth in the middle. This team goes as Crosby and Malkin do. They have a great potential in the series. enough or good enough in the back, I just want to be a question mark on top of it.

“After a visit earlier this year, I told you that Ranger was not ready. I may be thinking that again. With any competition, they can be confident, and have some good players. If you asked me in January who would win in the East, maybe three teams I would have shot legally, now with all eight it would be a real battle to get out of the East. “


“I can’t believe you are asking me. Five supervisors.

“Shesterkin is a very good player. Jarry has a broken leg. Even if he is healthy, the other guy will win Vezina. If you look at their defense, Pitt’s D is the best, but this is the biggest change I’ve ever seen with the Rangers. (Ryan) Lindgren is a good, Miller and good, Trouba – with a strong round that directs and can be a little frustrating. They have (Chris) Kreider scoring 50 from a solid.

“The biggest thing for me and the Rangers is at the beginning of the year when they are here, they are very focused. Going back, following, it wasn’t like that at the beginning of the year, but it was played. Frank) Vatrano, (Andrew) Copp, (Tyler) Motte, if he comes back – it’s true. They’re as deep as anyone. I think he’s going to the last of the meeting.

Andrew Copp (Tom Horak / USA Today)

“Pitt’s best hope is a lesser game. They have to be in a solid game. The Rangers are like Florida and Tampa. They could explode with some of the guys they have. The goaltender for the Rangers can upset you until you start cheating, you have to change the game section When this happens, it is usually not a good idea.

“I think Pitt is a good team, but they are a great team and this is their last time with (Bryan) Rust, Malkin. Pitt’s PP could be great. can win this list.

“Rangers are just playing really hard now. Their top guys have a fourth-line mindset. They understand the management of the watch, which they play with. They’ve done a good job of getting the opponents to play the 200-foot game. It’s very difficult for Pitt to catch it. Kreider, Zibanejad, “These guys are playing well. Strome is playing a lot. The boys’ skills don’t play pool hockey; they work. They get it. I don’t think Malkin and Crosby will have the time and space they need to do well.”

Eastern Conference exec

“Unfortunately, this series is not the same as it would have been before Jarry’s injury. As Mike Sullivan is – and he is one of the two top coaches, three in the game – I don’t see how he can deal with such a disability. Penguin can win more than games.

“Rangers, on the other hand, have a very good man in the league right now, so with that in mind, I think it will be enough for him to win on his own. Rangers’ defense can be compared to the Penguin’s top two. New York defense is much better than Pittsburgh’s. Deep forward can be an important factor for the Rangers going forward, but it will not be around. “

Ryan Lindgren and Sidney Crosby (Bruce Bennett / USA Today)

Western Conference Council

“Rangers start with luck, how well they play and have the best goals in the league. He really helped himself for the last time. All of their top players have had good years, (and) the moves they made last season strengthened the leading team.

“Pittsburgh has some great players. Crosby, Malkin, (Kris) Letang, (Jake) Guentzel, Rust, (Jeff) Carter. Their best players have to score. They need to score high goals. They should also be out of the box because the Rangers’ strong game is dangerous.

“Crosby and Pitt’s leadership have to fight the habit of opening up if Shesterkin has offended them. All they have to do is come to New York and you want to split up. You want to play your game again. you have to start playing your game.All but that is a problem.

“For Pitt, there are three guys who could be important to me: (Evan) Rodrigues, (Danton) Heinen and (Kasperi) Kapanen. They need a second goal. You know what you get from the top guys. Ranger to think of who would put their top guys.

“His focus will be on Rangers D to work. Miller. Schneider. It will be necessary for him to play at the same level in the playoffs he did in the regular season.

“I’m not predicting, but I think everyone you spoke to said Rangers. I’m fine with that.”

(Top photo of Kasperi Kapanen shooting Igor Shesterkin: Bruce Bennett / Getty Images)


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